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What is 5G mobile network technology and what effect does it have on human health?

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5G technology or the fifth generation is the latest technology in cordless or mobile phones. This technology was first widely used in 2019. FiveG is expected to improve the performance of mobile phones and bring us a wide range of new applications. What applications? For example, it opens the door to technology in the world of health and treatment, and provides facilities such as remote surgery, remote patient monitoring, and telemedicine in general. If you read this article to the end, the vague and unfamiliar dimensions of this technology will become clear to you.

What is the difference between 5G technology and earlier technologies?

5G technology has been able to raise the standards of the telecommunications world and push the boundaries of technology towards further growth. This technology makes it possible to increase the frequencies of mobile networks. Of course, other technologies, such as imaging or body scanning devices (security inspection devices) or point-to-point radio communications, use high frequencies to communicate. However, 5G has come to the fore to increase the frequencies of mobile networks from about 3.5 GHz to tens of GHz.

You may ask what is the benefit of increasing the frequency in mobile networks. At these high frequencies, FiveG networks from Base or ground stations They will use more and connect different tools better and more. In fact, mobile networks will be enhanced with 5g technology and their performance will be better for users.

FiveG can use Beam-forming Antennas to focus more signals on the tools available to users. As a result, more signals are focused and routed to active users on the mobile network. All this means strengthening the mobile network and strengthening the connections between the tools that operate in its context.

What is the radiation level of FiveG masts?

Exposure level of FiveG technology

Currently, the exposure level of 5G towers is the same as that of current cell towers (around 3.5 GHz). It should be noted that due to the multiple beams and beams emitted by 5G antennas, the level of exposure to beams and beams can depend on the location of users and their use of the network.

Of course, do not forget that 5G technology is very new and in the way it grows, it is possible to make changes. Research on its effects and effects is still ongoing.

Is the amount of 5g waves within the allowable limit?

Standard level of exposure to 5g technology waves

The two international bodies have announced general standards for the amount of exposure to technology waves. Most countries adhere to these standards. Get to know these two organs:

  • The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP);
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety.

The guidelines and standards specified by these two bodies are not specifically designed for FiveG technology and apply to all radio waves up to 300 GHz.

What are the potential risks of 5g technology to human health?

So far, after much research, it has been proven that exposure to wireless technology does not cause any problems in human health. Nevertheless, the results of these studies have been obtained from examining the health status of the body in the face of the general spectrum of radio waves. However, little research has been done on the dedicated frequencies of the FiveG network. More precisely, neither extensive research has been done on the effect of FiveG waves nor the number of studies that have been significant.

Warming of body tissues by interaction with radio tissues is the main effect of radio waves and rays on the human body. However, the amount of warming of body tissues in interaction with 5g technology waves is very small. As the frequency increases, the amount of penetration into the body tissues and energy absorption from it towards the tissues decreases. In this state, the energies are mostly absorbed by the surface of the body (skin and eyes). On this account, if the level of exposure to radio waves of new technologies is in accordance with internationally defined and standard principles, the human body will not be harmed in the face of them.

What does the World Health Organization say about 5G technology?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is monitoring the effects of radio frequency waves from 5G technologies. The organization’s observations and research will be published in 2022. The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to look closely at the scientific evidence of the effects of Fiji technologies on humans and see what the situation is. With the use of these technologies by different countries, the data available for measuring the situation will increase.

The World Health Organization (WHO) started a project called the International Electromagnetic Fields in 1996 (around 1996). In this project, the organization tries to find and study the effect of exposure to magnetic and electric fields at a frequency of zero to 300 GHz on humans.

The aim of the project is to study the negative effects of magnetic and electric fields on human health and to provide rules to countries and companies that help protect human health. The organization is studying and researching the impact of different dimensions of radio waves and the effects of technologies such as 5G technology in this long-term project.

The WHO project has paved the way for a dialogue between scientists, governments and the public. A better understanding of technologies related to areas such as telecommunications and how they affect people’s health is essential.

at the end

Like it or not, the tech world is growing and it is not waiting for us at all. Sometimes technologies threaten our health. Sometimes the public perception of the harmfulness of new technologies is something of a rumor and superstition. In any case, science is our savior, and by examining the various dimensions of everything, it helps us to move forward with ease. What do you think about new technologies like 5G technology?

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What is 5G mobile network technology and what effect does it have on human health?

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