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What is Eniagram? Introducing 9 personality types based on it

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Ever heard of Eniagram? Eniagram is one of the personality systems that describes human personality with a number of interconnected personality types. In this personality system, 9 personality types are identified based on a set of dominant behaviors, motivations and fears. The purpose of this system is to acquaint us with our personality type so that we can make the most of our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses. In this article, we will talk in detail about Eniagram and its 9 personality types. Please join us.

What is Eniagram?

The eniagram consists of a nine-dot diagram. Each point on this chart shows a personality type. The eniagram diagram consists of three elements; The outer part is a circle that contains a triangle and an irregular hexagon. In its simplest form, the enigma shows nine different personality types. Beyond the nine basic personality types, the system becomes much more complex and includes 27 different subgroups as well as three main “sections” focused on action, emotion, and thinking.
According to Eniagram theory, individuals are born with a dominant personality type that is shaped by environmental factors and experiences, that is, while the individual’s innate characteristics affect his reactions and experiences, the environment also plays an important role in shaping one’s identity and personality.

Personality types close to or close to you

According to the Eniagram system, no one person has only one personality type, but his personality is a combination of the main type and at least one type close to it. These close or adjacent personality types may affect a person’s overall personality, but they do not change the main type. Therefore, you may identify with the characteristics of other personality types, but your dominant personality type shows the most important and main personality traits. For example, if you look at a graph, you will see that it is connected from point 2 to point 8 and line to point 4. This means that a person with type 2 personality (helpful and empathetic) acquires the characteristics of type 8 and type 4 when under the influence of stress.

Types of Eniagram personality types

In the following, we will introduce each of the personality types along with the main characteristics:

1. reformist

  • Most of the time it is very principled;
  • Is perfectionist and purposeful;
  • Can be judgmental and stubborn;
  • Tries to be honest;
  • Is afraid of corruption;
  • Has a strong understanding of the “right” and “wrong” way of doing things.

2. helper

  • Is generous and people-friendly;
  • Has a strong desire to be loved and sometimes denies his needs to make others happy;
  • Spends a lot of energy on relationships;
  • He is blind and helpless;
  • He is a good listener;
  • He tends to ignore his needs.

3. Success

  • Is successful, adaptable and hardworking;
  • Sometimes overly successful or busy;
  • Always looking to get better;
  • Is compatible;
  • It focuses more on success than emotion, but it works well on communication.

4. Individual

  • Is creative and forward-thinking;
  • Sometimes it is self-centered;
  • Sometimes he becomes capricious or narcissistic.

5. researcher

  • Is an innovative and shrewd person;
  • He is smart and likes to think about precise issues;
  • Is silent and thoughtful;
  • It is reasonable;
  • He is cautious and polite.

6. Loyal

  • Is responsible and committed;
  • Often has long-term relationships;
  • Is reliable and dedicated;
  • He is usually worried and focuses on the negative points.

7. Eager and interested

  • It is spontaneous, fun and versatile;
  • Is extroverted and likes to meet new people;
  • Very adventurous and always looking for entertainment;
  • Easily distracted and out of focus;
  • It is good at maintaining a positive attitude.

8. Challenger

  • Courage and domination;
  • Is decisive and confident;
  • He is often successful in leadership roles;
  • Sometimes it can be aggressive;
  • It is explicit and pragmatic.

9. Pacifist

  • Agrees;
  • Sometimes humble and sometimes complacent;
  • Avoid conflict as much as possible;
  • Responsible for coordination in groups;
  • He hates opposition and incompatibility;
  • It may ignore its wants and needs to ensure peace.

Applications of Eniagram

Using Eniagram system can help us in the following cases:

  • Personal growth and development;
  • Improving interpersonal communication, team building and leadership growth;
  • Creating successful relationships in the workplace and other areas of life.

Confirming the effectiveness of this theory requires more research, but has become popular as a tool for building better relationships. People can look for ways to better communicate with those around them by gaining information about their strengths and weaknesses.
Using Eniagram in the work system can be useful to strengthen group dynamics and interpersonal communication.

Evidence for eniagrams

Critics of Eniagram argue that the system is more rooted in some sort of ancient, semi-mystical philosophy than credible scientific research, yet there is evidence that Eniagram is a good personality tool.

  • A study published in the journal Adult Progress found that participants in the Eniagram training program saw their own personal growth and development.
  • A one-year study in 2004 found that Eniagram was comparable to other well-known and accepted theories, including the Myers-Briggs Personality Test (MBTI) and the Big Five Theory.
  • A case study published in the journal Contemporary Family Therapy found that eniagrams can be a useful counseling tool and help facilitate treatment and increase awareness of counseling.

It is true that this research is promising, but more research is still needed to discover the use and usefulness of Eniagram.

Tips for using Eniagram results

Eniagram has become more popular in recent years due to the growing popularity of online personality tests. Eniagram shows both strengths and weaknesses as well as strengths, so it is often used as a tool for self-analysis and self-improvement. By knowing these points, people can strive to achieve greater self-awareness and self-fulfillment.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when taking the Eniagram test:

  • Your personality is very complex and a simple online test is not enough to determine all your personality points, motivations, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Such tests can be fun and interesting, just be careful not to take your test results too seriously.
  • These types of tests can be a way to get information about personality and a starting point for gaining personal insight and self-awareness.

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What is Eniagram? Introducing 9 personality types based on it

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