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Why spend time playing in the workplace?

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Many of us adults, when it comes to games and entertainment, say to ourselves, “Gone are we!” In other words, fun and entertainment have no place in our daily lives. If you are in this category, it is enough to play a group pantomime once in your family or friend period to find out what pleasure you have been deprived of! You should know that games and entertainment play an important role in job productivity. In this article, we will discuss the importance of allocating time to play in the workplace and during working hours.

Many of us, due to cultural and social conditions, do not learn to care about having fun and enjoying life. It also affects the lives and futures of our children. How can we have happy and creative children whose lives are full of games and happiness, when we ourselves do not know how to enjoy life ?!

Play is one of the most important principles of life

It is good to know that we learn better while playing. For this reason, in many startups, the work environment is designed like a playground. In this environment, entertainment items such as game tools, ping pong tables and even slides can be seen! Research shows that we learn new things and tasks better in the form of entertainment. In addition, this method can increase productivity by boosting morale. According to some experts, spending time playing games helps to adapt and solve the problem better and faster by increasing the power of imagination.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. But the problem is that we should not put games and entertainment at the bottom of the line and go to it if we have time, but we should consider it as one of the principles of our daily life. In September 2018, the World Economic Forum held a meeting in China. In this session, “David Gunn”, author of the book “Playful Entrepreneur” ‌ explained how he became a playful entrepreneur by combining games and daily tasks! According to Gaan, the game played a key role in his success. The game leads us to exploration, experience and curiosity.

Maybe that’s why every year, elites and successful people around the world in programs like “My Burning(Burning Man Festival). At this festival, people from all over the world gather in the Nevada desert and experience up to a week in whatever outfits they like, engaging in a variety of hobbies, and a variety of adult games.

Games and entertainment, a factor in strengthening skills

Today, salaries are not the only motivating factor for corporate employees. Businesses need to find new ways to motivate their employees. Organizations and companies that effectively leverage the creative capabilities of their employees are well aware that creativity is not created by order, but must be nurtured and nurtured. We must provide the necessary conditions for the flourishing and cultivation of creativity in creative and innovative people.

We need to use inspiring tools, tutorials and elements to strengthen the skills with which we can build our future. Creativity, problem solving, illustration and teamwork are some of the most important skills of the future workforce. We need people who can think independently and be creative. In this way, games and entertainment are a good source of inspiration and inspiration.

Are you a gamer? How much do you think games and entertainment are given importance in Iranian businesses? Do you have experience playing with your co-workers in the workplace? Are these games organized or sponsored by managers and employers? How have these games affected your workflow? After reading this article, you finally agree or disagree with playing in the environment and working hours; ‌ Why? Let us know what you think.




Why spend time playing in the workplace?

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