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You are not ready to get married if you have these symptoms

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You have recently proposed to a girl you love or the prince of your dreams has proposed to you and you are about to get married. You have excitedly announced the news to all your friends and family; But when you start planning a wedding, you still feel Marriage readiness do not have one. دودل شده‌اید. You feel that your decision was wrong or you were scared. In this article, we look at the signs that you may not be ready for marriage yet and need to think more about your decision. Stay with us.

Just because you are not ready to get married at the moment does not mean that you are going to be single for the rest of your life. Use this opportunity to build more trust in the emotional relationship, create healthier boundaries, and plan more carefully for the future. By recognizing the signs that you are not ready for marriage, you can work on strengthening your relationship and building a stronger relationship with your future spouse; A relationship that can last in the sea of ​​future problems. In the following, you will get acquainted with ten titles of these signs.

1. You have known your fiancé for a short time

You have only known each other for six months; Six months, the moment of which was full of joy and happiness. You think about him all the time. You can not stay away from him. When you are not together, you are constantly texting him. If not the name of this love then what?

No, this is not love. In the first year of dating, you are in the stage of falling in love, and to propose marriage, you need more time to get to know her better. During the first year, everything is beautiful and romantic. You may have married the same person one day, but before that you should make sure that this person is suitable for marriage.

Remember that the most important decision in your life should not be made at the stage of infatuation where you see everything as beautiful.

If after this period the love still lasted and there was enough time to get to know the other party, you can sit at the wedding table with confidence and confidence in your choice.

2. You are reluctant to share your dark and secret secrets

A successful and healthy marriage is one in which both parties, despite knowing each other’s dark secrets, still love each other. If you are hiding an important secret from your spouse, such as your previous marriage, high financial debt, drug problems, and the like, you are not ready to marry him. If you are afraid that your future spouse will judge you, you need to work on your fears more.

In life together, you have to be your true self and be loved in the same way.

3. Well, you do not fight

If the pattern of your argument is that one person is arguing and the other is short-sighted to calm things down, you are not ready for marriage. If you always fall short in order not to escalate the fight, know that this only causes resentment to accumulate in your heart and threatens your life together.

Happy couples know how to share their grievances in a way that leads to mutual satisfaction or at least mutual understanding from each other’s point of view.

Work on yourself a little before you sit down at the wedding table; For example, you can read a book or consult a counselor. It is important to learn how to properly manage the conflicts that arise in family life. If you feel you have no desire for “wise arguing”, then you are not ready for marriage.

4. You do not fight at all

You tell your friends, “We never fight!” This is not a good sign and may mean that you do not communicate well on difficult and sensitive issues. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. If you have not yet had a situation that shows you how you two manage a dispute, then you are not ready to get married yet.

5. You do not all agree on important issues

Do you understand each other well - marriage readiness

You like to spend time with your fiancé; But as you spend more time together and get to know each other better, you realize that you do not understand important issues such as spending or saving money, raising a child, work, and hobbies. If you do not yet know if you agree with your future partner on these issues, or if you know that his or her views differ significantly from yours, then it is best to give yourself more time.

6. Your eyes are still on others

If you are looking for the opposite sex at work or outside, then there is probably a high expectation that you will be able to stay loyal to just one person. If you think you need constant attention and approval from someone other than your future partner, you are not ready to get married. Marriage does not mean that you should end your relationship with anyone of the opposite sex; It is natural to admire other people’s values; But it is not as if you want to enter into a very emotional and intimate relationship with them.

7. Not sure if you want to commit to this person

Uncertainty about continuing a relationship - one of the signs of not being ready for marriage

You get along very well with your future life partner, but you still feel like you want to be in a relationship with other people before you commit to someone, or you think you might be able to find a better partner. If you still have this feeling inside you, it is better to listen to that voice and postpone the decision to get married for a while; Because, of course, this feeling will last after marriage, and you will constantly regret that you could have met other people, but you did not.

8. You hate compromise

Maybe you have been living alone for a while and you have a certain lifestyle. You want your house to be always clean and tidy, you have your own habits in the morning and so on; But now that another person is about to enter your life, you realize that his usual habits are different from yours and you are not willing to fall short at all. This is one of the signs that you are not ready for marriage and you should give yourself more time to think. Over time, you may come to the conclusion that it is better to come to terms with your partner on issues.

If you are ready to get married, compromising with your future spouse does not seem difficult; Rather, you do it naturally and voluntarily.

9. It worries you that all your friends are married

Decided to get married because of your comparison with your married friends

You have been invited to many weddings last year. When you come to yourself, you see that all the relatives and friends who were your age are married. Everyone asks you, “So when are we going to eat your wedding cake?” If you feel you are lagging behind your friends and relatives, it is best to make new friends who are single. You do not have to get married just because you do not fall behind the caravan!

10. You expect your future spouse to change

You need to know that you want to marry someone you know now and have no hope of changing them. Although people make many changes in their lives, they do not make fundamental changes. Your future spouse will always be who you are now; So it is a mistake to marry in the hope that a miracle will happen and your spouse will change overnight and become kinder, more open-minded, and more responsible. People do not change suddenly after dropping a wedding ring. If you have such hopes in your heart, break the engagement as soon as possible.

The last word

Surely if you are married, you have experienced one or more of the above symptoms before and maybe even after marriage. Maybe you are single and feel that you are not ready for marriage yet. Is the reason you are not ready for marriage one of the things we mentioned above or another obstacle does not allow you to walk? Maybe we should add financial problems or lack of financial readiness to the list above.

Doubt about marriage is an experience that many of us have experienced. However, if the reason for your suspicion is not so private that it cannot be shared with others, we would be happy to raise it in the “Submit a Comment” section so that we can take a more realistic and comprehensive look at this issue using people’s experiences.




You are not ready to get married if you have these symptoms

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