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What are the benefits of using the opposite hand? Does it make us smarter?

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Information on some websites suggests that using the opposite hand stimulates cognitive and creative brain functions; For example, using the opposite hand to brush improves brain health. The message of these websites is simple: to make a stronger connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, practice using the opposite hand to be a smarter and more capable person; But how much does using the opposite hand affect intelligence? Follow this article to find the answer to this question.

Function of the human brain

Your brain is an organ that develops through mental stimulation. By creating new neurons, the brain regularly adapts, grows, and re-wires. As people get older, they may lose their memory or good motor skills, which, except in cases related to the disease, is often due to not exercising and not strengthening the brain. This means that if you do not use your brain, it will lose information.

What effect does using the opposite hand have on brain function?

Using the opposite hand strengthens the brain’s neural connections and even creates new ones. Just like physical exercise improves your physical function and muscle growth.

Try to write with your opposite hand. Use it to control a computer mouse or a TV. Brush with the opposite hand. You will probably find that it is much harder to be precise in your movements. It may be a little difficult to move your hand in the opposite direction of your head for the first time.

When you write with the opposite hand, it may remind you of the feeling you first had when writing your name. You may feel helpless, but that ‘s just because you’re teaching a new skill to your brain.

Regular use of the opposite hand to do the job ultimately gives you the knowledge and ability to use it with better performance; However, this ability may not be as easy as using your dominant hand.

Use the opposite hand and increase intelligence

Although using the opposite hand to do things is a logical suggestion, its connection to increasing intelligence does not fit into reason. Each achievement only includes the skills you have practiced. Even if you achieve hemispheric coordination, the new neural wiring will not necessarily be helpful.

It’s not a bad idea to be good for specific skills in each of your categories; But it is unlikely to make you smarter. The reasons for this are given below.

Experiments examining the effects of using the opposite hand

In 2016, a study was conducted in which right-hand participants drew shapes with their left hand for 10 days and 20 minutes a day. The researchers found that the designs became smoother and smoother over time. They speculated that this excellent control was due to the stronger connections between the motor cortices of the left and right hands in the brain that control the function of the hands. Instead, pictures F. ام. R. Oh you (fMRI) showed that both control regions have an enhanced relationship with the praxis network. This network is a group of structures that bridge the gap between the two hemispheres and assist in skillful movements and the use of tools in humans.

This particular change means that practicing with your left hand will only improve your left hand drawing and will not necessarily enhance another skill. Scientists are not even sure that design skills can be transferred to your handwriting and you can find a better handwriting, for example. For this reason, training people to become proficient in any task at any time has limited results, and it cannot be said that multiple skills will be reinforced simultaneously.

Brain mismatch is a feature, not a bug

Use the opposite hand

To say that a hand is “weak” in doing something is not true, because each hand has its own abilities. While your dominant hand is better for precise movements, your non-dominant hand is more stable. This is why if you are right-handed and your hands are full, you hold the items with your left hand and key them with your right hand and open the door. Just because your right hand can use the key better does not mean that your left hand is weak, because your left hand is better at holding bulky, unstable, and unbalanced objects.

Even if you train both hands to make up for their relative shortcomings, it probably has no cognitive benefits. In a 2018 study, participants were tested based on whether they were right-handed or left-handed, or using both hands. The findings showed that the use of both hands has its pros and cons, so that people who used both hands scored lower on tests of memory, arithmetic, language and reasoning. These results are for people who were born with this ability, and researchers are not sure if the results can be generalized to people who have been able to work with both hands through practice.

However, some speculate that it works more efficiently when the brain knows which side to use to do a particular task. This minimizes what is called hemisphere doubt. There may be a problem on both sides of the brain trying to do the same thing. This issue is still debated in the scientific world.

Conclusion: What effect does the use of the opposite hand have on the level of intelligence of individuals?

Achieving good control on the opposite hand can help you become a concert pianist or even a professional tennis player; But these achievements are so special that they cannot change the world outside of what you have mastered. If you want to learn how to work with the opposite hand, this is great; But this kind of change in functional communication does not seem to be a sign of intelligence.

However, according to articles, using the opposite hand is not related to becoming smarter; But for example, when you use your opponent’s hand because of a main hand injury, you grow your brain in some way.

Opposite hand and increase creativity

Using the non-dominant or opposite hand confuses your brain. The brain is responsible for maintaining your efficiency and does so with foresight. The brain understands how our bodies work and behave; But when we use the opposite hand, the brain gets confused and that works a lot. The part of the brain that is responsible for our productivity in our daily activities certainly cannot be the part of the brain that allows us to be creative.

If you want to unleash your hidden creativity, try writing with the opposite hand. Sometimes flipping through our rational minds is necessary for creativity to re-emerge.

The non-dominant hand is usually associated with the non-dominant hemisphere in the brain: the hemisphere that is not normally used. Research shows that one hemisphere is activated in the brain when you use your dominant hand, and both hemispheres are activated in the brain when you use the non-dominant hand. It makes you think differently and get more creative.

Things that can be done with the opposite hand

Use the left hand

Starting to use the opposite hand is like a challenge at first, and you will probably realize how inconsistent your opposite hand is in getting things done. The following is a list of things you can do with the opposite hand. By doing each one regularly, you will gain the necessary skills.

With opposite hand…

  • Brush;
  • Wash your body;
  • Wash dishes;
  • Measure the ingredients;
  • Use the door opener;
  • Spread butter, jam or cheese on bread;
  • Pour the drinks from the pitcher into the glass;
  • Control the computer mouse (you can use the left mouse button);
  • From Dining wood Use (or chopsticks, Japanese sticks for eating), which of course is hard work.

The final word

Some therapists ask their patients to write with the opposite hand. This allows the person to access some of their repressed emotions. If this is interesting to you, you can go to a specialist to help you with these activities. You can write a little each day with your opposite hand and see the effect on increasing creativity or improving performance and strengthening memory.

Share this article with your friends and invite them to the challenge of using the opposite hand. We are waiting for your kind results and comments in the “Post a Comment” section.





What are the benefits of using the opposite hand? Does it make us smarter?

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