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Why is being lazy really good for you?

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Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves, but being lazy is not always bad. Let’s imagine, shutting down a day altogether, forgetting about adventurous adventures, lying on the couch, watching world-class movies and reading books. Now what if we were given a week off like this?

Maybe you are one of those people who prefer to stay home and eat pizza instead of traveling around the world. If you are one of these people, it is interesting to know that laziness can make you an innovator. What is even more surprising is that this fact is not just fabricated; But scientists and researchers have proven it.

Artistic laziness is lost. Of course, being lazy does not mean wasting time in life. This means appropriate unemployment and laziness; That is, when we want to do nothing and rest our minds.

In the world of constant distractions, we seldom expand the scope of our thoughts and instead waste time. We distract ourselves from trivial matters. First we read emails, then we go to the unfinished news, then we scroll through social media in vain, and this process is always ongoing. Doing this is repeated every day, but in the end it is of no use to us and gradually makes us more tired than before.

Too often, our attention is not only focused on one subject, but we simply lose focus. Focusing on a subject takes all our attention and makes our work progress and succeed. It also moves our lives forward and creates meaningful conversations.

Research shows that decentralization is still powerful, albeit in different ways. Focusing increases our efficiency, while being decentralized increases our creativity in different areas.

Think about the last creative thought you had. If you were focusing on a topic at the time, how likely was it that you would come up with something out of the ordinary? You probably did not focus on anything at the time. You’ve probably taken a long hot shower, taken a walk, visited a museum, relaxed on a sunny beach, read a book, and then a brilliant idea like lightning flashed through your mind.

Why do you think your brain chooses such moments to connect with ideas that are spinning in the air? There is a fundamental reason. When our focus is on relaxation, our minds wander in amazing places. Recently, a study has been done on this fact. Scientists studied people’s thoughts while thinking they were wandering and lazy. These studies have confirmed that the human mind is at rest wandering. According to this study, 48% of the places where our mind wanders when resting are related to the future, 28% to the present and 12% to the past.

As long as this percentage remains, the human mind is usually slow and empty, although the exact percentage is not very important to researchers. In contrast, the value of this remaining time is very important and does not seem as useless as we think. Our lazy and unemployed minds are able to do three important and effective things:

Useful results of being lazy

Energy recovery

When our focus is on rest and laziness, it means we are resting. When we decide to let our minds wander, we no longer have to focus our attention. It repairs and recovers our energies and helps us to think and concentrate more deeply in other situations.

Energy recovery has good benefits for humans. This helps us to do something easy, satisfying and permanent while relaxing our minds. To regain energy and relax, we can do things from having a creative hobby, running without music and walking to a place to drink coffee without electronic devices like our phones. The findings show that we can achieve even more creative perspectives by doing something out of the ordinary.

Creating purposeful plans and programs

Research shows that we humans think 14 times more about the future when our thoughts are disturbed than when we concentrate. We also think about our long-term goals seven times whenever our focus is on rest. Of course, the issue of achieving goals has a different story, but it is useful for us to create the same mentality of strategic laziness at rest. This mindset helps us to define our goals, then to remember them in order to achieve them at the first opportunity.

Emergence of creative ideas

Our resting brain can connect to three mental destinations simultaneously: past, present, and future. In such situations, more creative insights and ideas come to mind than when we are focused on a subject. For example, in a relaxing situation, we may recall an idea that came to our mind a few weeks ago and use it to solve a problem in our work environment. Most valuable and wise ideas come to mind when we are resting and have a decentralized mind.

The best way to be more productive is to invest in rest at any given moment and give yourself the opportunity to be lazy. More rest allows us to get things done better and more efficiently. When we are unemployed, it may seem like we are not doing anything, but this is not the case. Unemployment can be very useful for our minds.

Luck is with us, and we should probably spend more time being lazy and freeing our minds. Resting the brain allows us to come up with more practical ideas and draw better plans to accomplish our future plans and goals. Sometimes, the best activity to get things done is to do nothing.




Why is being lazy really good for you?

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