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What is the color of 2022? What are the most popular colors in interior decoration?

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As the New Year approaches, despite all the concerns and plans of the people of the world, there is always an interesting issue: the color of the year. What is the color of this year, ie the color of 2022? Would you like to know the color of 2022 and know what range of colors will be used more for interior decoration in the new year?

What color is 2022?

Would you like to know the color of the year? Do you want to use the opinion of designers and interior design experts for home decoration? The interesting idea is that if you are hesitant and confused about choosing colors, get help from the color cycle. See what the primary colors are, what the complementary colors are, and what colors together or in contrast create a more attractive image and view.

Do not worry if you do not have the patience or the ability to do this on your own. The following are the suggestions of experts. You will achieve good results by reviewing the colors of 2022 for interior decoration.

1. In search of happiness and optimism; Use happy yellow

In the new year, you should go for happy colors. Put aside past nostalgias and seek diversity. Choosing happy and warm colors is a good idea. These days, when the world is a little better and the corona has saved us a little, we have to work harder to get better.

We must also reflect our good mood in our design. That’s a good idea, isn’t it? Use cheerful colors like Indian yellow next to smoky green. In the picture above, the predominant color of the space is Indian yellow and a strip of smoky green can be seen on the floor of the room.

۲. New and attractive combination; Pink and orange harmony

Color of 2022 - Combination of soft colors for 2022

The scale of the space is very important for choosing the color used in interior decoration. You are free to choose the color of houses and larger spaces, and you can go for a variety of color spectrums, but for smaller spaces you have to be more careful.

Choose three colors that are in harmony with each other and make these three colors the dominant color spectrum of the space, for example, ivory color along with yellow and streaks of kohl make a good combination. If the blue color has a metallic and shiny state, it will be even better.

Light pink, ninety, and tones of pale orange go well together (see image above). Gentle colors together create a relaxing and of course magnificent combination. We suggest another soothing combination: ‌ Amber (a combination of orange and light yellow), pastel purple and light green. Do you like this combination?

3. Color of 2022 in orange and green spectrums

Color of 2022 in interior decoration design

The different shades of green and orange together create a soft, warm and attractive combination. Just choose a slightly different range of these two colors. What do you mean? That is, do not choose all the colors of the furniture and the environment from a specific color.

Go for light and bold oranges. Follow the same process when choosing green. Look at the cushions and curtains in the picture above. The order and harmony in this design has greatly refreshed and warmed the space. Do you like it?

4. Sweet salinity and hope; The importance of accompanying yellow and blue

Bold yellow - 2022 color

If you want to know what the color of 2022 is or what colors will be used more in interior decoration, get acquainted with the original yellow. What color is the other original yellow? It means a bold and cheerful color from the yellow spectrum.

In these tiring and boring years, the world wants to use colors that evoke passion and hope. That is why the transparent and shiny yellow color is not strange among the fashionable colors of the year.

Be sure to use yellow when choosing the color of the kitchen or other busy parts of the house such as the hall or the child’s room. The combination of yellow and blue is also a great idea. The juxtaposition of these two colors makes the space both stylish and happy, and special and different.

5. Strong presence of light and brightness; A journey from red / pink to orange / yellow

Yellow among the colors of 2022

Nothing in life is more important and beautiful than hope. Without hope the soul dies and we feel like we are breathing in a cage that will never have a way out. do you agree? Do you accept?

In the world of interior design, much attention has been paid to the category of hope for choosing the color of 2022. For example, spectrums of red and pink are seen among the suggested colors, which are placed next to colors of the spectrums of orange and yellow.

It is said that according to scientific research, colors affect our senses and mood. Apart from scientific research, we have felt the same way. You did not feel it?

Rooms with yellow colors and other cheerful colors can inspire a sense of optimism and happiness. The combination of yellow with colors from the charcoal and black families also works well.

6. Color of the year 2020; Green sludge expressed unspoken

Sludge green in the color list of 2022

The green color of the image above is called sludge green or maybe olive green. Do you have a better offer? However, this color of 2022 is also one of the interesting colors that can be used in the interior design of many spaces.

This green color provides a background for other colors to shine and appear. That is why we say that it is a platform for expressing the unspoken. If you use this color in the decoration and put other bright and bold colors next to it, you will create a balanced combination.

7. Colorful and energetic calm; Green and blue companionship

Color of the year 2022 - Green and blue of the year

It is said that green in space makes us feel better. This good and positive feeling increases when green sits next to blue. Different shades of blue, from sky blue to colors like lilac and violet, create attractive combinations alongside green.

These colors are soothing and seem to be good choices for the bedroom or hall. Light green and blue spectra can make small spaces appear wider. Green color gives energy and happiness to the space and at the same time creates a connection between us and nature.

Despite the green color in the house, it is as if we are connected to nature and the good feeling of this connection flows in our moments. Green is also a sign of balance. So the presence of color with all these perfections in the house and different spaces will have good results.

The combination of blue and green is soothing. Of course, green can also be placed next to a range of gray or yellow. The first combination is soothing and the second combination increases the heat and energy of the space.

8. Compatibility with different colors; Neutral and popular colors

Color of 2022 - Neutral colors among the trend colors of 2022

One of the most popular colors these days is the range of dark colors. These colors are widely used in kitchen space and create an attractive contrast with neutral colors.

Do you know what neutral colors mean? Colors such as white, beige, gray, ivory and earthy are called neutral. Of course, there are different opinions about neutral colors, but we think that with the colors we have mentioned, you have understood the meaning of this category of colors.

In fact, neutral colors are colors that are placed next to different spectrums of other colors and create a good combination. When choosing a color for 2022, you should also look at such options.

Neutral colors also have different color shades, for example, if they have a green or yellow tone, they fall into the category of warm neutral colors and give more light to the space. Another category of neutral colors is pink, purple and blue. These are colder.

9. Color of 2022; Blue with the world of peace

Color of the year 2022 - Blue as the color of the year

Blue has always had a special place in the world of interior design. It also has a lot of fans these days. This color is one of the designers’ suggestions for 2022 color. Different spectrums of blue create a relaxed atmosphere together. One of the charms of blue is that it is both soothing and energizing and joyful.

It is also a good idea to put blue from different shades or put it next to pastel colors such as lemon or pale pink. If you want to have a different combination of blue in your decoration, reddish brown (like the color of some earthenware jars) would also be a good choice.

10. Fresh design and color for the new year; Game Earthy and gray

Color of 2022 - khaki and caramel color

Caramel colors and a combination of gray and khaki can also be new and varied options for the new year. These colors give warmth to the space and are a good choice for spaces with low light.

This color can also satisfy our desire for nature. Gray and khaki colors also combine well with cheerful and warm colors.

۱۱. Melee of calm; All white

Color of 2022 - Soothing white color

This 2022 color proposal may not be to everyone’s liking. Why? Because most people, or maybe all of them, like white, but it is not everyone’s job to match it in the interior.

White both brightens low-light homes and makes open spaces more attractive and happy. White is reminiscent of purity and cleanliness. In addition to inducing calmness, this color can also give the space dynamism and mobility.

۱۲. Color of 2022; Coffee and discover the earthy charm

Color 2022 - Brown and gray for interior design

It seems that the color of brown and its various spectrums have been slightly neglected. This color can make any space very beautiful and spectacular. believe it! For example, putting together a range of coffees is a good idea: wood coffees, chocolate coffees, and lighter browns that tend to be purple.

Coffee can give a warm atmosphere to the environment. The combination of this color with smoky or gooey green, olive green and ocher yellow (brownish yellow) also creates an attractive harmony.

13. Mysterious charm; A combination of blue and black

Color of 2022 - Dark blue

Dark blue, which means a combination of blue and black, can also be your choice for the color of 2022 at home and other spaces. This color is not very bright, but it makes the space attractive and mysterious. If you put this dark blue next to white, the space will be open and light.

Choosing this color requires a little obsession and care. If the space is small, what will be the end result? What do you think? Do you like this color?

۱۴. Warmth and sweet mischief; Sunset pink

Color of 2022 - ‌ pink pus

Dirty pink or a special pink that you see in the sky at sunset is also an attractive color for interior decoration. This color can be in the category of neutral colors and it hides a lovely warmth and salinity.

Dirty pink can create an attractive combination with a variety of colors; For this reason, it is in the category of neutral colors. Think of putting this pink next to olive green, dark brown and burgundy red.

۱۵. Color of 2022; Liver red, pure and passionate

Color of 2022 - liver red

Liver red is also a pure color that can be the color of your home or office in 2022. It is a good idea to use this color along with wooden and leather accessories.

It is said that red can stimulate the appetite. Choosing it for the part of the house where you put the dining table may be an interesting idea, of course, if you do not want to lose weight and diet.

at the end

There are rules for choosing a color for any space, but it depends more on your taste. Finally you have to choose and like the color of your environment. The colors of the year and the suggestions of experts are just tips that will give you more ideas. Which of these colors that will become more popular in 2022, which one did you like the most? If you were to choose the color of 2022, what would be your decision?




What is the color of 2022? What are the most popular colors in interior decoration?

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