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What do we do when a rejection touches our chest? Ways to deal with rejection

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Acceptance and rejection happen to everyone. This is the truth of life. Anyone can face it and it certainly will not feel good. We always like to keep others happy and do whatever we can for it. This is natural, because we are human; But sometimes we get used to avoiding any situation in which we may not be accepted. In this article, you will learn how to turn a negative situation of rejection into a great potential for a great opportunity.

Rejection is so frustrating for some people that it paralyzes them and prevents them from doing what they love. This fear puts your mind in a state where you stop doing something for fear of others’ thoughts, and you almost get stuck. You may think that others will not accept you and reject or ridicule you, and all this happens only to you; but do not worry. This is something that happens to everyone and is not personal. Every day millions of people face rejection for various reasons.

The effects of “fear of rejection” on life and how to deal with it

We all have goals and dreams; But if we allow fear of rejection to prevent us from achieving these goals, our dreams and goals, like the fruits of the tree, remain just in front of our eyes, very close but out of reach. Sticking to the status quo and not taking steps to overcome this fear gives us a sense of refuge that can protect us from the bite of any unacceptable kind.

But you have to ask yourself if you have tried your best to overcome the fear of not being accepted and you have stepped forward and worked to see how much you can overcome this fear and enter the company of others or you are just sitting back and wandering without doing anything. And you said anxiously to yourself, “What if they do not accept me?” Or “What if I was not afraid?” Or “What if I didn’t care about not being accepted?”

This is a choice we all have to make. Some people feel safe sitting by and doing nothing. They will have less pain like this; But others believe that constant regret and worthlessness are worthless and that they should do something about it. Some people also believe that not being accepted motivates them to move forward and face more rejections. They are moving forward and they do not care what happens.

Unwanted rejection can sometimes happen to us. It is how we react to this situation that determines its consequences for us.
Before we learn what to do when a rejection hits our chest, it is best to get acquainted with some of the rejections in our lives.

Some of the unacceptable things we face in life

1. job interview

This situation happens many times: while you are wearing your best clothes, you quickly get to the job interview session and at the same time, you are reviewing the answers to possible questions in your mind; Be prepared for the interview as much as possible. Then you pass the interview session successfully and say to yourself that everything went well; But a week later, you will receive an email from your employer thanking you for saying that they have selected another candidate but put your resume in the office archive.

2. Meet or meet new people

You are sitting in a coffee shop with a friend. Then Sarukle finds some of his friends you do not know and they start talking to each other. You feel uncomfortable because you do not know them. However, you think you have to show a little sociality and decide to enter into their conversation. At this point, you want to influence these people so that they like you and you hope that happens.

3. Business transactions

Your first day at a large company as a sales representative. You are excited and want to go to work and show your skills and prove that your employment was the right one. One of the first clients you meet on the first day is the company you want to work with. In the meeting you have with the customer, you talk well about your services. You wonder if the customer will agree with you, and in these days when the economic situation is unfavorable, he is willing to pay for it all; What if you can’t sign him? Will the boss get angry and treat you like someone who is worthless?

4. Push friends or peers

You are at a party with your best friends. Some of them start smoking and ask you why you do not smoke and even offer you a lighted cigarette. Do you accept smoking? Do you start smoking even though you say you will never smoke? Do you think that if you say “no thank you” for their compliments, you will still be attractive to them?

5. Relationships and romantic appointments

Rejection, fear of rejection

Suppose you are at a party and you lean against the wall. Your eye catches the person standing across the room. Your heart warms to see him and he flies with enthusiasm. What do you do? Do you turn away from him? Or do you just stare at him? Or do you go to him and talk to him while your heart is pounding?

Simple ways to deal with rejection

1. This feeling is only in your mind

Not being accepted, an emotion in the mind

Tell yourself that all this fear that you feel is only in your mind. The game of rejection is something we set up in our minds. When we are afraid of doing something, we create scenarios of the consequences in our minds. No one can predict the future, let alone know what will happen to you in 5 minutes. The first thing you need to do when dealing with your fears is to advance what you fear.

who cares? Prove to yourself that you do not care about the consequences of what you do. If you want to make an appointment with someone, just go and talk to them. Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that can happen?” And when you think about it completely, you will realize that even if your request is not accepted, nothing special will happen and you will not lose anything.

2. Focus on the positive aspects

Stop thinking about the negative consequences and focus on the positive results. Instead of dwelling on the worst-case scenarios you may be experiencing, focus on the positive results that come after trying to achieve what you want.

We always have an undesirable tendency to focus on our mistakes and on bad and wrong things; But this is not good at all. When you want to overcome the feeling of rejection, you have to think in your mind of success and think to yourself what success will be like and how good it will feel and how good life will be.

Are you afraid to speak in front of 100 people? Remember to never worry about forgetting what you want to say or worry about not being able to make good eye contact with your audience. Focus on the crowd, the applause, and the standing ovation after your perfect talk. If you think about this positive result before the speech, you can give yourself a chance to make your dream come true.

3. Be persistent

Not accepted, perseverance

Have you ever seen a child who wants something but does not get it? This happens to the child many times; But he always gets exactly what he wants. This is due to several factors, all of which arise from the thought process. The child can go on stage and give lectures to 1000 people and not think about anything else. The whole point is that children have no fear. They do not care about anything. Rejection is not seen in any of their words.

In fact, what keeps them from achieving their goals is perseverance. There is no such thing as failure in children. Not being accepted is not something you try to do once and then give up. They try again and again to finally succeed; So if there is one thing that children can teach us as adults, it is not to give up on failure and never to give up.

The connection between rejection and creativity

It is interesting to know that not being accepted leads to creativity. researchers Johns Hopkins University Their research has shown that our sense of rejection helps us access the more creative side of our being.

This is important because it shows that even if there is someone who does not think you and your ideas are valuable, there are certainly other people who believe otherwise.

You should never give up your passion and effort with an unpleasant event. You can consider rejecting your ideas as a good thing, because it is usually a sign that your ideas are ahead of your time and you are on the right track.

Meanwhile, good things usually happen to people who go a long way and do not follow the crowd.

Rejection makes a person more creative; For example, in such situations, you want to be able to tell yourself that you have no problem and that you are, in fact, perfect. You are unique and this feature is very valuable in this world; Because you have your own thoughts and feelings and you can do things in a completely different way from others.

Finally remember…

Do not think that everything is over because you have not been accepted once, twice or three times! Success has no limits. If you have not yet achieved your goal in life or your dreams, the only thing that stops you is yourself; So do not let yourself or anyone else get in your way.

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What do we do when a rejection touches our chest? Ways to deal with rejection

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