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What do women want from an emotional relationship?

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Experts have conducted numerous studies on women’s emotional relationships and ways to maintain a healthy relationship in the long run. Recent studies have examined the demands of women aged 18 to 75 on men. It is interesting to know that the characteristics that women look for in an emotional partner, male friends and men in general are not much different from the characteristics of their ideal and gay friend. This shows that any good and successful relationship requires fundamental principles such as honesty. Join us to see what women want from an emotional relationship other than honesty.

What do women want from their emotional partner?

Women do not need men who spend all their time proving their masculinity, power and attractiveness, but are attracted to men who accept them as they are, behave fairly and believe in the equality of men and women in relationships. And of course, they know how to keep the flame of love alive.

There is no reliable criterion for finding the best emotional partner. Even the most accurate algorithms of dating sites are not able to predict the human heart.

Even if the other person has all the desirable mental characteristics, there is still no guarantee that there will be an effective bond between you, or you may meet each other when one of you is not ready to enter into an emotional relationship. .

However, recognizing the qualities you would like to see in your emotional partner plays a role in shaping and strengthening a successful relationship. With this awareness, we can recognize the important priorities of the relationship and succeed in entering it.

The traits that women are most inclined to ask of men in their lives are divided into three general groups:

  1. Adherence to ethics (They ask all men);
  2. Sensitivity and accuracy in the relationship (Ask male friends and emotional partners);
  3. Satisfying sincerity (They ask their emotional partner).

1. What is morality?

What do women want from an emotional relationship - adherence to morality

Mutual respect is one of the most important human desires in a relationship. When the respect between the parties to the relationship is lost, the possibility of its continuation is almost zero. Women expect respect from their counterparts, and this respect should be just like the respect a man gives to his homosexuality.

When one of the parties to the relationship is not respected enough or is dominated by the other party, sooner or later the relationship breaks down. In an emotional relationship, even when you are angry or frustrated with your emotional partner, you should not destroy the sanctities. Among the important characteristics that women expect from men in the field of morality, the following should be mentioned:

Transparent communication

Constant transparency in a relationship is a must for a successful relationship. When the dimensions of the relationship are clear and there is transparency, there will be the possibility of development and progress.


Honesty is one of the most important characteristics of any relationship, in the absence of which, the possibility of forming a successful relationship will be zero. Never act in a way that makes the other person suspect you.

To be trusted and reliable

The presence of these two characteristics on both sides of the relationship causes a deeper relationship to be formed.


The parties to the relationship must show responsibility in their actions and behavior. Having a long-term and healthy emotional relationship requires a very high level of maturity. In the absence of this feature, disputes and controversies put the two sides of the relationship in a fruitless and undesirable game of “blaming”. In this way, communication will be untimely and emotional damage will not be easily repaired and treated.

2. What is reasonable sensitivity in a relationship?

Emotional relationship - Sensitivity in the relationship

Women need men who express their love, patience, understanding, compassion and companionship in a relationship. It does not matter exactly what the relationship between a man and a woman is, but whatever the relationship, whether it is marital or friendly (acquaintance) and., Both parties must consider and pay attention to each other’s feelings. Each party must be aware of the other patient’s patience and effort to survive the relationship and know that they must pay attention to each other and love each other.


Friendship is necessary. Friendship with an emotional partner means that you are patient and receptive to him. The woman expects the man to use the same patience and understanding that he has in relation to his close friends. Of course, all these things lead to a positive result when they are mutually observed.

emotional maturity

Emotional maturity is also essential for a successful relationship. Sometimes having childish behaviors may make the relationship happy, but important situations require adult behavior and thinking. Using tact to solve problems and remove barriers to the relationship is also one of the important features that should exist in both parties. Sometimes it is better to use your mind to solve the problem instead of putting pressure and forcing your emotional partner to do something.


Supporting the woman in your life is worth a world to her. Supporting an emotional partner is the main role of every person. It does not matter if you are a friend or an emotional partner, you need to be there for them whenever they need your emotional or practical help. The parties should do whatever they can for each other when needed.

Your emotional partner may need to listen to you or share your thoughts with him or her. Issues such as raising children or financial problems are also among the issues that need mutual support. In general, try to be positive and efficient.

Sensitivities and understanding of the other party’s experiences

Sensitivity, along with understanding and accepting the different life experiences of the other party, is effective in having a successful relationship. The experiences and cultural perspective of each individual depend on Gender identity He is. Every person in a relationship should pay attention to their own way of thinking and thinking about the negative effects of some of society’s small views on the woman in their life.

Men and women look at different issues such as women’s rights and status can be the product of their experiences and environment. Society’s misguided view of women, discrimination, unfair treatment, or gender stereotypes may cause people to misbehave.

Gender stereotypes have many disadvantages, and putting them aside by an emotional or work relationship will benefit everyone. Do not force women to prove themselves. Men and women should live and work together equally. In addition, the points they receive must be equal.

3. What is a satisfying intimacy like with an emotional partner?

emotional relationship

Women seek to inject excitement and adventure into their relationship. Of course, this excitement and adventure will be valuable and desirable when it is combined with safety and according to people’s tastes and desires. In order to be satisfied in this regard, both parties must mentally challenge themselves and welcome new, safe and desirable experiences with their partner. The welcome and enthusiasm of the parties helps to gain diverse and interesting experiences to strengthen the relationship.

Companionship and friendship

The companionship and friendship of the parties to the relationship with each other leads to the formation of long-term relationships and the stability of the emotional relationship and takes the relationship to higher levels. There are many issues and events in life that can disrupt your emotional and even sexual relationships; For example, the arrival of children, longer working hours or tighter job responsibilities, and the occurrence of unforeseen events such as disabilities. The companionship and friendship of the parties and helping each other can help reduce the pressure caused by these problems.

To show affection

Saying love sentences is not easy for some people. Sometimes expressing such sentences puts a heavy responsibility on the parties. Some people believe that expressing love and saying “I love you” makes them look weak and vulnerable, but the fact is that if you love someone, you have to express interest in them. He needs to know about your love for him. Even if you are not able to convey your feelings verbally, you should seek to express love in other ways that are valuable to the other person. We all need to be loved.

Healthy sex

Women do not like their husbands to use sex as a reward for good work. In fact, the good behavior of your emotional partner should not be a means to an end.

If you consider sex as a reward for a particular behavior, you are turning your sex into an economic transaction that is not the right thing to do. There are very few women who welcome such a relationship.

Pay attention to the sexual needs of the parties

Women's emotional needs

Another thing that women want from an emotional relationship is to consider the sexual needs of both parties in a relationship. Healthy sex should be an engaging activity to get to know each other as much as possible about each other’s bodies, not repetition. If a woman’s emotional partner has the right vision of the needs of both parties, they will both enjoy the relationship equally. Men should try to discover the secrets of this relationship.

Something we all deserve

Women need men to stand by them and enjoy their success as much as they enjoy their success. In this way, women can enjoy their lives as much as men. Men should take the time to understand their husbands’ power and respect him for all the good that this woman has brought into their lives. You need to know that men and women want something in common in an emotional relationship. Only the form of receiving these requests is different.




What do women want from an emotional relationship?

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