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What effect does the use of hidden inner creativity have on our personal lives?

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Contrary to what we have learned today, anyone can be creative. Creativity is not just for musicians, artists and writers. Creativity is present in all occupations and walks of life and is not found in works of art alone. When we believe that we too can be creative and use our creativity to progress and find new ways, we take a different approach, stop doing the same things over and over again, and try new ways. Of course, in this path we should not be afraid of mistakes and failures, because without mistakes and failures we can not achieve success and progress. In the following, we will first give examples of creative people who have made great changes in the world, then we will examine 3 cases of the effects of using our hidden inner creativity on personal life.

Creativity refers to creative traits such as thinking creatively and differently, finding new solutions to old problems, and combining two ideas to come up with new ones. For example, when Henry Ford (the founder of Ford Motor Company) built cars, people only thought of having faster horses!

Or consider Elon Musk. He found a practical solution to the problem of crowded streets in cities; His solution was Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a new form of fast ground transportation that transports passengers at speeds in excess of 1,125 kilometers per hour. A hyperloop is a system of underground tunnels that connect important central cities. This system uses clean and very fast capsules to move passengers, cars, and cargo, which are located in underground tunnels. Mask plans to use elevators to transport cars to the tunnel, which will take the cars underground.

The last example is the example of Saltwater Brewery in Florida, USA. The company has developed six rings for packing its cans that marine animals can eat. While the usual hexagonal rings that eventually emerge from the seas and oceans kill sea creatures, these rings provide food for sea creatures. To make these rings, beer by-products are used and they contain barley or wheat. Of course, these rings are not only edible for fish, but also for humans!

The effect of creativity on individual life

After reviewing some examples of creative ideas, we examine the impact of creativity on individual life:

1. Creativity gives us a better perspective

Creativity Improves Our Outlook on Life - How Does Being Creative Affect Our Personal Lives?

People who try to be creative in their daily lives (for example, finding new directions to their workplace, being creative in cooking, or solving tables) share personality traits with creative people such as artists, designers, and musicians. These common features are:

  • Curiosity
  • Motivation (Drive)
  • Open thinking and mentality
  • Endurance and perseverance
  • Thinking positive

Some studies have also shown that people who are always looking for creative ways are less likely to judge others and have more flexibility. It is therefore not surprising that there is a clear link between creativity and increasing mental health (which may be due to the superior skills of creative thinkers in problem solving).

I hope these reasons are enough and you are convinced that exploring your creative half can improve your outlook on life. But what is the best way to get creative? Increase self-confidence.

When we have high self-esteem, we will not be afraid to try new things and get out of our comfort zone or safe environment.

A comfort zone is a behavioral state in which a person’s performance is neutral and he tries to maintain his constant condition by not being active and avoiding high risk.

Trying new things and getting out of the comfort zone both cause our inner creativity giant to come out of the magic lamp and show us its magical power!

But how do you increase your self-confidence? By constantly facing challenges and overcoming them.

2. Creativity increases opportunities

Creativity makes us better able to find opportunities in our lives - How does being creative affect our personal lives?

Creative people usually find more opportunities in their lives. Because they have learned how to deal with obstacles and problems from another angle and turn them into opportunities. They see opportunities more than others, because they have a more open mind. But those who do not use their creativity may miss these hidden opportunities.

For example, a person who was the senior manager of an insurance company lost his job. He had worked for the company for more than 10 years, and although his job was not very attractive to him, he earned his living by earning it.

When he was told he had lost his job, he was shocked at first and very upset. But he is a resilient and creative person, and after a few days he made plans to make a positive change in his professional life in addition to finding a new job. He began his career as a business consultant, using his managerial skills and in-depth knowledge of finance and insurance.

Although he has just started, he has found several clients and it seems that his new job will be a happy and successful one.

If you feel like you have a monotonous and boring life, try some of the following (or all of them) to get rid of this boring life:

  • Move: Stillness means to be trapped. But to move is to free oneself from bondage!
  • Look for positive things: When you are looking for positive things, you open the door to opportunities.
  • Start small: You do not have to make a big leap. Even small changes can create a steady forward trend that is unstoppable.

3. Creativity allows us to be free and to break everything

To get a new idea, we must first break everything down and try different things - how does being creative affect our personal lives?

I did not fail. I only found 10,000 ways that did not work.

This statement by Thomas Edison cleverly shows that creativity means experimenting and experimenting, and experimenting and experimenting are often accompanied by mistakes!

If you have ever watched a graphic designer work, you must have noticed that they are constantly changing things until they get the image and feeling they want. Most creative people do the same thing. They keep trying new and different things until they come to the conclusion they want and say, “Oh, it’s his.”

how about you? Are you afraid to try new things? Worried about losing your credit? If so, you have suppressed your inner creativity. To let go, you must set aside caution and cross your own mental barriers. When you learn to have thoughts and ideas that are free from the thoughts and standards of your current competence, you will learn the secret to having a creative life.

We are all creative, and by following the suggestions above, we can take advantage of this hidden power forever. By taking advantage of our inner creativity, our lives are set in a new direction, a path that leads to happiness, satisfaction and success.




What effect does the use of hidden inner creativity have on our personal lives?

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