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Yellow Psychology Book; Do not read books that are better

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We have all heard from childhood that books are our kind friend and have many benefits for us, but no one has told us that reading some books outweighs the benefits. Before reading a book, we should look at it from different angles, for example, make sure that the psychology book is not yellow. If you have any questions about what a yellow psychology book is and what books fall into this category, please follow us to the end of this article.

What does Yellow Psychology Mean?

Yellow psychology means artificial and unreal psychology. In English, this type of psychology is called “POP Pysochology”, the first part of which stands for “Popular”. In this type of psychology, a theory may be so widespread that the general public believes it. These theories are often published in magazines or presented by non-psychologists on television or Internet talk shows.

You may have heard it said, “People who are completely opposite to each other fall in love and live well and happily forever.” But in fact, couples who have similar jobs, lifestyles and beliefs are more likely to stay together.

In the following, we will introduce you to some books that are yellow psychology books according to Goodreads site and people. Of course, since there is no exact criterion for distinguishing this type of books, we leave the final judgment to you.

1. Book A Look

the writer: Malcolm Goldwell
Translator: زهره خلیلی
Publisher: Drops
number of pages: 248

In this book, Malcolm Goldwell explains that sometimes a good decision is a decision that is not made by considering all aspects and the person has reached the answer in just a few minutes and by considering the main aspects of the problem. But in fact, making such a decision is not easy at all, and the decision-maker must have sufficient experience and expertise in the field in question.

The book also writes that the best decisions are the ones that can not be explained, and to prove this point, several examples are mentioned, such as psychology, which can predict the couple’s lifespan by listening to a couple for a few minutes. This example does not take into account the impact of the psychologist’s expertise and years of experience, especially since psychologists usually conclude after several sessions rather than minutes.

۲. Effective Idea Book

the writer: Chip Heat
Translator: عبدالرضا رضاایی‌نژاد
Publisher: Tomorrow
number of pages: 254

As the name of the book suggests, it wants to say how an idea can be made lasting and effective, and why some ideas are easily destroyed. The answer can be summed up in two words: simplicity and credibility!

Jerry Kaplan had the opportunity to present his idea to several big capitalists. He was waiting in the Cleans Perkins office to present his idea that the previous entrepreneur had left the presentation room, and he felt that he did not have the necessary ability because he thought he had come to the introductory meeting, but had misunderstood and presented without information. The tables had come.

3. The book behind the scenes of hypocrisy

Behind the Hypocrisy of a Yellow Psychology Book

the writer: Dan Ariel
Translator: Ramin Rambod
Publisher: Maziar
number of pages: 214

In the book “The Background of Hypocrisy” you will learn everything about hypocrisy and hypocrites, but do not judge others too soon! According to the writings of this book, you may be one of the hypocrites!

This book discusses the following issues:

  • The root of hypocrisy;
  • The prevalence of hypocrisy;
  • Methods of combating hypocrisy;
  • Factors that make us hypocritical.

Eight-year-old Jimmy returns home from school with a note from his teacher, in which he writes, “Jimmy stole a pencil in his hand.” Jimmy’s father gets angry and starts giving a heartfelt speech to Jimmy, explaining to him how upset he is about his work and depriving him of entertainment for two weeks to punish him. “Jimmy, why not say something if you want a pencil?” His father says firmly. Why aren’t you comfortable saying that? “You know very well that I can bring you a handful of pencils from the office.”

If we grin at this joke, it is because we recognize the complexity of human hypocrisy that has been inherited by all of us. We understand that a boy who pulls a pencil from his classmates definitely deserves punishment, but we can remove as many pencils as we want without a moment’s hesitation.

4. A book of great courage

the writer: Bernie Brown
Translator: Mary Taqdisi
Publisher: The blue sky
number of pages: 279

This book is about feeling vulnerable. For example, how we feel vulnerable when meeting a new person or starting a difficult conversation. The author of this book believes that this vulnerability is not a sign of our weakness, but a sign of our strength! A power that if we ignore it and hide our true selves, we will miss many opportunities.

The author in this book encourages you to be brave to enter the field with courage even in ambiguous situations.

5. Think of the book Segal Narwal or Naraj

Segal Narval is a yellow psychology book

writers: Steven de Levitt and Stephen J. Dabner
Translator: Mohsen Azizi
Publisher: New trend
number of pages: 224

This book is about our daily decisions and even the important decisions of our lives. Does fat make us fat or sugar? How to make the right investment in the stock market? To answer these questions, we usually focus only on what we know and ignore what we do not know. However, we need to focus on the main issue and look at the problems from other angles to increase the likelihood of finding the right answer.

6. The book Walking on the Moon with Einstein

the writer: Joshua Fuer
Translator: Giti Qasemzadeh
Publisher: هورمزد
number of pages: 390

The main point of this book is about intelligence and memory. The author of this book has tried to find the smartest man in the world and for this he has examined all the American memory competitions. It has also tried to answer questions about memory, for example:

  • Can memory be practiced?
  • Can an ordinary person become a hero?

Having been acquainted with some of the best memory in the world until then, I decided to identify the worst memories in the next step. When we want to begin to understand the nature and meaning of human memory, what better way than to examine its absence?

7. The book of instinct is the power of the will

  A Yellow Psychology Book

the writer: Kelly McGannical
Translators: Death Madadi Mahani and Massoud Pahlavan
Publisher: Illumination
number of pages: 358

  • What is the will?
  • How can the will be strengthened?
  • How to get rid of addiction?

These are some of the questions that you are going to answer in this book. In fact, this book offers practical ways to resist various temptations and reach your different goals sooner.

Do you always break your diet? Can’t save your money and waste your time buying unnecessary things? This book claims that it can solve these problems by strengthening the will, but it remains to be seen how true this claim is.

8. Book of perversion

Behavioral Trouble A Yellow Psychology Book

the writer: Richard Tyler
Translators: Sedigheh Momen and Alireza Fenderski
Publisher: هورمزد
number of pages: 524

In this book you will read about how behavioral economics was formed, but it is probably not as dry a book as you think! Because they give such examples to illustrate this science:

  • The price of rowing on a snowy day;
  • retirement insurance.

In this book, you will get acquainted with imaginary creatures that behave in a completely rational way, and you will be amazed at the comparison of these creatures with ordinary humans and their irrational behaviors.

Did you know that our human behaviors are derived from our emotional aspects and that factors such as cognitive errors are also involved in decision making? The author of the book says that economic models can be changed by taking a closer look at human personality.

Early in my teaching career, I inadvertently acted in a way that most microeconomics students were angry with me, although this had nothing to do with what I was saying in class and was a matter of my middle exam.

Concluding remarks

In this article we have explained about yellow psychology and introduced books that it is better to go to more cautiously. If you have ever encountered yellow psychology or the book Yellow Psychology, please let us know. Do you really think any book is worth reading?





Yellow Psychology Book; Do not read books that are better

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