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What is hair revitalization? Process, methods and its difference with hair straightener

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Good and healthy hair makes us more beautiful. Everyone knows this, but not everyone knows that these days there are various and very interesting scientific methods to have beautiful and healthy hair. For example, you may not be familiar with the hair restoration process. Resuscitation means revitalization, and hair sometimes really needs to be revitalized. But how? Is such a thing possible? The good news is that yes, and the better news is that we will tell you more about hair restoration and its different methods.

When is hair revitalization necessary?

Loss of health and beauty of hair has various causes. Some genetics do not have good hair, but a variety of other factors are involved. For example, our lifestyle has a great effect on our skin and hair. Nutrition or the state of the nerves can also make hair fresh and healthy or dull and not so beautiful.

Going to the pool and exposing your hair to substances such as chlorine in the water can also damage your hair. Hair coloring is another factor that can endanger hair health. Chemicals in oxidants or dyes sometimes disrupt the natural state of the hair, causing it to become dry and brittle. What is the solution? It has long been said that life is too short to spend our days and seconds with unattractive hair!

So we have to look for a solution. Hair restoration is one of the best ways to restore health and freshness to our hair. Now what is the story of hair restoration?

Should surgery be performed to revive the hair?

Nobody likes invasive and surgical methods. Of course, you do not need to go for these methods to revitalize your hair. Revitalization methods are painless and non-invasive and can keep the hair shaft vibrant and healthy. So when we talk about hair restoration, we mean taking care of their stems.

There are several ways to treat the hair shaft that can help revitalize and revitalize the hair, such as using a hair mask, vitamin or keratin.

These days, more professional methods have emerged that can regenerate hair with the use of appropriate treatment methods and quality and effective materials. With regenerative methods, the hair is strengthened and hydrated. Regenerating substances have a positive effect on damaged and diseased hair tissue.

What is the hair regeneration process like?

If we divide the hair into two parts, the stem and the root, the regeneration will be responsible for taking care of the health and beauty of the stem. The hair shaft has a protective layer called the cuticle. When the health of the hair is endangered for various reasons, the cuticle is damaged.

Damage to the cuticle is the same and destruction of the same hair strands! But resuscitation methods do not allow serious damage to the hair shaft and strands; They fight them and keep damaged hair alive and healthy.

What is the difference between hair regeneration and hair straightening?

As mentioned earlier, hair regeneration results in relative smoothness, but it does not mean straightening hair. Hair regeneration means various methods such as protein supply and supply of vitamins and minerals to repair hair damage. The hair that gets away from damage and destruction becomes smoother.

However, Revitalization and hair straightening They are not equivalent to each other. Hair straightening is another category that is done in a variety of ways and does not have as much effect on healthy hair as regeneration methods. In fact, the goal is to straighten more beauty, but the process of revitalizing the hair leads to its healing.

What to do to revitalize hair?

There are two ways to revitalize your hair:

Resuscitation at home

There are various herbal remedies and home masks. It is also possible to use these at home. To revive hair at home, you should apply the appropriate ingredients on its stem. Taking care of your diet and living a healthy lifestyle is not ineffective either. For example, getting enough sleep, avoiding stress and eating nutrients are ways to revitalize your hair at home.

Sometimes a hair specialist is needed. By examining each person’s condition, doctors will find out if they have any deficiencies in their body. Sometimes there is a lack of minerals and some necessary substances in the body that make hair weak and brittle. Therefore, you may need to take supplements and medications prescribed by a specialist.

Hair Revitalization Center

If home remedies do not help you or you do not know how to do them properly, this should be done in Hair revitalization salon Do it. In specialized salons, professionals are present and help you regain the health and beauty of your hair. In these centers:

  • Hair is washed;
  • A large part of the scalp is dried with a hair dryer;
  • A little moisture remains on the hair to help improve the process;
  • The hair is divided into small bunches;
  • The hair is impregnated with the appropriate material;
  • Depending on the type of material, it may take some time for them to settle on the hair shaft and show their effect.

In the hair revitalization salon, the condition of the hair is taken care of with suitable materials and strengthening of the scalp with different serums. The use of keratin or protein therapy is only possible under the supervision of professionals and you can not do the process yourself at home without knowledge of professional methods.

What are the different methods used in hair revitalization centers?

Hair restoration centers use a variety of methods to treat hair, such as:

  • Keratin;
  • Botox;
  • Protein therapy.

1. Keratin

Hair Revitalization Center

Creatine is an important substance in the structure of hair, the amount of which in each person’s hair varies from one to another. How can you tell if a creatine hair is high or not? In appearance, percartin hair is bare and straight hair.

People with curly hair have less creatine in their hair. Therefore, those who have curly and wavy hair should pay more attention to the health of their hair. Of course, the effect of genes can not be underestimated, that is, some people have curly and wavy hair, but their hair is very healthy and beautiful. So smooth hair is not the cause of their inherently unhealthy.

Decreased volume of hair creatine needs to be addressed. Revitalization occurs when creatine is depleted and hair becomes dry, frizzy, and damaged. Keratinization means covering the hair shaft with creatine-containing substances. These substances have a great penetrating power into the hair and can save it from damage.

Keratin has two purposes:

  • Hair straightening: There is a type of keratin called Brazilian keratin that makes hair straight. Of course, note that straightening is always the second priority in hair restoration. In general, they get smoother with the creatine coating that is placed on the hair shaft.
  • Provide creatine texture for hair: By providing moisture to the hair with keratin, the problems and damages of the hair shaft are eliminated.

۲. Botox

Hair Botox is another method of hair regeneration that can save dehydrated hair. What is meant by dehydrated hair? This refers to hair that has dried out and has not received enough water. In these cases, Botox reaches the hair follicles. Of course, this method of revitalization has other uses and can also revitalize thin and dry hair.

Botox can restore healthy and fresh hair that has lost its elasticity due to old age or any other reason. Botox products bring moisture deep into the hair and repair breakages. In fact, Botox is a way to rejuvenate hair.

Some of the ingredients in Botox products:

  • Essential hair proteins;
  • Amino acids;
  • vitamins;
  • Salts.

3. Protein therapy

There is another way to treat hair: protein therapy. When hair proteins are depleted, the hair does not get enough moisture. Decreased hair moisture is associated with reduced hair elasticity and brittleness. Lack of protein also makes hair coarse and coarse. The result of such a situation is hair that has become dull and dull and has lost its beauty and freshness.

There are several factors involved in reducing hair protein. For example, using tools such as hair dryers or hair irons or even using inappropriate combs and brushes. Protein therapy is a great way to combat the condition of hair that has been damaged by these factors.

Saeedeh Darvishzadeh Hair Rehabilitation Center

As mentioned, hair restoration is a professional job. If you want to take care of your hair, you need to consult and use the services of salons and professional centers. Saeedeh Darvishzadeh Zoo Hair Revitalization Center is one of the centers that has paved the way for healthy and lush hair.

The center’s categorized and specialized services help you to improve the condition of your hair and make it beautiful and healthy. Various services are provided in this institute, including:

  • Hair revitalization;
  • Hair products advice;
  • Hair vitamins.

In addition, clients are given free consultation to better understand which services of the center they should use. Providing hair dye services and consulting skin products is another work that is done in Darvishzadeh hair specialized salon.

Holding specialized face-to-face and virtual hair restoration courses in Saeedeh Darvishzadeh Hair Revitalization Center It is also a testament to the mastery and expertise of the experts of this institute. So you can count on Darvishzadeh Center both to use the desired hair restoration services and to learn this process.

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What is hair revitalization? Process, methods and its difference with hair straightener

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