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Which news sources do the most successful people in the world read in the morning?

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Many successful business people have an insatiable desire to study, such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or even Donald Trump! In this article, we will introduce you to the news media and resources that these people read every day.

Consider Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor. He spends 80% of his time during the day studying. Donald Trump’s desire to read the news is also said to be insatiable. The president wakes up at 6 a.m. every day to watch the news on television. He then studied newspapers such as the New York Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The Associated Press claims that Trump even reads the conservative Breitbart.

Would you like to know which first-hand sources most influential people read in the morning? Here are some news sources and morning habits of various industry leaders:

1. Warren Buffett

The multibillionaire investor reads these publications early in the morning: The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The New York Times, etc. اس‌. Oh you. USA Today, Omaha World-Herald and American Banker.

۲. Donald Trump

you guessed right! Donald Trump is not very good at reading, but he is a great newspaper reader. Donald Trump staffers cite a variety of articles from sources such as The New York Post and The New York Times. They even sometimes collect and publish miscellaneous news for him. Trump likes to draw lines or circles under what he wants. Sometimes it stars!

To submit an article to the President, assistants must first obtain the approval of the President. Trump has a special news folder. The diameter of this folder is one or even two inches. Confirmed news is placed in this folder every morning. Of course, Trump aides sometimes sneak unconfirmed news to him! Former Trump administration chief John Kelly tried to dismantle these unofficial channels, but failed.

Trump often reads articles about himself. Reuters has revealed that in business meetings, Trump aides try to repeat his name in their reports as much as possible! They believe that Trump continues to read wherever he sees his name. So, what did you expect from Trump ?!

3. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s first job of the day is to review Facebook. He even goes to his phone before he gets out of bed. He first reads the news of the day on Facebook; It then checks the incoming messages on the phone and WhatsApp. Of course, all this usually does not take more than a few minutes.

4. Jeffrey Emlet

Jeffrey Emlet

Jeffrey Immelt, former CEO of General Electric, begins the morning by reading the Wall Street Journal. Unusually, he starts reading from the middle page of the newspaper and goes to the beginning and end pages. He then examines the FTIndex (Financial Times Index) and the second part of the paper. Emlett reads the business section of The New York Times and throws away the rest of the newspaper. And then to Yu. اس‌. Oh you. Today it goes: first the sports section, then the business page and then the life section. Finally, he reads the sixth page of the New York Post and part of the newspaper’s business section.

5. Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates keeps track of the day. He is a member of the board of directors of the Berkshire Hathaway multinational holding company and obsessively follows the news. He reads the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Economist online.

6. جوناه پرتتی

The CEO and founder of Buzzfeed (Internet News and Entertainment) wakes up at 8:30 a.m. and joins the New York Times Business or Sports Department on the way to work. He also brings with him the New York Magazine. The New Yorker and The Economist also shared a common sense, but dropped out of school after his twins were born.

His main source of news, like many young leaders, is Twitter and Facebook.

7. Kara Goldin

Kara Goldin - The study habits of the most successful people in the world

The founder and CEO of Hint Water (Beverage Company) considers morning a vital part of his work day. He spends every morning reviewing emails and work schedules. He will receive the received emails at 5:30. This gives him a clear view of the next 12 hours and reminds him of his work priorities.

8. Howard Schultz

Starbucks CEO wakes up between 5 and 5:30 p.m .; He then makes coffee and owns three of his favorite newspapers: the Seattle Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. He has maintained this habit for more than two decades; It must be an effective habit.

9. Richard Branson

“I think dawn, when everyone is asleep, is the best time to watch the news and respond to emails,” says Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group. “The early hours of the day are an opportunity for me to start the day in a fresh and orderly mood.”

10. کت کول

Kit Cole - The study habits of the most successful people in the world

Kat Cole is the CEO of FOCUS Brands. He manages brands such as Auntie Anne’s, Carvel and Cinnabon. Cole wakes up at 5 a.m. every day. He first reviews his work calendar and then the major social networks, news sites, emails and other messages he receives.

“I follow relevant news, essential business and team needs, news of startups I have invested in, or any interesting news that comes to mind and keeps me informed of global events,” he says.

۱۱. Kevin O’Leary

The Shark Tank investor wakes up at 5:45 in the morning. He first examines the European and Asian bond markets; Then, during morning exercise, he watches business news on TV for 45 minutes. O’Leary also spends 8 to 9 a.m. monitoring business news.

“Knowledge is power,” he says. “It is imperative that you have a 360-degree view of the world economy.”

۱۲. Gary Weinerchak

Gary Weinerchak is an entrepreneur and pioneer in social media. He begins his day by studying a vast amount of information. Weinerchak reads the newsletters of MediaREDEF, TechMeme, Business Insider, ESPN, Nuzzel, and the headlines of social media.

He then takes to Twitter and spends most of his morning answering and talking to people. Finally, Weinerchak visits Instagram and learns about his friends’ situation.

13. Bob Iger

Bob Egger wakes up at 4:30 in the morning to study and exercise. He begins the morning by reading the newspaper, checking emails, and monitoring news websites.




Which news sources do the most successful people in the world read in the morning?

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