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What makes a good day?

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Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. We eat a regular breakfast (and often do not) and get out of the house while feeling lethargic at work or school. This situation continues until the end of the day, because it is clear from the beginning of the morning how we will spend the day. This time and in the continuation of the poll process How about an Instagram page, We asked you what makes you start a good day. This article is the result of your answers and review of various sources in this field.

1. Thanksgiving; Communicate with the whole universe

Thanksgiving is one of the best things we can do at the beginning of the day. If we are thankful for what we have and for all that God has given us, we will subconsciously send positive energy to the universe, and that energy will return to us. Words that show appreciation have a lot of energy. 22% of users’ views were devoted to morning miracles.

Marcus Aurelius (one of the great philosophers) says:

When you wake up in the morning, think about what a valuable gift it is to be alive to breathe, to think, to be happy and to love.

How to give thanks?

There are no hard and fast rules for doing this: we can be thankful for the positive aspects of our lives in every way. Even saying a short sentence like “Thank God” or saying a few words to give thanks for health, good weather, having a roof over our head, family, good job or anything else can be effective. Thank God for what you have for at least 5 minutes every morning.

“Every morning we are born again. “What we are doing today is the only thing that matters.”

Many people wake up early in the morning to pray and worship. If you are not a worshiper, pray in your own language. If not, do some yoga or meditation, or at least think about your goals and the day ahead. Just sit quietly and take a deep breath.

Part of a user view called “Nikta Irani” was as follows:

… If we wake up every morning, thankful that we are alive and breathing, we will start the day well… If we take a piece of paper and write down what we have on that list, it will be so much that we will be surprised; From our hair to the fridge where we have something to eat…

Another user named “Ali” said:

Prayer, thanksgiving, living and enjoying the present.

“Blessed,” he said.

Thank God he gave us another day.

۲. Sleep the night before; Thinking that tomorrow is a better day

The effect that sleeping the night before has on our energy and well-being tomorrow morning is undeniable. The quality of sleep the night before can affect our productivity and performance throughout the day. In addition to mood, sleep is associated with brain function, including concentration, productivity, and cognition. According to 17% of users, good sleep helps us to have a better mood and more energy, better focus on our work and be refreshed in the morning.

A user named “Maryam” said:

Think calm the night before and sleep well

And “Mehr Kazemi” also said:

A deep night’s sleep, albeit a short one, that energizes the body, followed by a full breakfast, early in the morning, and the belief that today is better than yesterday.

How can we sleep better?

There are many ways to sleep better, of which we will suffice with a few short suggestions:

  • Have a regular sleep schedule and routine;
  • Reduce caffeine intake throughout the day and avoid drinking tea and coffee 4 to 6 hours before bedtime;
  • Do not smoke near bedtime;
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages or heavy foods;
  • Keep electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets out of bed;
  • Minimize ambient light, noise and heat.

3. Purposeful planning; View from the road ahead

Purposeful planning to start a good day

Planning is one of the most important things you can do to make each day better than the day before. Of course, you can plan in the morning, but it is much better if you do it the night before and in peace. 16% of users also consider programming to be an important factor.

According to Lily:

Writing down your goals for the next day before going to bed will help you wake up energized.

How to plan?

Write tomorrow’s schedule every night before bed. It does not take much time for you. Of course, this does not mean scheduling all the hours of tomorrow. Just write down two or three important things that need to be done. The more limited your list, the more you will stick to it. Do not include any trivial tasks in your schedule, as seeing such a long list will destroy your motivation.

Set your list realistically. Write down the tasks that should be done before noon in one section and the tasks that should be postponed to the end of the day and even before going to bed in another section. In this way, your goal is determined at each time interval of a few hours. By doing this, you can manage your time and as “Ali Farzaneh” said:

Having a goal and motivation to achieve that goal makes a person start his day with enough energy, and this great start, in my opinion, makes us have a good day.

4. positive thinking; Smile at the beauties around us

There is nothing better than starting our day by smiling and thinking positively. Smiling releases dopamine and endorphins, two important neurotransmitters that play a role in feeling good. Smiling also increases serotonin and improves mood. 13% of our users also believed that positive thinking can give them a good day. A user named “hamd_moto” said:

“I’m getting better and better every day,” said Emile Coe. For 3 years now, when I wake up, this phrase automatically comes to my tongue and I am full of energy to start my day.

And another user named “hello_sun_2019” suggested inner peace:

Having a goal and motivation… and being free from any framework and being able to be yourself and, most importantly, be comfortable with yourself. self relaxation…

What are the ways to positive thinking?

Start your day with happy things. Avoid listening to news about events or reading them in the newspaper early in the morning. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis, including motivational websites, blogs, or podcasts. You can even repeat motivational sentences with yourself (preferably aloud). For example, this sentence from “Dalai Lama” is excellent:

Today I had the chance to be alive. My life is precious and I do not want to waste it.

One of the most interesting ways to think positively and positively is to look at beautiful things; From flowers and paintings to the faces of parents or spouses and children. Look at them for a moment and admire their beauty. You can even listen to the sound of rain or watch the sun shine on objects. You will subconsciously receive positive energy from them and your mind will quickly be filled with positive thoughts. According to a user named “Mohammad”:

Let us believe in the universe that we have a good day. Be a positive thinker.

Another way is to get rid of negative thoughts about yourself. We all think about events and situations around us. Researchers say that 60,000 thoughts invade our brains every day! Do you know how boring these thoughts are? Negative thoughts Quickly get rid of any useless thoughts that pass through your brain and do not let them affect you.

5. Good breakfast; Energy boost factor by the end of the day

Good breakfast to start a good day

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. Because metabolism is better done in the morning, the body can better convert calories into energy. Studies have shown that eating heavy meals in the last hours of the day is associated with weight gain and high cholesterol. 11% of our users also believed that a good breakfast can keep the body energized at the right level until the end of the day. So, instead of checking out the Instagram feed, go to the kitchen and get a great meal for your stomach!

What foods should be included in breakfast?

A complete breakfast should include protein, whole grains and healthy fats. By doing this, you will feel less hungry during the day, you will concentrate better and you will have more energy. However, the choice of food is up to you. For example, “Mahsa” described breakfast as follows:

Exercise in the club and eat a delicious omelet with fresh Sangak bread and vegetables and tea.

6. Sport; An important factor of vitality in the morning

It is true that you can exercise during the day, but morning exercise has special benefits for the body. Morning exercise can relax the muscles after a good night’s sleep and increase blood flow to the muscles. Exercise also releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins help reduce pain and increase the body’s own internal sedatives, and by reducing stress hormones, they make us more in control of what we do during the day.

What sports are better?

You do not need to tie yourself. You should definitely not do heavy exercise. About 10 to 15 minutes of stretching is enough. As 8% of users mentioned, walking, jogging and walking in the sun also increase energy and vitality. You can walk to work or school. You can use yoga movements to increase speed and increase the processing power of the mind. A user named “Fatemeh Zahra” also considers yoga as one of the factors to start a good day:

I get up at six in the morning, do some yoga and run, take a shower, eat breakfast, read a book, then go to work.

“Ali” also suggested stretching movements:

A few stretches and a good breakfast and high confidence, to start another working day, to reach the goal.

Tip: If you plan to do heavier workouts, warm up first. Otherwise, you will feel tired all day.

7. Music; A way to stimulate the mind

Music to start a good day

There is nothing better than music to stimulate the mind in the morning. Listening to happy music, especially with exercise, can help boost your body’s energy. As 6% of users said, good music can prepare them for the day ahead.

What to listen to?

This is a matter of taste, but surely everyone knows that happy and energetic music is more effective. Of course, you can use inspirational and motivational podcasts instead of music. Always have a playlist of happy music and use it in the morning. According to Mary:

Take a deep breath on the balcony and then plan for Rosette and listen to a cheerful and energetic song.

8. Take a shower; The miracle of immersion

Many people, especially working people, postpone showering to bedtime. This is a good habit, but there is no reason not to take a shower for a few minutes in the morning. According to 3% of users, taking a shower in the morning is fun. By doing this, our body’s circulatory system is regulated and we feel refreshed. If you can not take a shower, you can just wash the towel. After washing your face, spray a little cold water on your face.

9. Study; A way to start an exciting day

Although it is often recommended to study at night and before bed, reading can be a good way to start a good and motivating day. For example, reading short sentences or a few paragraphs from a book or motivational article can make us more determined in our goals. Some motivational blogs publish content that a few minutes of reading can inspire you to face the day ahead. 3% of users had the same opinion. A user named “arshailia” suggested “early morning in the sun, having tea and reading a book”.

We end this article with an interesting and beautiful view of “Star Lady”:

As soon as you open your eyes, close them again and take a few deep breaths and say: Thank God I am alive today; My eyes see the sun again, thank God; Today is a great day, thank God; Thank God you gave me the good news and great things happened. The whole day should start and end with Thanksgiving. Positive phrases are also very effective.


What makes a good day?

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