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What will life be like after the age of 30? Personal experience of Joe Tochi, a graphic designer

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When we reach the age of 30, what is our attitude towards ourselves? What future do we envision? What is life like for us after the age of 30? For many, the age of 30 is the beginning of a period of maturity and reaching the perfection of life. For some, 30 years old may mean the end of a passionate period of youth. In this memo, we are talking about a person who has just turned 30 years old.

Joe Tochi, a 30-year-old graphic designer, talks about his attitudes and concerns at the age of 30: “When I thought about it, I mistaken 30 for old age. I thought girls were more worried about reaching this age than boys; But I realized that there is not much difference. For me, however, it was not a concern. The beginning of my 30th year of life was good for me. I think my life has just begun. There is still a lot to learn. There are many things I have to do. As you get older, you will experience more and your horizons will widen. “Now I know where I want to go in my job.”

30 years old and starting a career

“30 is an opportunity to use a decade of education and experience to advance our careers during this period,” Tochi said of his career goals for the decade. I want to do my best to earn more in this decade so that at the age of 40 I can achieve enough stability and financial savings. Also, in this decade, I want to progress in my job and become an expert in my work. “It not only increases my income, it also makes me an influential person.”

“In the previous decade, maybe money was not very important to me,” Tochi said of the role of money in the decade. However, as I get older, it has become more important. In an ideal world, I could only pursue painting for the rest of my life, but that means coping with money. This is unbearable for me. That’s why I do graphic design work. This is a job that provides me with a livelihood so that I can reach my heart’s desire. “Money can not buy you everything, but its absence can turn small troubles into big troubles.”

Differences between 30-year-olds and 20-year-olds

“In your 20s, you have a lot of fun and a fast pace of life,” says Joe Tochi, who compares his 30s to his 20s. At that time, we were constantly going out with friends and exploring. Now, however, everything is done with more calm and reflection. A decade ago, it was like riding an air train; Fun and with a whole lot of emotional ups and downs from the bitter experiences I learned from.

For example, when I was 20, I was constantly skiing and taking a lot of risks, but now that I am 30, I am more cautious. The pace and excitement of life decreases after the age of 30. “Starting in my 30s showed me that everything I did or did not do in the last decade brought me to where I am.”

30 years old and the decision to get married and start a family

Living after the age of 30 and deciding to get married and start a family

“Many ask me, ‘How come you are not married yet?’ Of course, I can ask them the same question! The fact is that I am ready to get married, but I have not yet found the right person for me; But life has not stopped because of this. I have a good job and I am going through my life. I met people in the last decade, but the deep connection that marriage requires did not form between us.

These days, many people prefer to look for their suitable partner in cyberspace; But I prefer to try older methods. I do not want to be fooled, but it is time to start a family. Many marriages fail; So there is no rush. I am one of those people who like to start a family. I like having children. I believe that what is left after us are these children. Our life is more than just working and paying bills. “It is difficult for me to marry without children.”

The 30s were not what I expected

“I think we can all agree that 30 is not what we expected it to be,” Tochi said, explaining the difference between expectations and what was really achieved in the early 30s. In the past, our parents formed a family in their 30s and had one or more children. However, today, few people go through such a path in the third decade of their lives.

As life and the modern world become more complex, 30 years should be called the second round of 20 years. We spend a large part of the previous decade studying and gaining experience, and we still need more work and effort in our early 30s. “The rhythm of life in today’s world is growing faster and more complex, which is why the fourth decade of our lives is different from our parents.”

30 years old and relationship with parents

Life after the age of 30 and relationship with parents

“Life after the age of 30 is full of watching your parents grow old and maybe soon become grandparents,” says Joe Tochi about his relationship with his parents after the age of 30. It’s a little weird that yesterday you saw them so young and vibrant that everyone is doing their best for you. Now, however, their lives are moving at a slower pace. I remember my sister constantly complaining about why my mother does such and such a thing, but now that she has become a mother herself, she does the same things. I think the previous generations were in recession in their 30s. “But not for our generation.”

30 years old and appreciating its achievements

“When I look at myself and compare my 30s to those around me, I’m satisfied,” says Tochi. I have done a lot of work and gained a lot of experience. Although I have not yet become an influential person in my career, it is time to reach this goal in my life after the age of 30. I am in good physical health and my family is doing well.

I know that everything can change in the blink of an eye; So I have to appreciate my current situation and try to achieve my goals for the next decade. I think I’m on the right track. Often people ignore the role of small habits in big successes because they expect to get results quickly. “Life is not a speed race, but a long marathon, and it must be run slowly and steadily.”

30 years and the horizons ahead

Life after the age of 30 and the horizons ahead

“I’m looking for something, but I do not know exactly what it is,” Tochi says of goals that are not yet clear to him. There are still vague points in my life. It seems that something is missing. For me, it probably means starting a family. Maybe something different for everyone. In addition to starting a family, I want to leave something to myself. A work of art that people look at and say was created by Tochi. However, your life is never free of problems and troubles. We are not going to drown in trying to solve these problems. “An important aspect of life after the age of 30 is the ability to solve problems better.”

Tell us about life after the age of 30

If you are in your fourth decade of life, tell us about your experiences. What is life like for you after the age of 30? What are your expectations from this decade and what are you looking for?




What will life be like after the age of 30? Personal experience of Joe Tochi, a graphic designer

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