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What should we say in response to expressing interest? Our suggested solutions and sentences to you

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Saying “I love you” is a big step in a relationship. If someone says that to you, you should take it seriously. Whether you love that person or not, you have to respond to this expression of interest in the right way. The important thing is what to say in response to expressing interest that is appropriate; That is, how do we behave if we feel the same way, express our love, and if we do not really feel that way, do not hope for something that does not exist. Let’s see what we should do when others express interest in us.

Step 1: Choose the right answer

First of all, the answer you give must be correct. Think about how you feel about that person. Do you like him too? Do you just enjoy spending time with him? Do you even imagine a future with him?

1. Think about your feelings

Saying “I love you” is a turning point in a relationship that shows that the person has strong feelings for the other person. When a person decides that the time has come to express interest and says to someone that he or she loves you, that is, he or she wants to know exactly how he or she feels and whether or not that feeling is reciprocated; So, if someone tells you they love you, whether you like them or not, you need to let them know so you can decide how you’s going to get on with it.

When someone expresses interest in us, three things happen:

  • You love him too (white);
  • You do not think you can ever fall in love with her (black);
  • You are not sure about his feelings (gray).

2. Only say I love you when you really mean it

If you are ready to say this, now is the time to tell him you love him too. All you have to do is express your feelings for him with a variety of romantic sentences (do not worry, at the end of the article we have given sample sentences that you can get ideas from if something does not come to your mind). If you feel you can not have a romantic relationship with him, it may be time to let him know so that you can both go your own way.

The main problem is the third case, when you really like that person, but you are not sure if you can love him or not. You do not know what to say to keep the relationship going to see if over time these feelings go beyond simple love. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. If you are not ready yet, be honest. Even if you fall in love with it later, saying it again before finding the feeling is a lie, and lying in any form is problematic in a relationship.

3. Do not use vague and complicated sentences

When you are not ready to express mutual interest, say so openly. Speak very simply and directly. You do not need to use vague and complicated sentences. It is the right of the person to know exactly what state you are in; You love it, you can not love it, or you are still not sure. Remember that being outspoken and outspoken does not mean being rude or misbehaving. Tell him your feelings politely and do not ignore his feelings. Respectfully respond to express your interest in your personality.

For example, when you want to deny her love, say:

  • I’m sorry, you are a good person and thank you for sharing your feelings with me, but I do not have that feeling for you.

If you are unsure and not ready to say this, say it like this:

  • Sorry, I’m not ready to tell you I love you yet;
  • I’m glad you feel that way. I’m not sure yet. We want to be together a little more and get to know each other.

With these sentences, the person realizes exactly that you have rejected his love or that you need time.

4. Tell the person you value him

Whether you love the other person or not, tell him you value him. Describe his positive qualities and say that these qualities are valuable to you. Think about which aspect of his personality you like and what makes you spend time with him. Focus on answering them. You can say this:

  • You are very important to me. You are kind and intelligent, funny. I love spending time with you. I love you too.

But if you do not feel this way, say it like this:

  • Thank you for this feeling. I enjoy spending time with you. Honestly, you are a very good listener and you can be hurt. But you know what, I’m not sure I feel like love.

tip: This is true of people with whom you have a relationship, such as a co-worker, classmate, or close friend whose strengths you know. Not someone you do not know and who has been watching you from afar and now tells you that he loves you! Responding to such expressions of interest is quite different.

Step 2: React to the situation

It is normal for a person to feel upset or embarrassed after expressing interest and not hearing a positive response

At this stage, you should react appropriately to the situation created after expressing interest. If yes, do something to keep that fun moment you both enjoy, for example:

  • Do we agree to go for a walk?
  • Let’s go see the movie, what do you think?

But if you really do not have time at that moment, be sure to express your feelings and set a time for this and say:

  • Sorry, I have to go now. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. OK?

But if you did not answer yes…

1. Expect frustration, embarrassment, or unhappiness

When rejecting a person’s interest or asking for time, expect him to be disappointed. He may even be embarrassed. This is perfectly normal. On this account, it is good to sympathize with him. However, never let this situation put you under pressure and say something that is not from the bottom of your heart because of his discomfort. Do not feel guilty about expressing your feelings honestly. Instead, try to leave him alone for a few minutes. Say it like this:

  • I think you did not expect it, I’m sorry. If you would like to be alone for a few minutes, I can go and talk to you later.

tip: Never apologize for speaking honestly and expressing your true feelings, even if he was so upset that he cried. This only makes things worse. tell her:

  • I’m not going anywhere unless you want to go. I said I would like to spend time together.

2. Beware of violent reactions such as anger

It is normal for someone to feel upset or frustrated or even embarrassed after receiving a reciprocal response from you. However, it is not normal at all to respond angrily. If a person starts yelling or throwing something and breaks or physically attacks you, leave immediately and stay away from that person altogether.

If you are alone with him and you feel threatened and think you can not escape, call the police or social emergency. These behaviors are quite risky and warn that this person, at best, will mistreat you later or at worst has no mental health at all.

3. Accept that everyone is moving at a different pace in a relationship

When someone expresses love to you, there is no reason for you to do the same. It is natural for people to have different speeds in falling in love. Just because you do not love him at that moment does not mean that you can not love him later; You just need more time.

Some people fall in love at first sight, others find this feeling after a few months of dating. Maybe your opponent is completely ready to express love after 3 months; But you will be ready in 4 or 5 months. If you do not already have this feeling, give yourself time and do not say “I love you” until you are really ready.

tip: You may never find the same feeling he has for you. Respect your true feelings and do not continue the relationship. In such a situation, maybe this relationship has really come to an end and you should think about ending the relationship.

Sample sentences in response to expressing interest

These sentences are just to give you an idea and you can use them to create your own sentences or combine them.

1. If you love him too

  • You are the best thing in my life;
  • I love you so much more;
  • I love you unconditionally;
  • Your smile is my most valuable asset in the world;
  • I can not imagine life without you by my side;
  • My heart is filled with joy when you say I love you;
  • You are my beginning and my end. You are everything to me and I love you;
  • You do not know how happy I was to say this sentence;
  • I love you too and I want to be with you always;
  • You live in the sun and give light and warmth to my heart;
  • If this were a dream, I would rather never wake up;
  • The world becomes a more beautiful place with you. I’m glad you did;
  • You are the embodiment of what I have always wanted;
  • There is nothing more beautiful than hearing this sentence from you;
  • I love you too and I do everything to be with you;
  • You are the last piece of the puzzle of my life and you complete it. I love you;
  • I do not even want to think about what life would be like without you;
  • I love you. You are the only one who always puts a smile on my face;
  • You are so wonderful that I forget the words to express my love for you;
  • I love you more than anyone and I feel that words can not express the way I want to.

2. If you want to reject his love

  • I’m sorry, you are a valuable person, but I do not feel that way;
  • I like you, but I honestly do not feel romantic about you;
  • Thank you for feeling that way about me, but my feelings for you are like a friend, not love.

3. If you are not sure

  • Thank you for telling me how you feel. Honestly, I have to think;
  • I really need time to think more about our relationship;
  • I care about you too, but I need time to decide if my feelings are as strong as yours;
  • This is a very important decision and I am not ready yet. Maybe time will make me feel this way. To be honest, I still do not feel this way.

You say

Imagine yourself in a situation where you have expressed interest in someone and they say it takes time. What is your reaction to this behavior? Will you neglect him and leave him or will you give him time? If you have an experience of expressing interest in the other party and would like to share it with us, please write to us in the “Send Comment” section.





What should we say in response to expressing interest? Our suggested solutions and sentences to you

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