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Why do we not succeed?

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Numerous motivational seminars on success have been held in recent years. Regardless of whether such seminars meet the criteria of a desirable motivational seminar or not, an important question arises: to what extent are such seminars capable of meeting the needs of young people in the field of business? These are young people who, after completing their university education, will face the challenges facing the labor market. The more important question is whether the impact of these seminars on youth performance is positive and constructive (as claimed) or negative and destructive? We will answer these questions below.

Why Success Seminar?

Countless people who have been attracted to the usual seminars these days have had unsuccessful experiences. They regret spending their time because such seminars are ineffective. This made it my duty as a member of the entrepreneurial family and someone who has always been concerned with training in business management to come up with a solution.

In the present article, first, I have examined such seminars, the reasons for their holding and their emergence, as well as the extent to which they have a positive or destructive effect. Then, based on my studies and experiences over the years, I have provided readers with a way to solve educational problems in the field of business management.

Today, various seminars called “Success Seminar” are held. Holding these seminars has become a serious and bold issue. Every day we see the advertisements of eloquent people and showmen on the city walls who, with attractive words, attract many people to teach them the way to short-term success (read: The Secret to Success overnight!).

Why do these people hold such seminars? Why are some people deceived by these superficial and unsupported professions? These questions raise fundamental and important issues.

How can we not be deceived ?!

One of the reasons for this problem becoming more prominent is the large gap that has prevailed in this area due to the theoretical and impractical nature of the official education system of the country. In such cases, only those who are skilled speakers are considered; These people can make their seemingly attractive but superficial and even imaginative ideas practical.

Another reason is the mental model that governs the thinking of people in our society. Unfortunately, the public view of society has shifted to superficiality; Superficial content is much more appealing to people than in-depth content. However, only in-depth and conceptual study can help people solve business or life problems. The phenomenon of superficiality exists in most countries of the world, but no one in European countries can attract people just by being a showman. Most European citizens are looking for people with a deep rational mind and do not accept words without empirical and scientific support. On the contrary, unfortunately, superficiality is very widespread in our country and has had many destructive consequences in various fields.

Another reason should be sought in the issue of non-specialist speakers and unfamiliarity with the subject of scientific and specialized education. For example, most sales instructors and speakers in Iran are people who have previously had experience in selling goods or services in one or more different areas, and may have been good sellers. However, these experiences are by no means enough to teach sales topics. Although the experiences of these people can be very valuable, they have only been gained in one or more specific areas.

With their engaging lectures, they suffice with a brief description of a few basic technical principles and a formula for common stereotypes (which they claim apply to everyone and in any field). On the other hand, as we know, sales science includes thousands of technical, specialized, professional and study topics that are marketing and mental models. These topics are ignored in such seminars, and unfamiliar speakers ignore them.

Another reason goes back to the character of our young generation: rush to success! What are the reasons and roots of this feature of the young generation can be examined in its place. The main problem is that this feature of the youth is used as an excuse by the showmen and speakers as a weakness. Young people looking for shortcuts to success are attracted to one-day seminars and book summaries that they introduce and promote. As a result, young people’s attention is diverted to superficial and inefficient content, which not only has no benefit, but ultimately suppresses their hope and motivation to succeed.

Distinguish reality from illusion

How the illusion called “Schumann” and the so-called way, the shortcut from The reality of business management training Clean?

As mentioned earlier, the problem of progress has various causes, such as a dysfunctional education system, sociological reasons, and the characteristics and demands of the younger generation. The difficulty of dealing with this problem lies with the business institutions and schools that try to provide in-depth and practical material to solve the business problems of individuals in the real world. Spring Free Higher Education Institute It is one of these institutions. This company was established to achieve this goal and train managers who can use the right training, prescribe effective prescriptions for their business and put it into practice.

On the other hand, several years ago, Management science In our country, it was not popular and only engineering and medical disciplines were considered important. Managers either had to have inherent managerial characteristics or benefited from empirical training. Decades ago, the science of management was gradually recognized, and its various branches became part of the academic disciplines. Nevertheless, teaching at universities was purely theoretical. This made the training of expert managers less desirable. To fill this huge gap in the education system, business schools were established, and fortunately, they have succeeded in this direction today.

Today, the issue of the illusion of knowledge has become a critical and serious issue and has polluted the business environment. Higher education institutions, including Spring Institute, Feel the duty to provide a solution to this problem.

Combining knowledge and experience in the spring

At the Spring Institute to focus on the illusion of knowledge, focus on Combining knowledge and experience We have made and tried to follow this principle. Explaining this principle, it should be said that the basis of the success of business schools in the world is the reconciliation between knowledge and experience. In order to succeed in business, these two factors are inseparable. In society, on the one hand, we are dealing with educated people who have only a few years of practical experience, and on the other hand, we know very experienced people who do not have the necessary education and knowledge in their field. The solution is for educated as well as experienced people to take on a combination of education. Better yet, instructors have the advantage of both knowledge and experience to be able to Complete training program He planned.

We should not forget that some people have good knowledge or practical experience, but they do not have the ability to convey content and present well to attract people. It should not be assumed that education is limited to the form and method of presenting the content of any science. However, the problem arises when people with a high ability to present but with little knowledge hit the body of healthy education, and as a result, the “illusion of knowledge” replaces knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the appropriate way of presentation to educated people as well as experienced people so that they can share their knowledge with those who are interested.

Concluding remarks

Business schools, including Spring Higher Education Institute, Always try that their speakers, in addition to the scientific basis, have enough experience, have touched the real world, and in addition to all this, have a good way of presenting and be able to make a good connection between these features. Only in this way will the illusion of the knowledge of the showmen be removed from the real world of business education and management.

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Why do we not succeed?

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