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Why is having a growth mindset essential to career success?

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Many people think they have constant talents and abilities. They think that because they have never been writers, they never will be. They think to themselves that because they have never played music, they will never become musicians. This constant mentality leads to a misconception of potential abilities that hinders the growth, development and discovery of talents. In this article, we will introduce you to the “growth mentality”. A concept that can be the key to growth and development in your life and career.

Growth mentality plays an important role in both career and academic success and in hard sporting success. When we talk about this kind of mentality, we should mention the book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Duke, a Stanford University professor. After decades of research, Ms. Duke has proven the effect of growth mentality on people’s success. In his book, he explains the difference between two types of mentality: the growth mentality versus the fixed mentality; How success in any area of ​​life depends on how we think about ourselves and our abilities.

Comparison of fixed mentality with growth mentality

When you think you have a fixed personality, intelligence and skills, you are actually following a fixed mentality. In this type of mentality, one thinks that one’s abilities are not expandable; So he has to live with the same skills. Believing that life has given you some of the same abilities will lead you to stay in a closed cycle at all times. Those who have such an attitude do not want to progress in life and suffer from daily life.

On the other hand, having a growth mindset tells you that your abilities and talents are not fixed, but can be improved with more effort. This mentality is based on the belief that one can grow through experience and effort.

In one of Ms. Duke’s research, she brought two groups of children together and asked them to choose between two types of puzzles. The first group, who had a fixed mindset, chose the easy jigsaw puzzle, but the second group went for the difficult jigsaw puzzles. The first group thought that by solving a simple puzzle, they could easily show their constant intelligence and get a reward, but the second group, who had a growing mentality, wanted to challenge their abilities and become smarter by solving a difficult puzzle.

“My research has shown that the image we create of ourselves and our abilities plays an important role in determining the course of our lives,” says Duke after 30 years of research. “Our ‘mentality towards ourselves’ determines who we become and what we achieve in life.”

How to cultivate a growth mindset?

Our mindset comes from the way we think and believe. When we come to the conclusion that we can put aside some of the negative attitudes that cause us to stop, then we can say that we have a growing mentality. There are several ways to cultivate this mindset, and here are five:

1. Accepting and learning from failure

Accepting failure is one way to cultivate a growth mindset

Thomas Edison tried nearly a thousand materials in an attempt to find a suitable filament for a light bulb, and failed until he finally found the compound he wanted. He knew every failure was a lesson; The lesson he taught his colleagues was what materials are not suitable for making light bulbs!

The first step in creating a growth mindset is to change attitudes toward failures; When we see failure as an opportunity for valuable learning and experience, then we will grow.

2. Becoming a lifelong learner

Willingness to learn one of the ways to cultivate a growth mindset

Those with a growing mindset see life as a classroom. They do not miss any opportunity to expand their knowledge. Research has shown that successful people are regular readers of educational books and the psychology of success. In fact, 85% of successful people read one or two books a month. Another study found that 30% of corporate executives consider high motivation to learn as an important characteristic of successful employees. Motivation and readiness to participate in courses and workshops is a sign of how much mentality you have.

It is interesting to know that UNESCO, in its programs offered to various communities, has always considered lifelong learning as an important feature and calls on the world’s educational systems to educate citizens in such a way that they can use any life situation as an opportunity to learn and improve their quality of life.

3. Looking for challenges

One who wants to cultivate a growth mentality must be prepared to face hardships and challenges. New challenges are an opportunity to test our abilities and grow by overcoming them. If you have been feeling comfortable and monotonous for a long time, maybe it is time to step out of your comfort zone and into the sea.

Hardships often bind ordinary people to extraordinary destinies.

– سی. اس. Lewis, famous British writer

4. Act beyond expectations

Act beyond expectations to cultivate a growth mindset

Everyone has an understanding of their abilities, but this understanding may be less than it really is. One way to cultivate the attitude of growth is to act beyond the capacity we can imagine.

In one study, a group of cyclists were told to ride 4,000 meters as fast as they could. In the next round, they were asked to ride the same distance with a companion. Participants were not told they would ride faster with them. When the second round was over, it turned out that the participants cycled much faster than the first round to catch up. Experiments like this show that part of our understanding of our abilities depends on the limitations of our mentality.

If we do not underestimate ourselves and try only a little more than we think, we will achieve brilliant results.

5. Welcome feedback

Feedback, an opportunity to cultivate a growth mindset

People who develop a growth mindset have enough self-confidence to criticize others and even seek feedback and criticism from others. These criticisms are an opportunity to improve or challenge yourself. In fact, these criticisms motivate us to act better and respond to them in this way.

The need to cultivate a growth mindset in a changing world

In today’s rapidly changing world, cultivating a growth mindset is critical to keeping pace with career change and advancement; For example, workers and employees have to constantly improve their skills in order to maintain their jobs as methods and devices develop; Especially now that artificial intelligence technology is threatening many jobs.

It does not matter how good you are, it matters how much you want to get better.





Why is having a growth mindset essential to career success?

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