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Winter wedding ideas and tips you need to know

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Most weddings are held from May to October. Meanwhile, September is the most popular month. But the wedding season is not just spring and summer; Winter weddings also have their own fans. Romantic atmosphere, snowy views and more reasonable prices Reception halls And related services Holding a wedding celebration These are advantages that cannot be easily overlooked. If the wedding is held in the right winter, it can become an attractive and memorable event. Of course, in the dark and cold months of the year, sometimes there are problems; But do not worry; These problems are all minor! With a little preparation before the wedding, you can prevent them. In the following, we will express the do’s and don’ts of holding a beautiful and dreamy ceremony in winter.

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Attention to seasonality | Use appropriate clothing and accessories Winter Wedding Tips | Wedding venue conditions Pay attention to winter beauty Use winter decorations on wedding cakes

Pay attention to being seasonal

The wedding date affects the foods and flowers you eat. When planning a wedding, consider the effect of the season on items such as table decorations and menu options. You can use seasonal flowers such as white roses, trumpets or camellias for the bridal bouquet. You can also use seasonal and tasty vegetables and delicacies such as sweet potatoes or cumin in the menu and prepare special and special foods for the winter. Serving seasonal and local dishes at your wedding makes it very special and different.

Use the right wedding dress and accessories in the winter

If you do not hold outdoor events, you do not need to wear winter fabrics or colors. By heating the interior space of the building, you can wear lighter and thinner dresses, you can not feel any restrictions in choosing a wedding dress, and you can choose your dress in your favorite style and model.

Pay for winter accessories

In cold weather, it is very important to use winter accessories and clothes to keep yourself warm. Warm fur scarves, scarves, hand warmers or stylish wool capes are all good options. You can also use a long-sleeved wedding dress. With these devices, you can keep yourself warm when you are outdoors (for example, to take photos in a snowy landscape).

Use a velvet coat

Velvet coat is very suitable for the groom; Because it has a thick and beautiful fabric that keeps the groom warm and in addition it is very stylish and beautiful.

Wear leggings under the wedding dress

If the weather is very cold, you can wear a thick, warm leggings under your wedding dress (if the wedding dress is long enough). Don’t worry, no one will notice your panties!

Do not forget the stylish and beautiful winter shoes

Boots, especially in rainy weather, are a very stylish and practical shoe for winter weddings.

Wear flashy clothes

In winter, sequined or glittery clothes are usually easily found and in addition, they have a very beautiful effect in photos.

Winter Wedding Tips

What should we pay attention to when photographing a wedding in winter?

You do not need to take pictures only indoors and outdoors. Of course, in the cold and short days of winter, for outdoor photography, you must have a precise and correct planning so that you can take beautiful photos during the day. It is also important to have the right clothes and accessories with you. You may want to cover yourself with a shawl and keep warm in between taking photos. Take the time to find the best places to shoot so you don’t have to stand on dirty snow or icy surfaces while shooting.

Consider photography timing

In winter, the air gets dark much sooner; So you need to choose times when there is enough light. It is usually a good idea to take portrait photos before the wedding. If you do not know how to schedule a wedding photo, consult your photographer. However, he knows better than you do what works best for you.

Keep your hands warm

Use a hand warmer to warm your hands when shooting outdoors at a winter wedding

Hands that are frozen and red from the cold do not look good in wedding photos. This is where the heating pad comes in handy.

For rainy weather, bring an umbrella

Be sure to bring good umbrellas for outdoor photography. You do not need to use very beautiful and fancy umbrellas. The same simple black umbrellas will solve your problem.

Do not ruin your high heels

For outdoor photography, in addition to the high heels you are wearing, bring other shoes; Because if you get stuck in mud or snow while shooting, your expensive high-heeled shoes will be ruined.

Winter wedding venue conditions

There are many ways to make your living room more attractive; For example, you can create a cozy and beautiful atmosphere by using soft and fluffy fabrics (such as velvet ribbons around napkins or velvet pillows in the hall).

Keep guests warm

Use the fireplace to warm the guests at a winter wedding

You can use a fire pit outside the building to emphasize the winteriness of the space. It is also a simple and beautiful idea to entertain guests with a hot drink after they enter the ceremony. You can serve hot chocolate or hot cocoa milk to serve them.

Take more time to get to the wedding venue

Bad weather causes traffic and arriving late; So it is better to have more time to get to the wedding venue, even if you are not far from it.

Use the right winter wedding colors

Decorate the environment with warm and strong colors such as red, crimson, black and gold. You can increase the winter romantic atmosphere with natural green plants or even a little woven fabric.

Make room for extra guests’ clothes

In winter, guests wear jackets and warm clothing; Therefore, they need a safe place to put their extra clothes during the ceremony. Finding a place for their extra clothes is an important issue that should not be overlooked. Someone must be in charge of taking the guests’ warm clothes in the reception hall and taking care of them during the ceremony. This will make the party more enjoyable; Because they no longer have to pay attention to their clothes and accessories and focus only on the wedding ceremony.

Create a romantic atmosphere with candles

Use candles to create a romantic atmosphere at a winter wedding

In winter, the days are shorter and the air gets darker sooner. With the light of many candles, you can make the atmosphere of the wedding place romantic and romantic.

Also pay attention to the room temperature

It is true that the air outside is very cold, but the indoor temperature may rise sharply. If you feel that the guests are feeling hot and sweaty, ask the person in charge or the manager of the hall to lower the ambient temperature a little. If there are separate thermostats for different parts of the reception area, set the thermostat for the ballroom to a few degrees lower.

Pay attention to the beauty of winter

Winter wedding - skin care

In winter, chapped lips and dry skin are inevitable; So you need to keep your lips moist in the days leading up to the wedding. Use the right facial moisturizer and always have the right hand moisturizer on hand.

Use winter decorations on the wedding cake

To create more sense of winter and cold weather in the wedding ceremony, use a beautiful and cute decoration on the wedding cake that is related to the winter season.

Concluding remarks

The wedding reflects your taste and that of your spouse; So be creative about the details and do not ignore the points we have made here. Properly and creatively planned, a winter wedding can be a special and memorable celebration with sweet and different memories. If you have any thoughts or comments about this, we’d love to hear from you.





Winter wedding ideas and tips you need to know

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