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What is Animal Cosmetics Testing? A review of cosmetics brands in Iran

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Cosmetics are one of the most popular consumer products in the world. However, the health of the materials used in them must also be confirmed. One way to produce safe materials is to test them before they are put on the market. Unfortunately, for some brands and companies, these tests do not go very well. Unfortunately, sometimes the legs of blind animals are interrupted; That is, before different cosmetic products are marketed, they are tested on animals. This is where our beauty ends with cosmetics at the cost of the lives of homeless animals. In this article, we want to introduce you to the category of animal testing of cosmetics. What is the story? What is being done?

What is Animal Cosmetics Testing?

Cosmetic companies must go through the steps of obtaining production and supply approvals from organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These companies must reassure the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory agencies that the materials used in the products and the use of their final product are safe and do not pose a risk to consumers.

Manufacturers test animals to prove the health and quality of their products; That is, they test their cosmetics on animals during production. This makes sure that there is no danger to the end users and that their health is not threatened by the use of cosmetics.

Of course, testing animal products is not something that organizations like food and medicine ask companies to do; But there is a simple way that assures manufacturers in the production and supply of products, to ensure the health of their goods.

Is animal testing of cosmetics legal?

The Food and Drug Administration, which oversees the safety and health of cosmetics, looks to protect animal rights and advocates for laws, and wants companies to know more about animal testing with the least amount of testing. Let their products arrive and do not harm the animals.

These and similar organizations are reluctant to harass and kill animals in the production of cosmetics. But do the desires and slogans of such organizations work? Is there really a way to test products in other ways?

There is no precise information on whether Iranian cosmetics brands use animal cosmetics testing; But apparently most Iranian brands test animals They do not. However, due to the legislator’s silence in this regard, it can not be said with certainty.

What creatures are used in cosmetics testing?

Every year, a large number of different animals are used to test animal cosmetics around the world. Of the various animals, which are the victims of human beauty? Animal testing of cosmetics is performed on which animals? The fact is that animal tests can be performed on all animals; But the following are some of the most commonly used in laboratories:

  • Rabbits

Pregnant rabbits are good prey for animal cosmetics testing. These rabbits are given cosmetics for about 28 days and tested, and then they have a bitter fate: they are killed with babies in their wombs. In some cases, rabbits are forced to eat or inhale cosmetics, or the material is tested on modified skin without hair. This takes about 28 to 90 days and then the rabbits are killed.

  • Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs do not have a better fate than rabbits. Their body hair is shaved and cosmetics are tested on their skin. Cosmetic manufacturers are investigating allergenic reactions by monitoring the animals’ body reactions to substances in cosmetics. After animal testing, pigs’ cosmetics are killed.

  • Rats

Rats also inhale and eat cosmetics for 28 to 90 days. In some cases, their hair is shaved and the material is rubbed on their skin to check for allergic reactions on their body. Sometimes pregnant rats are forced to eat for 21 days and, after the tests, die with the baby in the womb; That is, they are killed.

  • mouses

Ordinary mice are no better off. These animals also participate in animal testing of cosmetic products. How? They rub the material behind their corners and wait for allergic reactions. After receiving the result, they are killed after 6 days.

  • dogs

Animal testing of cosmetic products

The use of dogs is less common than other cases; But they are also used in some tests. Dogs are forced to inhale or eat cosmetics or have the material tested on their modified skin. After this process, a similar fate befalls them for other animals.

  • Human beings

Humans are sometimes used to test cosmetics. Some volunteers allow different materials to be tested on a small area of ​​their skin. The results of these tests can play an important role in determining the formulation of cosmetics.

  • Other alternatives

There are a number of alternatives that can be used to test cosmetics; for example, bacteria, tissues and human cells, computer models, or chemical methods can be used to test cosmetics. Using them with newer and newer methods both costs less and speeds up the research process.

Despite these methods, animals are no longer extinct and research results are becoming more reliable.

Cruelty Free; Leave the animals alone

Some brands claim to produce their products without cruelty or Cruelty Free. What do you mean? That is, there are companies that do not use animals to test cosmetic products. Of course, how true companies’ claims are, and how far from advertising, is not something that can be easily understood.

The fact is that there is no specific law or regulation in this area, and it is possible that companies’ claims that they do not use animals to test their products are mere propaganda claims. However, there are brands that really use other methods and have underlined animal testing of cosmetic products. These brands use laboratory methods, with the help of humans or the use of raw materials other than the flesh and body of living organisms, to test their work and test their products.

In the following, we will introduce a number of well-known companies that are Crolley Free or try cosmetics without cruelty. Later, we will talk about other brands that have not given up on animals yet.

What brands do not use animals to test their products?

Companies that do not use animal testing

The following companies do not use or, to put it better, do not abuse animals to test their final products, the materials used in them, the raw materials in the cosmetics production cycle, and the animals:

  • Elf;
  • Kiko;
  • Bliss;
  • Ardell;
  • Garnier;
  • Catrice;
  • ان. Oops. NYX;
  • Balm Balm;
  • Chi Chi Cosmetics;
  • And… .
A more complete list of companies bound by non-violent products in This link You can see.

What brands use animal cosmetics testing?

Animal cosmetics testing

Unfortunately, many well-known and popular brands that produce quality products use animal testing to check the status of their products. Familiarity with them is not without grace:

  • Mac (MAC);
  • Immature (NARS);
  • Almay;
  • L’Oreal;
  • Chanel;
  • Revlon;
  • Benefit;
  • Bourjois;
  • Clinic (Clinique);
  • Lancôme;
  • Tom Ford;
  • Maybelline;
  • Max Factor;
  • Bobbi Brown;
  • Estée Lauder;
  • Rimmel London;
  • Giorgio Armani;
  • Make Up For Ever;
  • And… .
For a more complete list of companies that specialize in animal testing of cosmetics, see also This link There is.

Save Ralph; Animation about animal testing of cosmetic products

Animal testing of cosmetic products

Maybe you also have short animation Save Ralph See the English title “Save Ralph”. These days, this animation has become very popular and everyone is publishing it on virtual networks. This short animation was commissioned by a non-profit organization called the Humane Society International.

This animation narrates the life of a rabbit named Ralph, whose job is to test the condition of cosmetics. In the short minutes of this film, we see severe injuries to Ralph and his friends. This rabbit makes us think about how cruel these experiments are by making very effective points about animal testing of cosmetics.

Save Ralph’s animation reveals in a matter of minutes the horrific realities of cosmetics companies and shows us that the various shampoos, deodorants, and cosmetics that many of us have in our homes are produced at the cost of torturing and killing innocent, tongue-tied animals.

If you have seen and been impressed by this animation and want to save Ralph and his peers, here are some tips:

  • Buy from brands that are free or cruel and do not try their cosmetics on animals;
  • Talk about animal cosmetics testing with those around you and inform as much as you can about it.

You say

The use of oppressed animals to produce the products that humans use seems cruel. What do you think? Do you think that is the mission of animals on this planet? That is, should human beings have all the resources to use them for different purposes? Do you agree or disagree with animal testing of makeup products? Tell us your opinion that we are very eager.

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What is Animal Cosmetics Testing? A review of cosmetics brands in Iran

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