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Types of confidence; 3 ways to develop self-confidence

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There is a concept in Buddhism that the form that human life takes and every problem that arises in it are all the result of one’s own behavior and no one but him is responsible for his life and problems. Many of the problems and disorders arise as a result of lack of self-confidence, and the importance of this feature led us to dedicate the subject of this article to the introduction of different types of self-confidence and provide you with more detailed information about each. Stay with us.

Self-confidence is always the result of a kind of heartfelt belief. In general, we can divide this belief into three different types and consider a separate area for each peak; Areas that ultimately create all kinds of confidence. In the following, we will describe these areas in more detail.

Types of confidence

1. Self-confidence as a result of believing in abilities

The first type of self-confidence comes from believing in abilities. This belief is related to activities that you are good at and trained to do.

For example, a professionally trained musician has a strong belief in his or her ability to perform a piece of music (in such cases, of course, one should be wary of false or overconfident self-confidence), but clearly in another activity or skill such as Cooking will not have such a belief in itself.

Consecutive successes in the work you are skilled at do give rise to this belief in abilities. Achieving the highest level of success in the job in which you are skilled will probably take several years, which may not be the case and you will achieve it in a shorter period of time, but what is clear is that the will to achieve this success , You need discipline, perseverance, commitment and motivation to motivate you for continuous improvement. After reaching this high point and when in your field of work, so-called intense master, you will find self-confidence that will be largely safe from any harm and because it is formed in the subconscious mind and over time. , Is considered one of the best types of self-confidence.

Achieving this self-confidence is not a difficult task, and it is enough to pay more attention to your skills in doing what you have been trained to do, and through it, believe in your ability to do it; Ultimately, it is this belief that will build your confidence.

2. Self-confidence as a result of believing in the ability to learn new skills and find solutions to problems

This type of self-confidence is related to activities that you do not have special skills and have not been trained to do. An important question that arises in the field of these activities is that without sufficient insight and information about a particular problem, how will it be possible to find a solution to it? To find the answer to this question, you must first identify the inner voice that tells you that you will not be able to find a solution.

Nishiran Daishunin, a thirteenth-century Japanese Buddhist priest (one of Japan’s most well-known Buddhist priests, has his own unique school of Buddhism where his teachings are taught.) It has no external existence and is only in the mind. This inner voice may take the form of what your teacher, father, or friend says, but it will have the most impact on you, and the more you allow it to spread, the more it will affect your final will and decision. To get rid of these inner voices, or in the words of the “devil” Buddhist priest, they must be carefully monitored so that they can be controlled, otherwise you will either be surprised or terrified to encounter them in any of these In both cases, it is not possible to take an approach with the desired result.

Unpleasant experiences and past failures are another issue that you have to deal with. If you rely on the necessary courage and awareness to try new ways that you do not feel comfortable with, past failures will not necessarily signal another unpleasant experience in the future. Many people who have managed to give up an unhealthy habit such as smoking forever have tried to quit and failed many times, and overcoming these unpleasant experiences has brought them ultimate success.

The capabilities of the human mind are far greater than most people think. Believing in these abilities and not underestimating ourselves causes us to move towards our goals with more creativity and will. To achieve this kind of confidence and take on new tasks, think about why, if it is possible to do something, why should not you be the one to get the job done? Genius is an inherent issue and genius has to wait for it to be born, but it is always possible to learn new skills and with enough confidence, there will be nothing we can do.

3. Self-confidence as a result of believing in intrinsic value

Belief in intrinsic value - the third type of type of confidence

The third and final type of self-confidence that we will introduce in this article is self-confidence, which is obtained as a result of believing in intrinsic value. Have you ever wondered where we get our self-esteem from? Unfortunately, even those who value themselves at a desirable and healthy level have little self-esteem and are likely to collapse. The easiest way to achieve self-esteem is to rely on issues and characteristics such as good looks, money, fame and unique talent (writing, painting, etc.) that, of course, only a limited number of people have access to. On the other hand, there are issues and traits that will make it harder to achieve self-esteem, but more people have access to it: being popular with others, doing the right thing, helping others, and participating in activities. Social and usefulness in them are among them.

Self-esteem, whether gained by relying on the characteristics of the first category or by relying on the characteristics of the second category, has a fundamental problem in any case: that it may easily be lost. Good looks are not always, as is money and wealth, fame may be followed by notoriety (or worse, apathy and loss of passion), popularity among others is not always, and so on. Another point to keep in mind is that self-esteem, if we want to use simile, is like a hungry animal: in the sense that in order to remain stable, it must be fed regularly; The opposite of self-confidence, that is, pride and arrogance (that is, to convince ourselves that we are more valuable than others, we will consider ourselves superior to them). This is while true self-confidence is independent of external factors and exists spontaneously; If we want to achieve that, we do not need to compare ourselves to someone or something that we believe is less valuable.

Now the important question arises, what is the solution and how can true self-confidence be achieved? Maybe the best way is to literally fall in love with your life. Of course, he does not love the part of himself that thinks only of what belongs to him and what he thinks of others and looks at the world from this perspective, but loves the higher part for which all people, regardless of their position, are equally valuable. , Is full of love and has an inexhaustible capacity to forgive, understand and do good deeds. There is a part that has not been affected by trauma, and although many of us deny its existence, or are unaware of it. If self-esteem does not reach the desired level due to a factor such as lack of love in childhood or does not develop due to trauma, there is a possibility of resorting to any of the unreliable sources mentioned earlier, but unfortunately using them will lead us to the desired result. Will not deliver. True self-confidence is achieved only if we know and rely on the transcendent part of our being.

We all go through a period in our lives when we lack any kind of self-confidence and are influenced by our surroundings for fear of being harmed or embarrassed, and in the meantime, if something or someone causes harassment. If we are bothered, we will consider it superior to ourselves and we will not see the ability to deal with it. This is perfectly normal, but something that does not overwhelm a person will make him stronger, and it is important that by learning from such experiences, he paves the way for true self-confidence. It is better to start with the first two types of self-confidence, because they are relatively easier to identify and achieve than the third type, and somehow provide the basis for achieving true self-confidence. they do. Another point is that achieving any kind of self-confidence will not be the end of the matter, and there may still be situations or circumstances that affect self-confidence; The ultimate goal should be to achieve self-confidence that is safe from harm and is not affected by anything or anyone.



Types of confidence; 3 ways to develop self-confidence

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