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What effect does wearing shorts while sleeping or during the day have on people’s health?

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The condition of the underwear is an issue that is not so serious for many of us. Eventually we will be content to keep these clothes clean and know nothing more about them. It is interesting to know that by paying more attention to how to use underwear, we can protect ourselves from many skin disorders and other complications; For example, wearing shorts makes a difference compared to not wearing them. In the following, we will tell you about the benefits of not wearing shorts for both men and women. You will read a little bit about what to do if you give up the habit of wearing shorts. Stay with us.

Given the differences between the male and female genitalia, not wearing shorts will have special benefits for each. For this reason, we will first talk about the benefits of not wearing shorts for women, and in the next section, we will examine the benefits of doing so for men.

Benefits of not wearing shorts for women

1. Reduce the risk of yeast infection in the vaginal area

Candida, the fungus that is the main cause of yeast infection in the vaginal area, grows and reproduces significantly in hot and humid environments. Wearing tight shorts or underwear or those that are unsuitable and do not allow air to flow, retains moisture in the vaginal area and allows the environment to grow and multiply fungal bacteria.

There is still no comprehensive research on whether not wearing shorts in the long run (for example, 1 year) reduces fungal infections. With this in mind, if you plan to wear shorts, it is recommended to choose underwear that is loose enough and sewn from the right material.

If the underwear is made of yarn or cotton, it will allow air to flow well into the genital area.

2. Helps reduce unpleasant odors and discomfort in the vaginal area

Wearing shorts may cause moisture and sweat to accumulate in the vagina, which is the main reason for the unpleasant odor in this area. It helps to not wear shorts:

  • Minimize bad odors in the vaginal area;
  • Sweat evaporates and does not remain in the vaginal area;
  • Reduce the risk of sweating between the legs due to moisture.

3. Protecting the outside of the penis from discomfort

The outer edge of the vagina is made of thin, delicate tissue similar to the tissue of the lips. Tight shorts and those made of inappropriate material will cause discomfort in this area and the surrounding skin. Bleeding, discomfort, and infection are some of the possible complications in this condition; Discomforts that will surely be accompanied by pain.

Not wearing shorts in these situations will help you a lot and get rid of these discomforts; Especially if you have a habit of wearing tight shorts.

4. Protection against allergies and allergic reactions

The effect of wearing tight shorts on stimulating the allergic reaction

Many types of shorts and underwear use dyes, compounds and synthetic fibers that may cause skin allergies and allergic reactions. The term “contact dermatitis” is used to refer to these reactions. These allergic reactions manifest themselves in various forms (such as pimples, pimples, blisters, and skin discomfort). Tissue damage and infection are more serious consequences of these reactions.

Not wearing shorts will alleviate some of your worries about this.

Benefits of not wearing shorts for men

Not wearing shorts for men includes some of the benefits we listed for women. However, this has several other benefits for men, which are largely related to the different physiology of the penis and testicles.

1. Prevention of jock itching and other fungal infections

The warmth and moisture in the penis area creates a favorable environment for the growth of fungal infections such as Itch Juke (Jock Itch) or Tinea Cruris, one of the most common fungal infections of the skin. Redness, itching, and discomfort of the skin around the genital area are some of its side effects.

Wearing shorts, especially if they are tight and of inappropriate materials, do not allow proper air flow in these areas and increase the likelihood of this complication. You can not wear shorts at all, or after sports and the like, let these areas breathe a little to avoid problems.

2. Reduce the risk of skin discomfort and sores or injuries to the genital area

Reduce the risk of skin discomfort by not wearing tight shorts

Whether you wear underwear or not, abrasion of the penis and testicles with clothing may cause discomfort such as sweating or even soreness in these areas. If these discomforts are not addressed and recur, the risk of genital infection increases over time.

Wearing very tight shorts disrupts blood flow to the genital area. When you wear such shorts, it will fit on your thighs and other parts after a while, and this way, you can see that it is tight. Of course, in addition to the tightness of the shorts, you will also feel uncomfortable.

It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes with suitable material so that you do not have any problem in this regard.

3. Influence on how sperm are produced

The testicles are relatively far from the body, and this is not without reason. In order for the testicles to produce sperm effectively, their temperature must be slightly lower than normal body temperature (about 37 degrees Celsius). The ideal temperature for the testicles to be able to produce sperm effectively is around 34.4.

Wearing tight shorts probably causes the testicles to stick to the body, and as a result, their temperature rises slightly. In these conditions, we will see a complication called testicular hyperthermia (heatstroke), which deprives them of the ability to produce sperm effectively. Over time, the number of sperm decreases and the risk of male infertility increases.

Of course, one should not judge hastily, because research is still ongoing and we must wait for more definite results.

Do not wear or wear shorts while sleeping

All of the above applies to underwear and whether or not to wear it to sleep. It is best to sleep at night without underwear and with comfortable and loose pajamas. If you wear tight underwear or have very tight pants, the genital area will sweat and heat and moisture will not find a way out. In this case, the conditions are favorable for the multiplication of fungal infections and bacteria.

A few precautions to follow if you are not wearing shorts

You should not think that by stopping wearing shorts, a miracle will happen at once and all the discomfort of the genital area will disappear. To make this work better, you need to consider and observe. In the following, we will talk about these.

1. Do not wear tight clothes without shorts

Avoid wearing tight clothing when not wearing shorts

It should not be forgotten that the pants we usually wear (jeans or linen) are much thicker than underwear and shorts. If the pants are tight with such sex, it is more likely that the discomforts we have already mentioned will occur in the genital area.

Keep in mind that if you do not wear shorts, the pants you are wearing will be in direct contact with the genital area. If the pants are inappropriate or too tight, it is as if you are wearing tight shorts and it will not be to your advantage. Another point is that not wearing shorts sometimes causes sweat stains on the pants, mostly in the area under the seat, which does not look pleasant at all. Such spots will be visible especially on light colored skinny pants.

If the airflow in the genital area is not good, there is a possibility of fungal infection or itchy jaw, even if you do not wear shorts.

2. Wash and change your clothes regularly

The genital area is full of bacteria. Each time the pants come in contact with this area, it is best to wash them before reusing. If you used to take off your pants 4 times and then wash them, now you have to do it after wearing them 2 times. If you are very worried about removing stains on your pants, here are some solutions that will easily get rid of these stains:

  • Combine 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid with 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and rub it on the sweat spot. Put the pants aside for 30 minutes. Then wash it as usual.
  • Before putting on the pants, apply a little baby powder or Vaseline on and around the genital area. This will also help prevent the sweat from burning or itching.

3. Do not wear Peruvian pants without underwear

There are two disadvantages to wearing pants without underwear: The first and most important disadvantage is that there is a possibility that the bacteria in your genital area will spread to the new clothes you are wearing and these bacteria will be transmitted to the other person who wears the pants. Another disadvantage is that bacteria and infections can spread from your pants, which you may have previously worn, to your genital area.

It is recommended that you wear underwear when trying on new pants.

in the end

There is no doubt that by observing some considerations and points, one can enjoy various benefits by giving up wearing shorts; Especially if one is regularly dealing with fungal infections, sweating of the feet and other disorders in the genital area. However, it should not be forgotten that whether or not to wear underwear is a personal choice, and ultimately, everything depends on your discretion. If you feel more comfortable wearing shorts, do the same. If you think it will be fruitful for you to quit, follow this idea.

We would be happy if you could tell us and your audience “how” about your views and experiences. Also, if you have a suggestion, comment or critique, mention it in the “Post a Comment” section. We will use your feedback to improve the quality of the content.

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What effect does wearing shorts while sleeping or during the day have on people's health?

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