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What is facial facial and how to choose the right facial for our skin?

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These days, due to the constant use of medical masks, most people deal with skin problems. Facial facial is one of the best and of course the most luxurious way to deeply cleanse the facial skin and solve skin problems. This method makes your skin clear, radiant and beautiful. Join us in this article to explain this in detail.

What is facial facial?

Facial skin care is one of the types of skin care methods that makes your skin feel relaxed. Facial facials are performed in several different steps, including facial fumigation, exfoliation, skin massage, and skin mask.

By doing facial facials, you can easily have clear and radiant skin and eliminate all your skin problems, including acne, aging or sagging skin, and have flawless skin. Facial kills dead skin cells and improves blood flow to the face. As a result, it rejuvenates and brightens your skin.

If you put this method in your skin routine once a week, you can remove the stress and tension of a busy week from your face and achieve unparalleled relaxation.

Facial selection based on skin type

Facial should be based on your skin type to have amazing effects.

1. Normal to dry skin

Facials for this type of skin include: deep cleansing, skin massage, use of facial incense to remove impurities, and moisturizing mask or serum that is used in the last step. If you have dry skin, avoid excessive peeling.

۲. Facial mixed skin

This skin type has a combination of oily, natural and dry skin. In combination skin, gentle products must be used to avoid problems such as pimples and acne.

3. Facial oily skin

For facial this type of skin, natural and organic products should be used, and after cleansing and draining the skin, a mask and serum for oily skin should be used. Facial oily skin shrinks pores.

Types of facial skin

Types of facial expressions

There are different types of facials:

1. Classic Facial

This method is one of the most common types of facials, which includes skin cleansing, skin exfoliation, skin moisturizing, and face mask. Classic facials can be done at any time of the year.


After cleansing, the scrubbing process begins to remove dead cells. Then, facial incense is used to drain pimples and open skin pores.


With this method, you will get moist, beautiful and even skin.

Suitable for what skin type?
Classic Facial is suitable for dry to normal skin types. If you have eczema, be sure to avoid fumigation and replace it with a warm wipe.

۲. Facial aromatherapy or aromatherapy

This type of facial has exactly the same process as the classic facial, except that it also uses aromatic oils that have many benefits for the skin. Facial aromatherapy calms the mind.


The cells in the oils are absorbed by the skin surface during the massage. These substances regenerate skin cells. This facial also includes steps such as exfoliation, moisturizing, toner and eye cream.

Facial aromatherapy rejuvenates and collagenizes the skin.
What kind of skin is suitable?
Suitable for normal and dry skin types.

3. Anti-aging facial

This type of facial is associated with products that significantly reduce the aging process. Women over the age of 30 can easily use this method and enjoy its benefits.

Anti-aging facial includes deep cleansing of skin pores, exfoliation and microdermabrasion. After these steps, the lifting mask is placed on the surface of the skin and the massage is performed. Finally, collagen-making serum is used to complete this process.
Anti-aging facial regenerates skin cells and collagens and over time, tightens and lifts the skin.
Suitable for what skin type?
Suitable for all skin types. Even people with oily and sensitive skin can use anti-aging facial.

4. Facial skin hydration

This type of facial is very popular among movie stars and makes the skin glow and moisturize. Facial skin moisturizer suitable for women 30 years and older.

In this type of facial, in addition to cleansing the face, a variety of antioxidants, nourishing serums and vitamins are used on the skin, and a suitable hydrator is massaged on the surface of the skin.
This method causes deep hydration of the skin and makes the skin radiant and beautiful.
Suitable for what skin type?
It can be done for all skin types and all year round.

Facial facial steps

Facial facial steps

Specialized facials and skin facials are performed under the supervision of a cosmetologist. This work has 5 main steps, which we will explain in this section. By studying this section, you will get rid of facial facial training. These steps are:

1. skin Cleaning

At this stage, the skin should be thoroughly cleansed and then, with the help of a fumigator, a hot and cold heater should be applied to the skin at the same time. Fumigation smoothes blackheads and whiteheads.

۲. Peeling the skin

Exfoliation of dead cells removes the surface of the skin and removes all impurities from the skin pores. The type of chemicals and exfoliants will vary depending on your skin type.

3. Drain or extract

At this stage of the facial, all skin pores that are blocked by fat or dead cells are drained. They do this with special tools and devices. It should be said that this stage of the facial is the most important part.

4. Skin massage

This step is essential for collagen formation, detoxification, and optimization of blood circulation on the skin surface. Facial skin massage quickly improves skin problems.

5. face mask

In the last stage of facial, depending on the skin type and skin condition, a suitable mask is applied on the skin. After a certain period of time (15 to 20 minutes), the mask is removed from the skin and applied according to the type of skin, toner and skin serum and moisturizer on the skin surface.

Facial steps at home

Face mask with aloe vera

Some people prefer home facials because of their busy schedule. Here are seven steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation at home.

1. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Fill the tub with warm water and some Epsom salt. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil to the water. Lighting a few candles and playing soothing songs will also be very effective in creating this atmosphere.

۲. Clean your skin well

Before facial, be sure to clean your skin of any cosmetics and contaminants. To do this, first wash your skin with a suitable cleanser and then thoroughly clean your skin with a cosmetic cleanser. Do not forget that cleansing the skin increases the process of facial impact many times over.

3. Inhale facial skin

Apply warm incense to open pores. With incense, you will have better exfoliation and as a result, you will have soft and supple skin. You can use a home hot steamer to do this. You can also pour some hot water into a bowl and cover your head with a towel and then infuse for 20 minutes.

4. Exfoliate facial skin

You need to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and open pores. You can do this with the help of different types of exfoliating scrubs available in the market. For proper exfoliation, massage some scrub on the skin of the face in a circular motion. Be sure to focus more on the oily areas, especially the cheeks.

5. Apply a face mask

Depending on your skin type, choose a good quality mask and apply it on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes. If you use a mask, be sure to massage the mask during this time.

6. Moisturize the skin

The way to achieve radiant and beautiful skin is to use a quality and organic moisturizer. After removing the mask from the skin surface, apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. To be more effective, you can also use a facial massager to absorb the moisturizer well.

7. Avoid draining or extracting the skin

If you have a home microneedling device, which is better, but otherwise be sure to skip this facial step.

Without special tools, you may damage your skin.

How long does the facial facial effect last?

How long does the facial facial effect last?

You will usually have fresh and beautiful skin for up to 1 week after the facial. If you have a proper diet, you will definitely have soft and supple skin for a longer period of time.

Facial benefits

  • Opens skin pores;
  • Softens and softens the skin;
  • Builds collagen in the skin;
  • Lifts and tightens the skin;
  • Makes skin radiant and clear;
  • Reduces the aging process of the skin;
  • Treats pimples and scars;
  • Reduces stress and anxiety;
  • Deeply exfoliates the skin;
  • Increases blood flow to the skin;
  • Eliminates problems around the eye area (including the circles around the eyes and under the eyes).

Facial facial complications

You should note that facial is one of the non-invasive and painless methods for which no side effects have been reported so far. You can do this with peace of mind and enjoy its countless benefits.

Facial cost of face

Costs vary depending on the facial facial centers, the type of facial and the quality of the materials and tools used. In some centers, Aqua Facial is used, which is a special device for performing all kinds of facials. This device is one of the best technologies right now. Aqua Facial performs all facial steps without the slightest pain or discomfort.

What should we do before and after facial facial?

  • Before Facial

  • Go to a reputable center;
  • Consult a dermatologist if you have any allergies;
  • Be sure to tell your specialist if you are taking certain medications;
  • If you are pregnant, talk to a specialist;
  • After the facial

  • Do not wear heavy makeup;
  • Do not trim excess facial hair;
  • Be sure to use vitamin C serum;
  • Do not touch your skin for a few days and do not wash with soap;
  • Avoid harmful sun rays and be sure to use sunscreen suitable for your skin.

Concluding remarks

If you are looking for the beauty and youth of the skin, in addition to following a proper diet, you must also use a variety of skin care methods. Facial skin facial is a luxury and effective type of cleansing and beauty of the skin. You can easily do facials in reputable centers or at home and enjoy its unique benefits. If you have a point or question in this regard, you can share it with us in the “Post a Comment” section.

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What is facial facial and how to choose the right facial for our skin?

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