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What is self-criticism? Advantages, disadvantages and how to balance

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Many people claim to know how to criticize themselves, but in practice ignore it. If you are on the path to self-knowledge, self-criticism is the best start. Criticism of self-esteem affects self-esteem, and you can identify the weak patterns of your behavior and bring about self-improvement.

What is the difference between self-criticism and self-blame?

You have to keep in mind that self-criticism is very different from self-deprecation. To identify the differences between each, we begin with a brief definition.

In self-blame or self-deprecation, the person ruthlessly falls to the ground and gradually loses self-confidence. In blame, the inner and mental profession is a world of self-judgment, comparison, and contempt. You may say to yourself, “No, these are just jokes, and I love myself too!” Or think that your inner workings do not affect your personality.

You have to accept that your inner self is very important. In addition, it plays a very important role in determining the personality of your being and also in increasing your self-esteem. We all have a very unjust and cruel critic in mind. This critic is always talking about our shortcomings and shortcomings and easily compares us with others and ultimately creates negative feelings in us.

Develop your critic’s mind in such a way that it identifies only those mistakes and objections that distract you from achieving your goals or motivate you and destroy your will. Self-criticism, in addition to being harsh, must also be sincere and compassionate. Criticism of yourself should lead to progress and peace of mind.

You need to balance self-criticism with self-blame. Also, to build yourself, you just have to identify your mistakes and flaws and then try to correct them. If you can distinguish between self-criticism and self-blame, you will have many successes in life.
Do not forget to criticize yourself means to find your flaws and mistakes and then take action to correct them.

Self-criticism is the roadmap for making positive changes in life

Self-criticism is the roadmap for making positive changes in life

Have you tried many times to make positive and significant changes in your life? By criticizing and evaluating yourself, you can open your eyes to your problematic behaviors and become your best prescription by carefully and thoroughly examining them. Your own critique helps you achieve your goals and aspirations quickly.

Your thoughts have a profound effect on your feelings and behaviors. Your way of thinking has the power to become one Self-fulfilling prophecy Has.

Amy Morin, British psychologist and author

Method of auditing and analyzing wrong behaviors

If you can analyze your behaviors well, you can finally eliminate your own blame and self-doubt by correcting the wrong behaviors, and turn off your negative and blameful mind, and make room for your positive and compassionate critic. By doing this, you will eventually build a better life for yourself.

Consider the most successful companies. To assess their performance, these companies assess a necessary and accurate audit of their product specifications, sales over the past few months, criticisms, and customer needs, and with a thorough review of this audit, they realize their problems. The hierarchy that the company’s auditor spends on diagnosing and reviewing problems causes positive and specific changes in the company’s work process. This method always works best for companies.

You can also do this audit on your own. As a knowledgeable and positive-minded auditor, all you need to do is review your performance on a daily, monthly, or even annual basis, and write down all your behavioral and personality flaws accurately and with fair judgment. Then devise a roadmap to correct or eliminate these problems. We assure you that by doing this, you can easily make positive and constructive changes in your life.

This audit is a kind of critique of yourself that you do in order to correct your mistakes and become your best copy.

If you do critical auditing in your life, it will help you identify the wrong behaviors and behaviors that are ineffective in achieving your goals and design your success roadmap well and ultimately achieve success and a good life.

The benefits of self-criticism

The benefits of self-criticism

On the plus side, it eliminates unhealthy sugary foods from one’s diet. what does it mean? In life, you should be the first supporter, friend, companion, companion and even lover for yourself and build self-confidence in yourself every moment with positive thoughts and constructive, fair and logical criticisms. In addition, over time, increase your self-esteem to prove to everyone around you that you deserve the life you have right now and that you have achieved it yourself without anyone’s help.

We all sometimes have to look in the mirror to identify our behavioral deficiencies and honestly point out all our mistakes.

The importance of the place of thinking and reasoning

The majority of people live their lives in a way that leaves no room for thought or argument at all. This causes them to miss out on real opportunities. For example, most people complain about not having or lacking money in retirement, and instead of finding the root of the problem, they prefer to make life bitter for themselves and those around them with only negative thoughts. Believe me, identifying the root of this problem is not difficult at all.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. As the saying goes, your income and expenses should be the same. In order not to run out of money during your retirement, it is better to strengthen your financial intelligence from the first days of life and have good capital and savings for your retirement.

Self-criticism allows you to realize more of your inner potential.

If you start to analyze your behaviors in different areas, you can try with all your abilities and potential to build a better life and achieve more success than before. Believe that we are capable of doing anything more than we think. We humans can easily adapt to any environment and, over time, adapt to that environment, even in the face of adversity.

By taking a critical approach to yourself, in addition to raising awareness, you will get where you want to go faster.
  • The benefits of self-criticism

  • Increase motivation;
  • Increasing awareness;
  • Progress and success;
  • Making an ideal life;
  • Increase life expectancy;
  • Increase of internal potentials;
  • Identify behavioral deficiencies;
  • Build a positive mindset and critique;
  • Change your attitude towards life.
Do not forget that if you want to rule in the realm of your life, be sure to start self-knowledge. The first step to self-knowledge is self-criticism and major changes in our behaviors.

Disadvantages of self-criticism

Disadvantages of self-criticism

Excessive self-criticism and over-strictness towards yourself may create a negative mentality in you. As you know, negative thoughts can lead to depression and bad mood over time. You should not criticize yourself for making you feel worthless or lacking in self-confidence. As we have said, it is better to criticize yourself in a completely logical and at the same time compassionate way.

Excessive self-criticism may lead to a negative mindset.

How to balance when criticizing yourself

The best way to balance your criticism is to cultivate positive thinking and motivation. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. This does not mean that you are not realistic and only consider the positive aspects. We do not mean this. You need to give up negative thoughts and over-strictness in order to love yourself and increase your motivation and morale. Review all the details of your life. Express all your mistakes and behavioral flaws directly without feeling bad.

Ask your friends and family to comment on you. Ask them to have a constructive and logical critique of you. Then, by analyzing this issue and matching those criticisms with the criticisms you had about yourself, start correcting your behaviors and thus correcting your personality and achieving your dreams and goals. Note that your friends and family have a significant impact on your behaviors and personality. The more people around you improve and improve you, the better you will be day by day.

We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

ـ Jim Ron, American entrepreneur, writer, and motivational speaker

Do not forget that a constructive critique of yourself will make a fundamental change in your life and you can climb the ladder one after the other.

Concluding remarks

Self-criticism improves your quality of life and paves the way for success. If you criticize yourself in a balanced way, you can correct your behavioral flaws and mistakes and become the best person for yourself and those around you. Do not forget not to be too strict with yourself in this way and be sure to observe moderation. If you want to change your mood, gain self-awareness and gain better experiences in life, start criticizing yourself today.

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What is self-criticism? Advantages, disadvantages and how to balance

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