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What is the role of human beings in future jobs?

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Unemployment is the main concern of the next generation. The rise of technology has replaced artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and many modern sciences. This has a disturbing meaning: in the future, we will face a crowded community of professionals for whom there is nothing to do. According to Stanford University professor Jerry Kaplan, it will not be long before there will be no more job advertisements for humans. How true is this hypothesis?

Will machines surround future jobs?

This concern may be somewhat reasonable. Scientists’ dreams of artificial intelligence are coming true at an astonishing rate. The world is moving at the speed of light and it is natural if you sometimes think you are living in a Hollywood fantasy movie. Artificial intelligence is now able to do the same as X-ray and MRI results. R. Easily interpret the heart. You no longer need a brokerage to enter the stock market. Artificial intelligence can guide you like an experienced businessman.

Of course, these are only a small part of the influence Future technologies To jobs. The shadow of technology is increasing day by day on jobs and all aspects of human life. Artificial intelligence will soon be found in every job, profession and industry around the world.

You may now ask yourself:

  • How will human beings make a living in the future, when machines are cheaper, faster and smarter than us?
  • What will we do when the machines do everything? Or what will remain for man in the future?
  • Robots do not go on vacation, do not get tired or sick, do not chat with each other and have a great workforce; So how does the future man make a living?
Maybe now when to Future jobs Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

A vision of the future واق research based on reality

We may have explained a view so far that is somewhat acceptable, but the future of research has a different view. The future perspective of the research is completely different and optimistic and based on reality. Future research has a different interpretation of how human beings change and evolve. Future’s research on future jobs is based on the following principles:

Future jobs are changing

Few people today work in these occupations: those who travel long distances to get the message across, electricity or computer operators (what software does today), travel agencies, bank employees, elevator operators, or secretaries. Nevertheless, these were all jobs that used to employ thousands of people in the past.

Today’s jobs are exhausting and tedious

Right now, millions of people around the world are doing things they hate; Things that are probably boring, full of pollution or dangerous. Instead of trying to keep people in these jobs, shouldn’t we provide conditions for future jobs to be satisfying and profitable? It is true that machines are more efficient than humans, but there are always things that only humans can do:

  • Can a machine (either software or hardware) build itself and market it for sale?
  • Can the car sell and deliver itself? Does the car feed and clean on its own?
  • Most importantly, can the machine do the maintenance itself?
The truth is that machines are just tools, and any other idea about them fits into the realm of science fiction. This means that future jobs need people.

Human imagination and ingenuity shape future jobs

It may be a little unexpected, but the greatest human ability is curiosity. We like to understand what is going on around us. We want to know how everything works and what it means. After all, we are always looking to improve processes; For example, we would like to find a way for electronic devices to work better and become more advanced.

In the age of intelligent machines, man still wants to discover and build more. This means researching and gaining more knowledge indefinitely; Research that human resources will be at the forefront of in the future.

Future jobs are more beautiful thanks to technology

Modern societies are not yet complete in many parts. Please answer these questions honestly:

  • Are city vehicles and even the planes you board safe completely safe?
  • In the human position, do you provide complete medical care?
  • Does investing and saving always make sense?
  • Are you sure you have insurance and a safe place to live and work?
  • Is the method of educating your children completely correct?

Unfortunately, of course not! Today, technology is on the fringes of many aspects of human work and life. It will not be long before technology is at the forefront of all future jobs and controls them. This process greatly enhances the services and experiences we seek. In addition, it gives us more time to deal with important issues or other aspects of life.

As problematic as technology is, it is also problematic!

Artificial intelligence may be able to solve many problems, but there is always another problem that one needs to solve. In fact, with Online business development With the goal of making it intelligent and the growth of robots and machines, the work of the future man grows and multiplies in parallel.

Future jobs will change and many jobs will be lost; But human beings must try to cope with the disappearance of what they dominated.


Naturally, it is difficult to adapt to jobs that you do not master. Disturbing developments are what the future of work creates for all of us. Of course, change is never easy; But the world without work is an imaginary one that never comes true. Work has always existed since the creation of mankind. In the future, work will continue to be at the core of our identity, nature, dreams and realities; But it will not necessarily be what we do now or master.

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What is the role of human beings in future jobs?

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