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What is hair keratin and how does it make you beautiful and healthy hair?

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We hear a lot of hair keratin these days. When it comes to keratin, many of us think of straight, shiny hair. Yes, for many women, the secret to straight and shiny hair is keratinization. Creatine is a protein that strengthens hair against brittleness, heat damage and frizz. The presence of this protein is very important for strong and healthy hair. Hair keratinization has received more attention these days than ever before, but do you know what hair keratinization is and how long it lasts? In this article, we will talk about hair keratin in detail and introduce a hair keratin salon.

What is hair keratin?

Hair keratin therapy or hair keratin treatment is a chemical process that makes frizzy hair smooth and shiny. When the outermost layer of the hair shaft, called the cuticle, rises, the hair becomes frizzy. The cuticle allows moisture and other environmental factors to penetrate into the hair, causing the hair shaft to swell and thicken. In the keratin treatment process, creatine penetrates the hair shaft, covering the cuticle and tightening it. This prevents frizz and breakage of the hair.

How is hair keratin done?

How long to do Keratin therapy It depends on the formula used by the hairdresser and also on the texture and amount of your hair. This process takes about 2 to 4 hours. The hairdresser first washes your hair, then cuts it into several strands and applies the keratin solution to your wet hair with a special brush, allowing this material to remain on your hair until all the strands are completely soaked. Sometimes the hairdresser may first blow-dry the hair and then apply keratin therapy. After the process, the hairdresser straightens your hair with an iron.

Hair keratin in Hair Creatine Center It may last up to six months. There are several versions of this method known as different names. Your hairdresser will do this on your hair according to your needs. With hair keratin therapy, the hair follicles are filled with creatine and essential hair proteins. By doing this, your hair will look healthier and shinier.

Benefits of hair keratin

1. Having straight and shiny hair

Creatine smoothes the cells that form on top of each other and form the hair follicles. This reduces hair growth and gives them a shiny and healthy look.

۲. Lasting results

As long as you take care of your hair with proper washing (2 to 3 times a week is enough), your keratin treatment will last up to 6 months.

3. More shapely hair

Keratin makes hair more pliable, especially if your hair is always frizzy or thick. If you are constantly heating your hair with a hair dryer or iron, you will find that it dries faster after keratinizing. Some people estimate that hair creatine halves the drying time.

4. Enhances hair growth

Creatine can strengthen hair and accelerate its growth. If you have curly hair and like to always be tidy, hair keratin is what you need.

Is Hair Keratin Different From Relaxers Or Chemical Cleansers?

Yes, these two are completely different. Hair creatine is temporary and after a few months the injected creatine and proteins are washed away, but they are permanent chemical cleaners. In addition, each of these methods uses specific materials that produce different results.

Chemical cleaners contain one of the following:

  • Sodium hydroxide;
  • Lithium hydroxide;
  • Potassium hydroxide;
  • Guanidine hydroxide.

These materials break and regenerate the bonds of curly hair to make the hair smoother. While in hair keratin, instead of changing the chemical composition of the hair, the porous parts of the hair are filled with protein to make the hair look smoother.

Is Hair Keratin Safe?

Part of the concern about hair keratin is due to one of the ingredients in traditional salon formulas, formaldehyde. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) describes formaldehyde as a colorless, foul-smelling gas commonly used to make building materials and household products such as adhesives.

In hair keratin procedures, this substance keeps the hair straight for several months. Some types of hair keratin release formaldehyde when heated. Of course, there are methods called formaldehyde-free methods. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. Although the amount of formaldehyde released by the hair keratin method is small, you should avoid the same small amount, even if the procedure is done in a well-ventilated area.
It is best to look for formaldehyde-free methods. Cleansers containing glyoxylic acid may be a safer choice.

Can colored hair also be keratinized?

Yes! Unlike chemical conditioners, you can safely keratinize colored hair without the risk of damage. People who have dyed their hair are often advised to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. It is enough to shampoo your hair only once or twice a week, if necessary, after creatine hair treatment. When showering, wash your hair without shampoo with water and then use only conditioner.

Hair Keratin Center

Obviously, the salon or place where you are going to keratinize your hair will play a very important role in the durability and quality of your keratin. Hair Dye Center It is a place where you can safely receive hair keratin services. This center specializes in hair restoration and keratinization, and by providing professional services in this field, it can solve the problems related to your hair and deliver smooth and healthy hair to you.

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What is hair keratin and how does it make you beautiful and healthy hair?

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