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What is the meaning of quarantine? ‌ How to quarantine ourselves?

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We hear a lot these days that we should stay home and not get out of it as much as possible. Social distance and staying home are essential to breaking the chain of Covid 19 disease; But what exactly does quarantine mean? How should we quarantine ourselves at home if we or those around us are infected with the corona virus or have mild symptoms? In this article, we will talk about what quarantine is and how to quarantine patients or people suspected of having the disease at home. be with us.

Home quarantine is a difficult task. Cutting off contact with others and even close family members for at least two weeks is not something one likes; But we must take responsibility and know that in this way, we save our lives and the lives of our loved ones. If we have symptoms of Covid disease or have recently been in contact with an infected person, we should quarantine at home immediately.

How to quarantine yourself at home?

You might say that all of us who are currently housewives; But what if one of us has symptoms of the disease or has just been in contact with a person with coronary heart disease?

  • The first step is separation. We need to cut off communication with other family members. One of the rooms in the house should only be available to us. If possible, the bathroom and toilet should be separated; We should not even pet our pet; Because it is possible for the disease to be transmitted to family members (pets and coronas). We should not leave the room under any circumstances. If we have a job, we have to leave it to a family member to take care of us.
  • If we want to go there after consulting with a doctor or medical center, we have to wear a mask (use a mask to fight the corona). Everyone around us should wear a mask. If we do not have access to a mask, we can use handmade or fabric masks. However, any emergency exit from the quarantine room must be accompanied by a mask. Also, if a member of the household enters the quarantine room to look after us, we should both wear masks and gloves. Once you’re done, stop using these masks and gloves and throw them in the trash can.
  • When coughing or sneezing, we should cover our mouth or nose or both with a tissue or hand; Even if no one is in the room, we should do so. Then throw the handkerchief in the bin and wash your hands immediately with soap and water for 20 seconds or disinfect them with medical alcohol. If we do not have a cough or sneeze, we still need to wash our hands regularly (the correct way to wash our hands) and be careful not to touch our face.
  • Our equipment must be detached. Food containers, glasses, cosmetics, telephones, computer or laptop keyboards, bedside tables, bedding, and pillows should all be washed or disinfected after use. Whatever device we use should not be used by other household members or should be thoroughly washed or disinfected before use.
  • Other family members can go to work; But they also have to buy food and medicine and do other household chores. In such a situation, other people should be more careful. They should check our health regularly and, if the symptoms of the disease worsen, be sure to inform the medical centers.
  • If one of our household members has an underlying illness or is elderly, it is best to minimize contact. It is best for a younger, healthier family member to take care of us, or if that is not possible, keep our contact with a sick or elderly family member to a minimum. If for any reason no one can take care of us, we should raise the matter with the medical centers. In some parts of the country, institutions such as the military have set up centers to quarantine suspects or care for the mildly ill.
  • Other family members should also check their health status and, if they notice any of the symptoms of coronary heart disease, contact medical centers immediately for guidance on what to do next.

Home quarantine is hard for all of us, and even harder, to separate ourselves from others at home. This puts a lot of psychological and economic pressure on us. After all, this is what we need to do to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and prevent coronary heart disease. In this way, we can hope and rejoice in the empathy and cooperation of others.

Warning! This article is for educational purposes only and you should consult your doctor or specialist to use it. more information




What is the meaning of quarantine? ‌ How to quarantine ourselves?

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