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What is Lambda Coronavirus? Are existing vaccines effective in combating it?

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The Lambda corona virus was reported by the World Health Organization in mid-June and attracted the attention of scientists. It has been 18 months since the coronavirus epidemic and the world is still struggling with the delta virus. Delta virus has snatched the lead from Corona Alpha in terms of transmissibility and ability to hospitalize non-vaccinated people! But what is coronavirus lambda? What effect does it have on the vaccine? In this article, we will answer these questions.

What is Lambda Coronavirus?

Lambda Corona (Landa) or C. 37 (C.37) is a mutated strain of the Covid virus 19. According to the World Health Organization on June 15 (June 25), lambda has been identified in 29 countries on 5 continents. The Landa virus is spreading rapidly in South America, especially Peru. About 81% of coronas in Peru have been infected with the Corona Landa virus since April.

On the other hand, the prevalence of Landa virus is increasing in Argentina. Since February, as well as April and May, the mutated virus has accounted for 37% of corona cases in the country. Meanwhile, the prevalence of lambda virus in Chile has risen to 32 percent in 60 days. The rate of spread of lambda virus is similar to that of delta virus and is not comparable to that of alpha at the same time.

According to Alireza Naji, director of the Virology Research Center ISNAGiven the prevalence of lambda virus in Iran’s neighboring countries (such as Turkey and Pakistan) and despite visits to these countries, the possibility should be considered that the lambda virus will reach Iran by autumn.

Is Lambda virus more dangerous?

In mid-June, the World Health Organization announced that the lambda virus had mutations with suspected phenotypic effects. These mutations include greater transmission ability and the possibility of resistance to neutralizing antibodies. The World Health Organization and other health organizations are working to gain a better understanding of the difference between the coronavirus and other viruses.

Due to specific mutations in the virus’ spike (crown) protein, there is currently little evidence on the extent of the effects of these genomic changes. Further research is needed to better understand countermeasures against the virus and control its spread.

It is important to note that the Corona Landa virus is still one step behind the alpha and delta mutations in order to be considered a worrying species. However, if the pathways to increase its transmission are proven, or if, for example, its intensity increases and somehow affects our actions against the virus (such as the corona vaccination program), the lambda corona virus can be considered a cause for concern.

Do vaccines work against the lambda virus?

Further research is needed to determine the effect of Landa Corona strain on vaccine efficacy; Especially on vaccines that are widely used in the world. A study was conducted at the University of Santiago de Chile on health workers who received two doses of the Chinese vaccine Cronavac or Sinovac. This study shows that mutations in the crown of Landa strain increase infectivity and escape of neutralizing antibodies.

Due to the lack of proper information about the protection of Chinese vaccines against further transmission of delta virus, doubts about the effectiveness of these vaccines have increased. However, in addition to being wary of the various rumors surrounding the Corona vaccine, it should not be overlooked that no vaccine has ever been 100% effective in preventing Covid 19 infection. Among Chinese vaccines, Sinvac is 50.4% and Sinofarm is 86% effective. Researchers recommend that countries with limited vaccines or low incomes should not stop using Chinese vaccines.

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What is Lambda Coronavirus? Are existing vaccines effective in combating it?


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