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Vintage style decoration; Features and tricks of vintage decoration design

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Vintage decoration is one of the beautiful decoration styles that is often confused with the antique collection. If you are very interested in classic decoration and nostalgia, this article is for you. In vintage decoration, the design and arrangement of furniture and home furnishings, the choice of wallpaper, wall paint, decorative fixtures, materials and interior elements are mostly related to the past decades, which play an important role in the beauty of the home. Join us to get acquainted with vintage style decoration.

What is vintage decoration?

If you ask different people about the definition of vintage decoration, it is very likely that one of them knows this style of decoration as old decor and full of antiques, and the other introduces the collection of old patterned ceramics and decoration with old bottles as vintage decor. These definitions are both true and false. The real definition of this style of decoration is:

Vintage decoration (VintageHome Style) is in fact a combination of old and old elements with special and luxurious or aristocratic methods. Fans of this type of decoration are people who are interested in reviewing good memories of the past. Interior design in vintage decoration is a combination of light or solid colors with old ceramics and flooring. Vintage decoration is very popular today. The combination of modern and contemporary decoration with old decoration creates a very pleasant atmosphere. Reviewing nostalgic memories of the past is one of the reasons for the emergence of vintage style.

Vintage style interior design features

Vintage style decoration feature

1. Combining different pieces and decorative elements

An important feature of vintage interior decoration is the combination of different decorative elements and colors. In this decoration, various tools are used and it has a more collectible look. If you are a fan of simplistic or minimalist decorations, this style will not appeal to you. In vintage style decoration, all elements and layouts, from wallpaper to decorative items, focus on a special and memorable theme.

The purpose of vintage style decoration is to review the beautiful and heartwarming memories of the past.

۲. Lack of crowded decoration

Vintage interior decoration does not have a very crowded design. In this style of decoration, the main rule is that all the elements focus only on a specific decade or time. When using color in decoration, do not forget that all the elements and tools used in this style must have the same colors and patterns and the parts must match; For example, you can use light colors and white or a variety of wood and beautiful fabrics.

The main thing in vintage decoration is that all the elements and colors should match.

3. The old appearance of all the elements

Old elements in vintage decoration

All elements and objects in vintage style interior design should have an old-fashioned look. If you plan to use vintage decoration, you should not use new objects and elements in any way. In vintage interior decor, everything should be chosen from items with an old look; For example, you can use new furniture but with an old look.

Vintage style does not include the display of new and modern objects and equipment.

4. Use the colors evenly

Most colors are used in this style of decoration in a uniform and uniform way. To create a balance in the design of vintage interior decoration, a special and identical color spectrum should be used. If you are a fan of simplicity, white, blue, pink and green colors in decoration can be very suitable for you. You have to spend a lot of time researching to choose the color of the interior of the vintage decoration.

It is very important to pay attention to the elements and the range of colors in vintage decor.

5. Various designs for different spaces

Many people prefer different spaces of their house to have various designs and patterns. In vintage interior decoration, you can easily consider different and varied decoration designs for each part of the house; For example, design a Victorian decoration for your reception, a rustic style for your kitchen layout and another style for your room decoration. Fortunately, in your vintage style, you can use different designs and patterns with ease.

You can build a time machine in your home using different old patterns in different spaces.

Vintage style exterior features of the building

If, in addition to vintage interior decoration, you also want to design the exterior or exterior of the house in vintage style, the following can help you:

1. Use wrought iron

If you want to design the exterior of your house in vintage style, you can use wrought iron protective metal at the entrance of the house, railings and to decorate the windows. Using wrought iron is an amazing way to show the past.

The key to using wrought iron is creative design.

۲. Applying Elizabethan architecture

If your home is in the suburbs and you are very interested in history, you can use Elizabethan architecture for the exterior of the house. In Elizabethan architecture, asymmetric designs are mostly used.

Tricks for designing vintage style decorations

1. Choose your home furniture wisely

Vintage style decoration tricks

Choosing the right furniture with vintage decoration depends on the period of time you decide to renovate it in your home. Different decades of history have had a certain type of furniture, each of which increased the beauty of the house more than before. Do not forget the following when choosing furniture for vintage decoration:

  • Furniture Suitable and in the same color as the dining table Choose yourself. Today, you can safely find old-fashioned furniture on the market and remodel your home with the unique memories of decades past. Upholstery can be plain, patterned, leather or velvet. Due to the advancement of technology, you can easily order the right furniture for your desired time period. Do not worry about this after this.
  • Furniture is better in vintage decoration design Wood design with beautiful engravings Have. Wood has long been the focus of much attention. In general, wood makes the space very warm and intimate.
  • You can use it on your furniture table or honeycomb table Old boxes use. These boxes, which you must have seen in your grandmother’s house, are very popular in vintage style. You can get old boxes in different designs and sizes from different markets.
  • Old furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries Vintage decoration is in focus. These types of sofas have a beautiful inlaid design with embroidered backs and their tables are carved and usually match any kind of decorative device.
  • notice that Paint furniture with wall and floor paint Also matching Have.
If you have decided to paint the walls yourself, the building painting tutorial article will help you.

۲. Seek originality in choosing old items

Real and heavy wood and steel are used in the manufacture and production of suitable equipment for vintage decoration. Instead of low-quality and cheap, common items, it is better to bring originality and credibility to your home by using real and high-quality antiques.

3. The combination of modern and old materials is a necessity

Assembling or combining old and modern materials is very important in vintage decoration. You can not use old and heavy iron cabinets, because you may damage yourself; So in these circumstances, combining today’s MDF cabinets with the old design and appearance is a very necessary and important principle.

4. Decorative items should look good

Use decorative items that are beautiful in showing the old look. If you have a memorable photo from the past and you want to install it on the wall of the house, it is better to use a beautiful photo frame with an old look. Consider the important points in arranging the frame on the wall or table.

5. Use light colors for the walls

Bright colors in vintage style decorations

The walls in vintage decoration should be simple and light in color. In vintage decoration style, you will constantly use all kinds of paintings and decorative items for the wall. If the color of the wall is simple, more attention will be paid to the decorative items. You can also use the psychology of colors if you wish.

6. Install the wallpaper in the correct place

If you plan to use wallpaper, the ideal method is to have a strategy for it and just install it on a wall that is empty in front of you and you have not put anything. Keep the rest of the walls simple as the rest of the fixtures take up enough space.

7. Use accessories and decorative items only to complete the charm of the decor

Use decorative accessories only for more attractiveness and not more. You are not going to decorate your home with decorative items.

8. Design an old-fashioned library

Use old books. Like old books, they are old books. For decoration with old books, you can put them on top of each other as usual and tie a beautiful knot on them with ordinary thread.

Another method you can use is to place old books in an old-fashioned design library so that they attract attention.

You can use personal library design article ideas at home.

Concluding remarks

If you are very interested in reminiscing about the past and you prefer classic decoration to simple decoration, be sure to use vintage decoration in your home. Using this style of decoration proves your aristocracy and originality. In vintage style, you can freely combine different patterns and designs and live a unique century in any part of your home.

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Vintage style decoration; Features and tricks of vintage decoration design


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