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When does the corona end? Examine experts’ predictions about the end of this nightmare

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Epidemiologists have different theories about when the coronavirus epidemic will end. However, everyone agrees that the virus is changing every day and their response may not be constant. Corona virus is the most contagious virus in the world and it will definitely be difficult to eradicate it. In the following article, we will share with you the experts’ predictions about when the coronavirus epidemic will end. Stay with us.

How far are we from the end of Corona?

As it turns out, we are not close to the end of the Corona epidemic. Only 40% of the world’s population has been vaccinated, and the number of cases is increasing every day. Dr. Brillint, an infectious disease specialist who works for the World Health Organization and has been instrumental in eradicating smallpox, says the corona delta is the most dangerous virus in history.

In recent months, the United States, India, and China, along with many countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia, have been involved in the very common delta variant. The good news, however, is that vaccines made with the new technology using RNA transporters have been resistant to corona delta. Of course, there are more than 100 countries that have vaccinated less than 5 percent of the population.

“We are nearing the beginning of the corona epidemic,” said Dr. Brillint. Of course, this will not be because of the longevity of the variant we are experiencing. “Unless we vaccinate all people in more than 200 countries, new mutations of the virus will be found.” According to the predictions of this famous researcher, the corona virus may exist like the flu forever.

What are the problems with corona depletion?

While the whole world is looking to end the Corona problem, the solution is not easy. There is no cure for abrupt termination. Because of this, everyone has a definition for the end of the coronavirus. The following have complicated corona eradication:

1. Scheduling

The first problem we have to deal with is time. Over time, the effectiveness of the corona vaccine decreases. This means that the vaccine will be less effective in controlling transmission, disease and coronary mortality. Now that a third booster dose is to be injected for corona vaccines, this theory is already being confirmed. In fact, it is not uncommon, like the flu vaccine, forcing us to inject the corona vaccine annually to treat new mutations.

2. Jumping

A leap like Delta was able to change all the previous beliefs of researchers. Since mid-2020, mutations have emerged in Europe that are more contagious and deadly than the original virus. Subsequently, alpha and delta mutations appeared, increasing the likelihood of even more dangerous mutations.

As the number of newly diagnosed coronary arteries decreased due to vaccination, a new peak was seen in the number of infected people and their deaths. At any time, a new mutation in the virus may occur, and this new variant could have greater transmission, lethality, or resistance to the vaccine.

3. Transfer to animals

Covid 19 has also been found in pets such as dogs and cats, farm mice and mink. Also, 40% of white deer in four US states have the virus. The presence of the virus in the animal host means that the corona can mutate in the animal body and then return to humans. These frequent mutations in different hosts may produce a more deadly version of the virus.

What factors reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine?

Fully vaccinated people who have received both doses of the vaccine have considerable immunity to the coronavirus. Vaccines made with RNA or mRNA transporter prevent about 88% of coronary heart disease symptoms. About 0.01 to 0.29 percent of people who are fully vaccinated become infected. However, they experience much weaker symptoms than other people.

Statistics show that 95% of hospitalizations for Covid 19 have not been vaccinated. This means that vaccines can very well prevent death and severe illness. But why is the corona not finished yet?

1. Accumulation of virus

Unvaccinated people are not randomly distributed among other people. Rather, these people are very close geographically or socially. Because of this, masses of coronary heart disease are spreading and the virus is circulating among people.

2. Silent transmitters

Vaccinated people can also spread delta. People who become infected with the Delta Corona virus will have the virus in their body, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated. Of course, it should be noted that this infection disappears much faster in the body of vaccinated people. This is because the immune response to the vaccine is circulating in the body and it finds it after a while. Once the virus is found by the immune system, it disappears quickly.

However, there is ample evidence that vaccinated individuals are also involved in the spread of delta corona; Even if this role is less than unvaccinated people. That is why after vaccination, people should wear masks indoors and follow hygienic procedures. Individuals may be safe if they do not follow health guidelines; But families, neighbors, and co-workers are at risk. These people may have weakened immune systems and the transfer of coronary delta to them will have irreparable consequences.

3. Rapid expansion of the Delta Corona

The rapid transmission of the corona delta virus mutation has reduced security in an almost vaccinated community. A country that has not yet been fully vaccinated should take steps to prevent the virus from spreading. Otherwise, the corona could be as dangerous as its original version in an unvaccinated country. In fact, even with 90% vaccination, the virus may get worse.

It can be said that the delta leap has turned back time and safe societies are in danger again. For this reason, it is not enough to fight the delta mutation with a vaccine alone, and it is also important to follow health records. Vaccines are the best method of personal care; But to take care of the community, you still have to wear a mask and keep a social distance.

What steps are needed to end the corona?

Vaccine to end the coronavirus

There are several elements that can work together to end a pandemic:

1. vaccine

It is necessary and possible to improve the available vaccines. Vaccines should focus on fighting new mutations. Research shows that the use of biomaterials and oxygen can improve vaccine injections and increase immunity.

Cultivating and encouraging vaccination is on the other side of the story. People should be wary of various rumors about the corona vaccine, including rumors of death from the corona vaccine. Vaccines are our best bet against this virus.

2. Preventive drugs

An important part of disease control is a cheap and long-acting drug for prevention. These types of drugs attack the virus before it starts working and prevent it from being transmitted. Corona arbitration also needs to be safe for all to use for all people at risk. This type of preventive medicine is used to fight the flu and has been able to prevent the transmission of the virus between close people in 80% of cases. Of course, these drugs do not currently exist and need to be an important priority for pharmacists around the world.

3. Disease control laws

Unfortunately, experience shows that vaccines and drugs alone are not enough to stop the virus. All countries must do their part to provide public health facilities. The most important factors in controlling Covid 19 are identifying infected people and quarantining them. This prevents the transmission of the virus and removes people who have been infected or exposed to the virus from the population.

4. Actions of each country

Many countries in the world have not made people’s health a priority. In these countries, less than 2% of the budget is allocated to health care and the result is quite visible. Wealthy countries cannot interfere in the actions of other countries; But in infectious diseases, the infection of one person can mean the infection of everyone.

Future predictions

According to the World Health Organization, we can achieve comprehensive safety only if 90% of the world’s population is vaccinated. This statistic is unlikely, and it is mathematically impossible with existing vaccines. It can be said that the complete destruction of Corona does not come true. In return, the epidemic ends when almost everyone is safe. Preferably this immunity will be due to the vaccine; But it can also be caused by the corona virus.

In this case, the corona peaks stop and the incidence of the disease gradually decreases. Corona will be a native disease that stays with us forever, just like the common cold. At that time, the corona would not be as big a problem as it is now. Of course, not because it changes, but because it is new and other people are not vulnerable to it.

In the future, most people will be infected with the corona virus; But for people who do not have an immune deficiency, the disease will no longer be scary. Vaccinated people can be exposed to the virus, but do not become seriously ill. Even people who show symptoms will be able to recover.

Concluding remarks

The end of the corona epidemic with all its psychological and economic effects has become a dream for all members of society. In order to achieve this dream and achieve comprehensive safety, it is necessary for all people to be vaccinated and to follow the health procedures before the safety of the country is complete.

By wearing a mask, keeping a social distance, and washing your hands regularly, you can provide a safe community for vaccinated people. This will allow schools to reopen and you can even save someone’s life. Lack of public safety may lead to more mutations in the virus and further delay the return to normal life; So do your part in ending the epidemic.

what is your opinion? Do you think we are nearing the end of the coronavirus epidemic?

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When does the corona end? Examine experts' predictions about the end of this nightmare


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