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Why are we stronger than our fractures?

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Scott Mautz, author of Find the Fire and Make It Matter, has written an interesting article. He talks about failure and the opportunities that follow. According to him, failure is an opportunity, especially if you treat it right. Then join us to see exactly what he means.

Do we fail or do failures eat us ?!

Occasional fractures, even large ones, are an inevitable part of life. But are you escaping the post-failure depression that comes to many of us? I do not mean the fear of failure; I am talking about the image after the failure (feeling of hopelessness and apostasy after the failure); The image that many people give in to and the phrase “I am the embodiment of failure” comes to mind.

Many of us fall victim to such a mindset. It is easy to see a big mistake or failure as a prelude to bad things to come.

Admitting our own mistakes is one thing, and letting our mistakes dominate us is another. This means thinking that you are worse than the mistakes you made. This is why you need to keep in mind this empowering phrase:

You are bigger than wrong!

that is all!

Let me explain the power of this phrase in a few words.

1. start of work

I worked for 5 years on my first book, Make It Important. At the time of writing, I was still a senior at Procter & Gamble. I was writing late into the night and on many weekends. I did a lot of research, including first-rate research. Blood, sweat and tears were just a small part of my hard work.

After finishing the book, I started writing the preface; This means that I did my job from the end to the beginning. Usually (at least at the time) the idea of ​​the book was initially presented in general in the preface; Then they hired a broker and then found a publisher interested in the idea. [کارگزار کتاب (literary agent) کسی است که با دانش، تجربه و ارتباطاتی که دارد، به‌درخواست نویسنده، وظیفه‌های مختلفی را در روند انتشار کتاب بر عهده می‌گیرد، ازجمله پیدا کردن ویراستار، میانجی‌گری و بستن قرارداد با ناشر، و معرفی نویسندگان تازه‌کار.] Then it was time to write the book in full. I did not want to get caught up in the pressure of the deadline while I had a full-time job. So, I tried my luck and wrote the whole book first.

۲. Disappointment

Contrary to my expectations, an agent became interested in my book. But he called for fundamental changes to the plan. These changes almost meant doing it again. Contrary to popular belief, I made changes. Now it was my agent’s turn to go to the publishers.

He first went to one of the most promising publishers. After months of waiting, the response I received was, “They really liked the idea and so on and so forth, but no.” Well, the answer was disappointing, but there were still 11 publishers on the broker list.

He nodded to each of them, I waited and their answer was still “no”.

I waited again; “No”.

This phase took about a year with 12 publishers. I had reached the bottom of the broker list. It was then that he told me a sentence I will never forget; “No one wants this book. “Our work is over here.”

He suggested that I publish the book myself. This is a turning point in many cases, but it was crucial for my career model to become a writer who has worked with a well-known publisher. I had already decided to leave my office job so that I could become a full-time writer and speaker. Well, right or wrong, I needed this book to be published for my own self-confidence.

3. Break

I was really mentally disturbed. After five years of hard work and sacrifice, I had failed. I was the epitome of failure.

I worked a lot on a book that I thought would definitely get a publisher’s attention, and I made a big mistake by writing the book completely without a publishing contract. For a while, this failure set a task for me and told me that I had to continue working in my office for the rest of my life. It did not matter how much speech and writing I had. I had to summarize my life in the same mistake.

4. Hope

After a while, I found a notebook. When I was writing the book, I wrote a note in it. I had inserted that note between the pages of the old version of Part II. I wrote it as a precautionary warning, because I knew that writing the whole book was a big risk.

My writing was: “You are bigger than you are wrong”. I wanted to remember if everything did not go my way in the process of writing the book, and as a result I doubted its appeal, I should tell myself that this should not be a task for me.

Seeing these few words again made me hope to return to my agent. It was hard work because he was done with me. I thought to myself that I was worth more than surrendering to a few “no’s”. It does not matter what happens; I can still hear “no”. I told my agent that we had another potential bidder on the list. I persuaded him to throw the last arrow.

5. Success

48 hours later, I sold my first book; While my expectation was that it would just be published. This book was the beginning of a dream for my new work.

I honestly think that without seeing this phrase and the mentality it created in me, I would never have had the courage to try again.

I hope this sentence is just as invigorating for you.




Why are we stronger than our fractures?

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