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What is Yellow Psychology? How to distinguish the psychological advice of the original from the counterfeit

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What is Yellow Psychology? Have you heard anything about him? If not, you should definitely join us to talk to you about this important issue. These days, people are paying more attention to psychology, and the number of people who talk to counselors for counseling and sharing their psychological problems has also increased. this is good; Better than good. However, it must be admitted that sometimes we deviate from the right path of some things. This is where we need to know the difference between originality and atmosphere and propaganda. Yellow psychology is also a broad term used to refer to therapies and theories in the field of psychology that have become popular because of television programs, books, or content in cyberspace. We will tell you about it in this article.

What is yellow psychology and what does it mean?

Yellow psychology approaches often to Suggest quick solutions to important and difficult problems They end. These methods are not normally endorsed by research and the scientific community; But they attract ordinary people. Those who are looking for a good mood, to achieve this goal, welcome yellow psychology.

Yellow psychology is also going on in Iran. You’ve probably come across various classes or content on psychology that offer quick, capsular solutions to complex problems. If we want to give you a more accurate example, we have to refer to personality tests; Tests, some of which have no scientific basis, and with four funny and meaningless questions tell you what kind of personality you have! These are examples of yellow psychology.

It is important to know that characters such as Dr. Phil McGrow or Oprah Winfery are among those who have contributed to the spread of yellow psychology. In the following, we want to tell the history of this type of psychology and its types. We need to know that relying on weak seedlings of this type of psychology is not very beneficial. Are you with us?

Know the history of yellow psychology

The history of this style of psychology dates back to the 17th century. Ever since philosophers like Descartes and John Locke used their knowledge of human nature to prove what is now considered psychological theories. The spread of Freud’s theories (dream interpretation) on a large scale also increased the public interest in exploring the psyche and increased the firewood of popular psychology.

In 1960, another book was published that contributed to the popularity and development of yellow psychology: Escape from Freedom, written by Erich Fromm. This book was published after the Second World War and was the first book at that time to talk about yoga and Eastern religions, and of course about our need for freedom. Other books appeared in the 1970s; For example, a book by Thomas Harris called “I Am Good, You Are Good” was published.

Later, in 1980, a work entitled “Martian Men, Venusian Women” by John Gray was released, which gained worldwide fame. If you are a book lover or at least look at the titles of books in bookstores or even streetside facilities, you must have seen this book among their books. In recent years, attention to such works from the world of popular psychology has increased. However, theories and methods of psychology need a stronger and more scientific foundation to solve problems.

What are the symptoms of the effects of yellow psychology?

Dr. Phil McGraw, one of the main defendants in the promotion of yellow psychology

Perhaps by reading the article so far, you have felt the category of psychological works that the content you are reading and following is in? In order to be able to make a correct diagnosis in this field, we tell you about the signs of the yellow and popular effects of psychology:

  • Yellow content typically offers solutions that are too dreamy and look good. Sometimes the methods are so bad and unusable that it can be understood that there is no scientific basis. Yellow psychology is based on baseless professions and has no scientific justification or interpretation.
  • In most of the yellow works, the author who claims to have provided a solution has not had a single case of successful clients and has needed his solutions in practice.
  • The content presented in the yellow books is not supported by any scientific database and there is no proof for them.

What are the types of yellow psychology?

To better understand popular psychology and diagnose yellow psychology, take a look at its types:

  • Popular psychology in the form of a blog: People with no specialization in psychology produce content in this area.
  • Internet applications: Remember that many Internet programs seek to increase traffic, and the professions that deal with psychology have no scientific basis or offer unprofessional solutions.
  • Tutorial books: Self-help books can also be full of useless advice that has no scientific basis in order to sell more. Content courses that are also sold online also have these features.
  • TV talk shows or podcasts: These programs, in order to attract the audience, offer capsular solutions by demagogic psychologists. In some of these programs, which are presented in the form of podcasts or Internet programs, non-experts give expert opinions.

Important tips on popular psychology

It is a good idea to read books about the psyche and try to discover ways to live a better life. Studying in this field makes life better, improves relationships, and makes working life easier and more productive. However, sometimes the lack of scientific support for popular psychological advice can get people into trouble.

For example, people with serious mental health problems use unreasonable strategies to put themselves at risk. Pay attention to the following points in dealing with yellow psychology:

  • Consult with a qualified psychologist and counselor about general psychology advice. If you like the advice, share it with your counselor.
  • One of the problems with yellow psychology is that it has general recommendations for the general public. Such a thing is wrong and everyone has their own story. It is not possible to fight all diseases with one prescription.
  • Be careful when buying training packages, psychology courses and yellow content and be careful not to fall into the trap of opportunists. Sometimes the cost of offering classes and selling psychology courses is very expensive.
  • If you like content that you think is popular, there is no problem. Sometimes there are good professions among the professions and recommendations of popular psychology. However, irrationally and blindly, do not accept anything and try to find a suitable scientific and logical root for the popular advice that you think is practical. Always combine the good advice of yellow psychology with scientific and therapeutic methods.

What are the main disadvantages of yellow psychology?

Paying attention to mental health is an important issue. It is great for different people to learn to go to study to solve their mental problems. However, yellow content should not fall into the well. Among the disadvantages of popular psychology:

1. Misleading

The ideas or theories put forward in yellow psychology are in some cases obsolete and obsolete. Look for new and fresh content.

2. Contradictory

The general rules and regulations issued by Yellow Psychology are sometimes specific to a particular religion or culture and are not applicable to all religions and cultures; For example, the advice that applies to the Western world may not be very acceptable in Eastern societies.

3. Profitability

Many psychology courses are commercial and are designed solely for the profitability of their manufacturer. Their goal is not to help people, but to fill the pockets of profiteers who want to exploit people’s desire for awareness.

4. Temporary placebo effects

What is the effect of a placebo? A placebo is usually used to test the effects of a particular drug or treatment on people and has no real medicinal properties. The same is true of yellow psychology; that is, you are taking a drug that has only the appearance of a drug and, in fact, has no effect. Why? ‌ Because the solutions are temporary and unscientific.

5. Publication from non-scientific sources

Expert psychologists publish their work in the field of psychiatry in prestigious scientific journals in the form of articles. But yellow psychologists are publishing books for profit. There is no valid scientific basis for popular psychology works.

6. Keeping people away from real treatment

Some problems are not solved by the simplistic recommendations of yellow psychology; For example, a person with an eating disorder must go to a specialist psychologist and recover with treatment sessions and medications. The use of encapsulated and temporary solutions of popular psychology can not solve serious problems of people and therefore, in some cases, it is very dangerous to resort to it.

at the end

Yellow psychology is also common in Iran. A lot of books that want to solve various problems in a few minutes and with a few definite solutions can be seen in bookstores and websites. Of course, we must not be unfair and know that sometimes such advice from psychological content can also ignite a spark of hope and change in the audience. However, the listener and the reader must be wise and consciously accept the advice.

It must be acknowledged that in order to achieve peace of mind in various fields, to live happier and to have a productive life requires effort. Listen to simple and general solutions, but also look at their roots and correctness, and by personalizing them for your situation, see if a solution can be used in your hand or not.

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Have you read anything from popular psychology books? Remember the popular yellow psychology advice? Let us know.

Warning! This article is for educational purposes only and you need to consult a doctor or specialist to use it. more information





What is Yellow Psychology? How to distinguish the psychological advice of the original from the counterfeit

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