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What is a sheet dryer? 9 Drying Sheet Uses You Probably Didn’t Know

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I experienced many problems before I knew what sheet drying was and what its uses were. My clothes were always dry and rough after washing and ironing. Even the clothes I bought from the best brands had the same problem. Sometimes when they took the clothes out of the laundry, they stuck together because of the electric charge they found. Fortunately, the drying sheet solved these problems for me. Of course, after a bit of research on the use of this device, I realized that it is used in other cases as well. Even some of the uses of these sheets have nothing to do with drying and clothing! In this article, we will introduce you to these users. Stay with us.

Drying sheets are commonly known as fabric softeners and dryers; But they have more applications and can be used for various tasks at home. In this article, we have listed all the things you can do with these sheets. Many of you probably did not know that these things will be so simple with drying sheets!

What is a sheet dryer?

Dryer sheet is a sheet that dissolves in hot water and adheres to the fabrics next to it and softens them. These sheets are like invisible villi. Therefore, they may also be trapped in the filter ducts of the laundry or dryer, causing them to become clogged. For this reason, it is better not to use them permanently.

These sheets have different types and are produced by different brands. The principle of work is all the same and differ in details; For example, odorless sheets are made for people with allergies, or the composition of some sheets is such that they soften clothes more. These are minor differences between the different brands of this product. People usually choose the best brand of dryer sheet by trial and error and always buy from it.

Remember that excessive use of these sheets will clog the drying filters.

9 Application of dryer sheet at home

Types of dryer sheets have 3 main uses:

  • They soften clothes;
  • They make clothes fragrant;
  • They destroy static electricity in clothes.

Some manufacturers of this product say that the use of drying sheets also reduces the drying time of clothes.

In addition to the usual cases, these sheets have other uses that you will get acquainted with by reading the rest of the article.

1. Elimination of sparks caused by static electricity in the fabric

Elimination of static electric charges is one of the main applications of these sheets. All you have to do is put the sheets with them when you put the clothes in the dryer. Of course, keep in mind that excessive use of these sheets will clog the drying filters.

We all experience that when we wear some clothes, the static electricity in them generates sparks. These sparks are a little painful. However, the main problem is that clothes with electric charges may stick to other clothes. We experience this more when we wear several layers of clothing on top of each other. To get rid of sparks and other consequences of electric charge on clothes, just pull a sheet of dryer on them.

If the clothing sticks to your body, you can pull the sheet over your legs or arms.

۲. Softening clothes

The ingredients in the drying sheets soften the clothes. Some of them are fragrant and make your clothes fragrant. It is easier to iron clothes that have a softer texture using a dryer sheet. Also, the softening of the fabrics prevents the clothes from getting fluffy and therefore does not look old. In general, these sheets protect clothes and preserve their original appearance.

3. Eliminate bad smell and moisture in suitcases and bags

Elimination of bad smell and moisture of suitcases and bags from the applications of the drying sheet

When we are going to travel, we take the suitcases out of the closet, put the clothes in them, and when we return, we take the clothes out and put the suitcase in the closet. Meanwhile, the inside of the suitcase is exposed to air circulation for a short time. This may cause an unpleasant odor or moisture. We recommend that you always put a dryer inside the suitcase when it is empty.

Of course, to get rid of pathogens such as germs and fungi, it is better to open the door of the suitcase every once in a while for air circulation; Especially if dirty clothes stay in the suitcase for a long time.

4. Easy dusting with dryer sheet

Dusting the screen of electronic devices (such as televisions and monitors) is a concern for many people. Dusting with ordinary handkerchiefs either scratches the screen or traces of the handkerchief remain on the screen. Also, in many cases, the pollen in the air sits on the screen immediately after re-dusting (due to static electrical charges).

Drying with a sheet dryer solves all these problems:

  • These sheets leave no trace of themselves;
  • They are very thin and do not damage the screen;
  • After cleaning with them, the dust no longer settles on the screen.
Of course, you should note that dusting should not be done with wet sheets.

5. Cleaning burns and pollen from the ironing board

Cleaning the iron from sheet dryer applications

Sometimes the ironing board gets dirty because of some clothes; For example, clothes may burn and the remnants of the fabric may stick to the iron. In these cases, if you rub the dirty iron on other clothes, burn marks will be transmitted to them. Some people use a razor to clean the ironing board. This will damage the iron and the burn will usually not go away completely.

The correct way is to pull a sheet of dryer on the bottom of a cold iron. Then heat it up and spread it on a cloth you do not need or a tissue. By doing this, the burn marks are completely eliminated. This method is also used to remove chewing gum or melted glue that sticks to an iron or dryer.

6. Clean burnt food from dishes

One of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen is to clean burnt food that is stuck to the bottom of the pot or pan. We Iranians are accustomed to cleaning these dishes using dishwashing wires. However, the problem is exacerbated when the pot or frying pan is made of Teflon and و and can not be ground with wire.

In such cases, you only need one sheet of dryer. Put a piece of paper in the bottom of a pot or pan. Pour hot water over it and let it stand overnight until morning. The silicone coating of the sheets softens burnt and sticky food. After a while, use a sheet to clean the food and then wash the dish with warm water to remove the fat.

This will clean the food without the need for force on the arm and damage to the container.

7. Caressing pets and gathering their hair from the carpet and sofa

Petting and gathering their hair from pet dryer applications

Many people experience a storm of electrical charges when they pet their pet or even while they are cleaning it. The body hair of the animals becomes pregnant and becomes standing. An electric spark will be generated as soon as it touches your hand. If you caress the animal with the dryer sheet instead of your hand, no electric charge will be generated.

Drying sheets are also used to clean animal body hair from sofas and rugs. Their hair usually sticks to other fabrics and cannot be separated with a brush. However, if you first apply a layer of foil on the fabric of the sofa or rug, the electric charge will be lost and after that, your pet’s hair will be easily gathered with a brush or brush.

For caress, be sure to use natural, odorless sheets. Animals usually lick their bodies and get sick if their body hair is contaminated with chemicals.

8. Repel insects

Hiking is more enjoyable without insects! Their bites, the sound of visions and the unpleasant sensation of their movement on the skin are very annoying. Drying sheet is one of the insect repellent methods used by many hikers and mountaineers. They buy the sheets with the scent they like so that it does not bother them. The sheets are then placed inside the collar, socks or between the sheets. This will get rid of insects.

The material in the structure of the drying sheets repels insects. Research shows that linalool is one of these chemical compounds that keep insects away from drying sheets. This chemical is present in the structure of essential oils and even some plants such as lavender. This is why insects stay away from these essential oils and plants.

9. Eliminates the squeaky sound and bad smell of shoes

Use of dryer sheet to eliminate bad smell of shoes

You may also experience that the friction of the soles of some shoes (especially new shoes) with the ground (especially ceramics) produces an annoying squeaking sound. If you rub the sole of the shoe on a piece of dryer, you will get rid of this annoying sound. Drying sheets can also be used to eliminate shoe odor. Put a whole piece or half of the sheet inside your shoe to get rid of the bad smell.

Conclusion; Dry the sheet, still unrivaled!

Many washing machines today have the ability to eliminate static electricity, but drying sheets are still widely used. They are useful wherever static electricity is a problem for you. Some people even use these sheets to brush their hair.

With the “How” site, you will learn what other uses your home appliances have, in addition to their main use; Applications that require creativity but solve important problems. If you have an interesting experience using a sheet dryer, share your experience with us in the “Submit Comments” section.


What is a sheet dryer? 9 Drying Sheet Uses You Probably Didn't Know

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