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Why do we miss the weekends? 8 things that make Friday night pleasant

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Many people are looking forward to the weekend during the week and have many plans for it; But some also experience feelings of sadness and depression during this time. For most of us, frustration on Friday night is a familiar phrase. Sometimes depression can make it worse. In this article, we will first examine the reason for the sadness of the weekends and then we will provide solutions to deal with this issue.

Causes of weekend depression

Lack of proper plans

Many people usually have a specific schedule for the days of the week. They know what to do and they are moving towards achieving their goals. Even if we do not love our job, having busy jobs takes our minds away from our problems and worries. Sometimes we prefer not to do anything on the weekends, especially if we are depressed. Lack of proper structure and program will increase our frustration.

Lack of social interactions

In times of depression, maintaining social interaction can be more difficult than normal. We usually lock ourselves in a house to avoid getting out of our safe and comfortable circle. If there was no need to work, some people would prefer to stay home and sleep more instead of socializing and interacting with others. Being social is inherent in human nature, and if we are alone on the weekends, the symptoms of depression will increase.

Compare ourselves to others

Comparison with others is the reason for the frustration of the weekend

Usually when we are depressed, we do not feel the energy and desire to do things we used to enjoy. When we compare our depressed lives with the lives of others who are struggling, associating with others, and doing things we used to do, we feel more depressed and depressed.

Solutions to deal with weekend frustration

1. Plan ahead for the weekend

We suggest you plan for the weekend and wait for it to arrive during the week to experience less confusion. Adding one work for the morning and one work for the night boosts your mood. If you are experiencing severe depression, it is best to adjust your schedule to smaller, hourly sections. Even doing things on your to-do list, such as eating breakfast, taking a bath, or buying a home, can enhance your sense of accomplishment to make you feel better about yourself.

2. Plan for social interactions

Friendly appointment to fight depression over the weekend

While staying home and alone can be tempting, doing so will not only help you, but also bring you harm. Schedule socializing with friends before the weekend arrives. If you are very depressed and sad, you probably will not want to host your friends. Instead, you can invite your friend over for a cup of coffee or go out to dinner with friends. Being physically present with others can help reduce the symptoms of depression.

3. Recognize your tiredness

Do you ignore mental confusion, lack of motivation, or physical fatigue? Certainly with the release of excitatory adrenaline in the blood, the symptoms of physical fatigue also disappear to a great extent. If you experience warning signs of fatigue, pay attention to them. It’s time to rest! The weekend is the best time to relax and regain energy.

4. Have realistic expectations

If your planning office or calendar has a lot of space, can you achieve many goals with low energy? Such expectations (sometimes attacking us in the form of “wishes”) can reduce our efficiency and, worse, cause us to feel dissatisfied just when we need to rest. Ask yourself: Are all my plans practical or do they just prevent me from resting?

5. Have a plan for rest

Adequate rest to avoid weekend frustration

Do you really have any special plans in your calendar? This can also lead to frustration and depression. If you prefer to plan and have a busy weekend, do so. Don’t forget to set aside enough time to rest and get enough sleep. Sleeping should also be part of our planning.

6. Get to know yourself: Is it hard for you to rest?

Lack of interest in rest can frighten the weekend and be confused with depression. If it is difficult for you to rest, recognize it and be prepared for it. If you have a new definition of rest and look at it as an important part of productivity in your work, you will realize its value in your priorities. Instead of dwelling on what you can do at rest, focus on the energy and high mental capacity you gain from doing so.

7. Know the threshold of your social interactions

Introverted or extroverted? Leading psychologist Carl Gustav Jung coined the two psychological terms that have become the structure of our culture today. These two personality traits reflect our energy source; Being with others or spending time with yourself. Extroverts get energy from social interactions, the opposite is true for introverts. The key is to understand what you need to do to regain your energy when you feel tired. If you are experiencing a lot of social interactions outside of your safe during the week, it is a good idea to make appropriate weekend plans to regain lost energy and balance. For example, an extrovert who has spent a long time behind a desk, or an introvert who has had many face-to-face interactions with others, should make a plan to reach their energy source at the first opportunity of the weekend.

8. If you still feel depressed, do these things

Weekend frustration and the possibility of depression

If you have difficulty sleeping or eating, or have worrying thoughts in your head, or are crying all the time, or feel very frustrated, you are probably experiencing a more serious issue than a weekend frustration, and you may be depressed; So fatigue only makes it worse. In such a situation, it is best to seek the help of a psychologist or counselor.

Concluding remarks

For many people, weekend frustration is not just a psychological issue, but physical and mental fatigue is the main cause. Although the weekends are dedicated to fun and entertainment, we should also have a plan for sleep and rest. By doing this, we gain lost energy and our balance. Avoiding depressing and depressing weekends, we welcome the new week with an open mind and physical fitness.

What is your opinion, dear readers? Have you experienced weekend frustration? What is your solution to overcome this situation?





Why do we miss the weekends? 8 things that make Friday night pleasant

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