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Which season of the year is more suitable for changing jobs?

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When it comes to changing jobs and finding a new job, one of the most important elements to consider is how to schedule a job application. In fact, we need to make sure that our resume is seen by the right person at the right time, who is in charge of hiring the organization we want. If we can be among the first people whose resume is reviewed, we will have a high chance of success and achieve the desired position. However, since it is not easy to predict the onset of the application process (especially for those looking for work-at-home jobs), we can find out more about the typical employment process and conditions during different seasons and time periods of the year and find intervals. When there is more activity in recruiting new troops, Chance To have higher to achieve this goal. We have dedicated the subject of this article to the same issue: by examining the different seasons of the year, we will see when it is better to change jobs. Be with us.

Job change in the spring

Many believe that April and May are the best months of the year to find new job opportunities and change jobs; Of course, with the exception of the first half of April, which is a holiday and most employees are not at work. If you are looking for a permanent and full-time job, it is better to postpone sending your resume and job application to these months. With the start of the new year, the budgets of most organizations and companies will be updated and forecasts related to how they will be sold and the work situation in the coming year will be provided to them. With this in mind, executives will have a better understanding of their needs and will be able to find the right workforce to meet them. Many counselors consider job opportunities in the first two months of the new year to be the best time to look for work.

Another point is that many organizations are postponing the hiring of new workforce in March to do so in the new year due to new changes; Therefore, it is possible that over the first two months of the year, the job opportunities of organizations may increase. It is better not to search only once and during these two months, review the job opportunities from time to time and be aware of the latest changes.

Of course, the search for a job in these two months also has disadvantages: first, organizations have a lot of capital, time and resources and do not rush to choose from job seekers; Because of this, the application process is slow and you need to be a little more patient. Finalizing the job interview and signing the contract is also more time consuming in these two months.

Another disadvantage of searching in these two months is the competitiveness of the business environment and the labor market and employment. With the start of the new year, many people are doubly motivated to find work; So you will have a lot of competitors to take advantage of job opportunities at this time. It is better to provide a complete and good resume so that you do not have any problems in this regard.

Job change in the summer

Summer is not an ideal season for those looking for a job change. By the end of June, most organizations will have spent almost all of their budgets on human resources; In addition, the recruiters of the organizations are not very active during the hot summer months. Now, whether the reason for their lack of work is the lack of sufficient budget or their other concerns is related to the work process of the organization. In most large organizations, the summer quarter is devoted to forecasting the work situation in the coming seasons, reporting to managers, and the like.

With this in mind, it can be said that dental job opportunities cannot be found in the three summer months. If an organization hires new staff during these three months, it usually does so for more small, low-paying jobs.

The best thing you can do is to do more research about the organizations you want in these three months: talk to one or two of their employees, research the work environment of the organization, and if possible, contact the managers of the employment department of the organizations. Establish. That way, you’ll be getting more involved with their new hire.

Holidays - summer jobs

Of course, as in the previous case, looking for a job and changing jobs in the summer is not limited to these disadvantages and has advantages. You may lose your job early in the summer or have to change jobs for some reason during this time; In this case, you should not be disappointed at all. It is true that the hiring managers of companies during this period usually go on vacation or spend their time on other tasks of the organization, but it should not be forgotten that most of those who are looking for job opportunities are less active in the summer; This means that the employment space in this season is not competitive and you have a better chance.

This is an advantage for those who need work. Try to limit the search to local newspapers and news and look more often for job opportunities on organizations on job sites, LinkedIn and the like. Employees of organizations, even on vacation, occasionally browse the Internet and may communicate with job seekers in the meantime. The second half of September also coincides with the time when the recruitment of organizations resumes. If you have not been able to find a job and change jobs by then, update your resume for this period.

Job change in the fall

As you can see, the hiring process of organizations throughout the year is a wave: sometimes it is crowded and sometimes it is less active. Autumn coincides with the second major wave of recruitment during the year. Family vacations come to an end this season, children return to school, and HR managers resume their work with more energy and time. The effect that summer vacations have on the morale of human resource managers usually makes the hiring process better and faster in the fall.

Another advantage of changing jobs in the fall is that most organizations are willing to use all of their resources this season. Depending on their field of work, each organization will have vacancies that have not been filled since the beginning of spring and will somehow face a deadline to fill these vacancies. If they do not, they will get into trouble in the future; In addition, in some organizations, those who were hired during the previous two seasons quit their jobs, and the fall is the best opportunity to fill these vacancies.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that in the fall, the labor market and employment have a competitive atmosphere; So as much as possible, the resume you provide should be up to date and good.

Change jobs in the winter

By mid-winter, the hot fall hiring market will continue to some extent; But the closer we get to the Nowruz holiday, the fewer job opportunities there are; Unless you are looking for seasonal jobs or just need a job that pays for your wages.

From the second half of winter, most families start booking tickets for the upcoming holidays, spending their time shopping for Eid sweets and nuts, and so on. Families of managers and hiring officials are no exception: the more they add to their personal and family chores, the less time they have for work and organization.

There are other reasons that make changing jobs in the last two months of the year difficult: First, the budgets that organizations have to hire human resources are more limited than ever in these two months; They have to wait for the New Year and more opportunities and budget to be able to hire labor. Another reason is that at this time of year most organizations have filled vacancies and usually few job opportunities are available.

As the weather warms up and the holidays approach, most people become lazy and prefer to wake up late in the morning. For the reasons mentioned above, if you have not been able to change jobs and find the job you are looking for until the first month or two of winter, it is best to hold on and wait for a better time to apply for a job. If you have enough time, use it to strengthen your resume.

How to prepare for a job change and send a job application?

Preparing to change jobs

Just because now is not the ideal time of year to look for work, you should not despair and give up. Use the seasons when the labor market and hiring are low-key to better prepare yourself to increase your chances of getting the job you want. In the following, we will present some recommendations for this purpose.

1. Keep your resume up to date

One of the most important aspects of looking for a job is having an up-to-date resume. Do not postpone updating your resume until the last minute. Using the default templates available, you can easily update it. It is best to do this once every three months and if you do not have the opportunity, at least once a year. Enter the time you need to update your resume in your calendar right now to be more motivated to do so.

۲. Learn new skills and gain new experiences

Education and learning for human beings is an endless path and will continue until the day of death. We must always strive to improve our skills and, by gaining knowledge and experience in various areas of our work, expand and expand the opportunities that lie ahead. Taking short-term training courses, obtaining technical and vocational degrees, or attending additional university classes are some of the strategies that can be used for this purpose. Even if you are thinking of getting a master’s degree, this is easier than ever today: you can enroll in online (virtual) university classes so that your work is not harmed.

3. Do not despair

Sometimes the hardest step in changing jobs and finding a new job is the first step and starting the search. Sometimes you may get in trouble for changing your resume or modifying some parts and the person in charge of your organization will reject you for this reason. Sometimes, due to the busyness of your personal life, you do not have the opportunity to prepare for the job and acquire the necessary skills. We all deal with these issues more or less; It is important that we do not give up and do not despair.

Spend time each month, however small, on acquiring new skills or improving existing ones. Take time to practice for a better job interview; For example, suppose you are in an interview room: Ask yourself possible questions and practice answering them beforehand.

The last word

Regardless of the season in which you apply for a job and change jobs, you should not forget that this is a difficult job and requires a little effort and patience. No success is achieved overnight or overnight; This also applies to finding a new job.

What is your experience of changing jobs and finding a new job? At what time of the year have you had the best of luck finding a new job? Share your thoughts and experiences with us and the readers of this article.





Which season of the year is more suitable for changing jobs?

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