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What can we do to combat the effects of sleep deprivation in the workplace?

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Insomnia and insomnia is one of the major problems of the modern age and has a significant impact on our performance and our work life. Everyone knows the importance of getting enough sleep; But there are times when whatever we do, sleep does not come to our eyes. In such a case, how can its effects be countered or at least reduced? In this article, we will look at ways to deal with the effects of insomnia while working.

We have all experienced insomnia or lack of sleep at night. Regardless of the reasons, this has a clear effect on our performance during the day. The problem becomes more important when we are busy and have to work long hours. In such a case, our lack of sleep will definitely affect our job performance.

Although getting enough sleep is scientific advice that everyone is aware of, there are nights when we do not get a good night’s sleep. So we have to have solutions to reduce its negative effects. In this article, we introduce temporary and basic solutions to solve this problem.

Temporary solution

Tea and coffee are one of the easiest ways to deal with sleep deprivation at work. The caffeine in these two drinks keeps you fresh and alert for hours.

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Caffeine is the most consumed substance in the world of work, which indicates the great need of employees to stay awake. However, taking this substance as a drug only relieves the apparent symptoms of insomnia, but it is not able to solve the problem in a fundamental way. On the other hand, over-consumption leads to more insomnia and worsens the problem in the long run. It is better to limit the use of this substance to certain times and conditions.

Basic solutions

Resting at work can help alleviate sleep deprivation
Facebook’s rest and nap compartment

One of the basic and obvious solutions is to get enough rest and sleep before working out. This solution is not easy to implement. Less work necessities allow employees or employers to sleep whenever they feel tired. However, knowing how sleep deprivation can have profound negative effects on people’s performance and performance may lead leaders to make better decisions. Even managers who suffer from insomnia themselves may make decisions that have devastating effects on the entire organization and members of the company due to a loss of consciousness and cognitive ability of the brain. By being aware of the dangers of insomnia, it is possible to give more importance to adequate sleep of employees. Even if deep sleep for a few hours is not possible, a short 20-minute nap is enough to relieve fatigue and restore brain power.

Another basic and long-term solution to this problem is to be inspired by dolphin behavior. These creatures live in water but need to breathe to survive. So they have to constantly come to the surface to breathe. But how do they do this while sleeping ?! Dolphins’ brains have evolved in such a way that half of them always stay awake during sleep. Therefore, dolphins can reach the surface of the water while sleeping.

A short nap at work is very effective in relieving insomnia.

Obviously, the human brain does not have this ability; But you can divide team members into two or more groups by looking at the division of tasks that takes place in the dolphins’ brains. By doing this, a group always has the opportunity to rest and take a nap. This method is already used in some jobs such as hospitals and large factories. Rooms and areas can be considered for rest and nap so that each group can sleep away from the noise of the environment.

However, this approach should not lead to a culture of “overwork – nap”. In addition to snoozing, the human brain needs deep sleep. So, as the director of the organization, you have to show both verbally and in practice that the rest room is not going to replace deep sleep at night. This is only a way to relieve fatigue and reduce work pressure, not a way to take advantage and increase working hours!

What if we could not rest and take a nap?

Despite all the above mentioned solutions, sometimes we have to work with sleep deprivation. In this case, we can use some solutions to reduce the effects of sleep deprivation:

  • Postpone tasks that require a lot of attention and focus. Scientific research has shown that sleep deprivation has the greatest negative impact on new tasks. So it is better to do the usual and routine tasks (which do not require much care) and leave the more important tasks to another time.
  • Get help from others. There are many healthy people in your team who have had enough rest. You can ask them for help with important tasks that your brain does not have the flexibility to do in sleep deprivation. Using the brain capacity of others to overcome insomnia is a good solution. Of course, other team members may one day have this problem and ask you for help.
  • Finally, if you have to do everything yourself, try to check the result with the help of others before fixing the result and fix any possible problems. If possible, leave the presentation to another day when you are healthy so that you can review it again.




What can we do to combat the effects of sleep deprivation in the workplace?

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