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What is a feeling of worth and how can we strengthen it?

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Of all the concepts of “self”, the most important is the feeling of worth or worth. Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, self-esteem and other similar concepts are all important; But the basis of all of them is a sense of worth. Join us to see what a sense of worth is and how we should understand and strengthen our worth.

What is a feeling of worth?

Simply put, a sense of worth is how important we are to ourselves: an emotional outlook on ourselves that determines how we feel about ourselves compared to others and why. A sense of worth is a fundamental part of our being and our perception of ourselves. Everything we think about them, every feeling we have, and even how we behave is a product of the value we place on ourselves. Feeling worthwhile is a sensitive issue. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

Theory of feeling valuable

Many people only feel valued when they achieve a certain amount of success. According to the theory of self-worth theory, man recognizes himself by achieving his goals in life. Capability, assertiveness, performance and self-esteem are the elements of this theory.

These four elements combine to determine how we look at ourselves. Although achievements and successes are valuable, is it so important to value them so much? Is being better than others the only thing that makes us value ourselves? What really makes us feel valuable?

The true meaning of feeling worthless

It may be difficult to accept ourselves as we are, without significant assets or our dream job. This acceptance is so painful for some that they do everything they can to escape it. It is also possible that some people are afraid of self-awareness! It is natural for a person to escape such pain and fear. But this process is necessary to discover our value and we should not go under it. Behind the scenes of every seemingly painful feeling, we reach endless liberation. The first step in this direction is self-awareness. Self-awareness is the key to achieving a sense of worth.

We all have the image of who we want to be in our minds. Sometimes this image is not the same as our real self. It is good to have different goals and ambitions; But we should never let our dreams cause us to hide our reality. Denying the enemy himself is a feeling of worth. It is the desire for denial that makes self-awareness difficult. Many people do not want to be distracted by their self-image. They do not want to accept their reality.

Self-worth is not a bad thing. This allows us to acknowledge our weaknesses and focus on our strengths. Sometimes we are not aware of many of our positive traits. Self-awareness helps us discover them. In the way of self-worth, we can be our best friend or our worst enemy. By delaying self-awareness, we are, in fact, delaying liberation and recovery. A sense of worth comes from knowing who we are and what positive qualities we have.

Common effective factors in valuation

Common factors in feeling valued

The four elements mentioned earlier are not the only determinants of value; There are many other factors that affect a person’s self-esteem, such as childhood crises, low scores, and even bullying.

The most common factors on the basis of which a person determines his value are:

1. Circle of relationships

Too often, people determine their credibility based on the number of important people they know and have a close relationship with.

۲. Physical and emotional appearance

Judgment and validation of individuals based on their appearance occurs in all of us. What people wear, how they talk, and what society thinks about them is important to individuals.

3. the profession

Jobs and professions are effective in valuing people. A person may be cold in dealing with nurses, but be friendly with doctors; Because he believes that a doctor is more successful! People’s profession often plays a role in determining the importance of their lives.

4. Property

The amount of assets, from the amount of salary to the number and type of your car, is another factor that is effective in measuring its value. Usually material assets are considered.

What should we not consider valuable?

There are many misconceptions about the value of people. These beliefs cause some people to value themselves less than they deserve; For example, material wealth should not be considered as an indicator of people’s worth.

Human value has nothing to do with profession

Our profession should not affect the value we place on ourselves. Too often, people with high skills and abilities do not find a good job; So they have to work in a lower position. This situation does not diminish their skills and abilities. So why value a person based on his job and profession? The only thing that matters is the level of job satisfaction.

Human value has nothing to do with achievements

Success is valuable, but it should not affect our worth. No title, certificate or medal can determine our value.

Human value has nothing to do with age

“Age is just a number!” This may sound like a cliché, but the year has nothing to do with how prepared you are to face events and facts. Just ask and decide.

Man’s value has nothing to do with his love life

Feeling good about ourselves is deceptive because someone else feels good about us. But what if that person leaves us? Whether you are single or not, do not base your evaluation on an emotional relationship.

Human value has nothing to do with scores and rankings

Even if you are the smartest person in the class, you are no less valuable than the smartest person in the class. You have characteristics that may be superior to some of the characteristics of the best student in the class.

Human value has nothing to do with health

Diseases may weaken our spirits. Positive people tend to recover faster; So do not forget positive thinking. Beyond that, it does not make our health more valuable.

Human value has nothing to do with financial status

People should not be valued with their money and material possessions! If you are satisfied with the situation and can afford living expenses, then there is no problem.

Human value has nothing to do with taste

Do you think others are too traditional for this period? The opinion of others does not matter. It is important that you do not have a problem with this yourself.

The importance of feeling valued

The best benefit of knowing our worth is the effect it has on our behavior. Feelings of worthlessness affect our conscious actions and choices. Feelings of worthlessness lead us to avoid what negatively affects our lives and to embrace the things that make us better.

A sense of worth is what makes us happy even without success, money and possessions. Life becomes more meaningful when we reach a healthy level of worth feeling!

How do we recognize our worth?

You finally accepted self-awareness; But you do not feel good about yourself. You do not see any significant features in yourself. You think you are an ordinary person who has nothing to offer to others! Feeling you have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. You want to achieve. Your heart even wants to have a test to measure human worth. But you should know that a sense of worth comes from within a person.

I emphasize again: a sense of worth comes from the value you place on yourself. Once you are there, it is valuable enough!

getting power

Power comes from discovering the qualities in which you excel! These traits always remind us of our values ​​when we underestimate ourselves. You do not have to look for big things. Think of a list of talents, things you like and stand out about, challenges you have faced, help others, and other highlights. Your power is hidden in these cases.

It is dangerous to associate feelings of worth with things and people

Trying to gain credibility with things and people is a harmful decision. This will make you not see your latent abilities and do not realize that you are a capable human being. Trying to get outside approval leads to frustration and disappointment. Find value within yourself. This is the key to a healthy life.

How to strengthen the sense of worth?

How to strengthen the sense of worth

Now you know what makes you feel worthless. So it’s time to learn how to make it stronger and stronger and then maintain it. To begin with, replace the valuable things you have already discovered in yourself with more productive activities. See the following examples:

Someone who values ​​himself in academic or professional excellence:

Take a break from work or study for a while (do not spend more time with them than usual). Start a new activity. Learn new skills such as making or riding. Read an unusual book.

Someone who knows his or her worth in social media relationships:

Give up the virtual world and social networks for a while. Spend time with real people. Take long, productive walks. Be aware of what words you use and what you do. Show your friends and acquaintances that you care about them. Have their air.

Never compare yourself with others in identifying your values. When comparing, self-awareness disappears. You no longer see your abilities. It is this comparison that determines our value based on the indicators of others. Maybe you should define a rule for yourself.

Over time, it becomes easier to get rid of the heavy weight of not knowing yourself worthwhile; Doing the things you believe in will also make it easier. Do not doubt the success of this process. Rest assured that your journey to discover your values ​​will be the most rewarding experience of your life.

Use the following methods to strengthen your sense of worth:

1. Make a list of your talents and skills

We all have something to offer! Man has an amazing ability and can learn a lot. Make a list of your skills and talents. By identifying your abilities, you bring back your weaknesses and let your strengths stand out.

۲. Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for all your flaws and shortcomings! Learn from your mistakes. Despite the constant feelings of guilt and shame, you can not reach a healthy level of worthwhile feeling.

3. Take a risk

The only reason you have not done a great job for yourself is that you are still hesitant to do it or not! Do not be afraid to take risks to get better. Stop doubting your abilities and move on. If you do not succeed the first time, you will learn to go the other way the next time. Get up and do great things.

4. Love yourself

Accept yourself as you are. If you have a few negative traits, try to correct them. Living in a state of denial is wrong. It only delays the attainment of deliverance.

5. Connect with healthy people

Healthy people are attracted to each other. Good habits eliminate bad habits (overcoming bad habits). Surround yourself with the changes you want. Connect with people who have overcome their doubts and, like you, are on the path to recognizing their values.

Everyone should achieve a healthy physical, emotional, social and mental life by evaluating their values. We must consciously step on the path of paying attention to others and, more importantly, paying attention to ourselves. A sense of worth is a rich source of life satisfaction.

Concluding remarks

You need to know that in the process of identifying your values, you may lose your friends. People who do not consider themselves valuable strengthen their hearts by living together. The self-confidence you gain along the way is a threat to these people. There is no problem. Make your growth and development inspiring for them. But do not hesitate to separate from those who do not support your growth.




What is a feeling of worth and how can we strengthen it?

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