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What causes punching in sleep and pain after waking up? Introducing 6 effective solutions

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Babies usually clench their fists before going to bed, then release their bodies and open their fists after sleeping; But what about us adults? Why do some of us punch our hands while sleeping? It may be because of a dream we have, but other factors can also cause the hands to clench while sleeping. In this article, we want to examine this issue. Finally, here are six effective ways to prevent fistfights while sleeping. Stay with us.

Reasons to shake hands in sleep

The good news is that most of the time, it is perfectly normal to shake hands in sleep. In most cases, the only cause is discomfort in waking, not sleeping. The human brain processes emotions during sleep and stores memories of the day; So if you have a stressful day, it is perfectly normal to have a lively dream (for example, dreaming, fighting, or being chased) and wake up with a clenched fist.

However, if this behavior is repeated and you wake up with hand pain and swelling, you should look for other causes. Reasons that can affect hand fisting in sleep include the following:

1. Emotional anxiety or stress

Recent theories have found a link between clenching and clenching teeth. Studies have shown that both behaviors activate the emotional cortex in the brain, and more than 70% of tooth extractions occur during periods of stress and anxiety; So if you have a long period of clenching your teeth and clenching your teeth, you should check the amount of pressure and stress.

2. Physical struggle, pressure or pain

Maybe you have started a sport like weightlifting or maybe your back has just started to ache. However, pain, pressure, or physical exertion can manifest themselves directly or indirectly in the hands.
Notice the new changes in your life. These changes may have affected the clenching of the fist. If you have increased physical activity, be sure to drink plenty of water; Because lack of water in the body can cause muscle cramps.

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3. Some medications

Cholesterol-lowering drugs can cause muscle soreness and cramps. This condition is caused by an increase in creatine in the bloodstream and is more common in women.

Antidepressants can also cause joint and muscle pain. If there have been any recent changes in your medication, these changes may be a reason for your hands to clench in your sleep.

4. Latent diseases

Epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, and schizophrenia are all related to fistfighting and can cause sleep or wakefulness. Although clenching of the teeth is associated with sleep apnea, no association has been found between sleep apnea and punching.

What can we do?

Ways to avoid punching hands in sleep

There is still research in this area, but for now you can reduce the symptoms of clenched fists in a few small steps.

1. Write the changes

Be curious about any changes that are taking place in your health. Try to think hard and see when your hands first started punching and whether there were any specific changes in your diet, medications or other daily habits at that time.

2. Reduce stress

Reducing stress is a key to reducing a lot of pain. Try to calm your mind before going to bed. Try meditation, deep breathing, soothing music or a hot shower.

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3. Reduce stimuli

These days, try to reduce your intake of caffeine, nicotine and sugar.

4. Try magnesium

Magnesium is a natural treatment for muscle relaxation that can reduce muscle cramps and stiffness. Talk to your doctor to find out the right dose and make sure it does not interfere with your other medications.

5. Drink enough water

Dehydration can cause muscle cramps; So be sure to drink water and electrolyte drinks. Just be careful to drink less water at night so that you do not have to wake up several times to go to the bathroom.

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6. Hold the object in your hand

While sleeping, some people relax a little by holding something in their hand. Hold something like a pressure ball or a small pillow in your hands while you sleep.

Could it be good for us to shake hands in our sleep?

There are some positive points about this that you should be aware of. Research has shown that clenching our fists in sleep can help us better control our physical or mental distress and even give us a sense of control and power.

Sometimes making a lot of physical changes is related to mental problems. Controlling mood and stress is not only good for your physical well-being, it can also prevent many diseases. So incorporate ways to overcome anxiety and manage stress in your daily routine to enjoy its physical and mental benefits.

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What causes punching in sleep and pain after waking up? Introducing 6 effective solutions

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