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Things human resource managers need to learn from Game of Thrones

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There are a variety of issues and information that can inspire and inform human resource managers. But perhaps none of them are as relevant to our world today as the lessons learned from Game of Thrones or Game of Thrones about human resource management. Join us for more details.

Having the right approach in dealing with risks

“Management-based decisions made by Game of Thrones characters sometimes have irreparable and devastating consequences,” said Bruce Creven, co-founder of Advanced Management at Columbia Business School. “But surviving characters learn how to make better decisions and, at the same time, deal more effectively with the dangers that await them.”

Although the decisions that human resource managers make, such as the decisions of Game of Thrones characters, do not involve life and death, having the right approach to dealing with and managing risks is one of the most important factors in decision making.

Thinking about the outcome and impact of decisions; No leadership is perfect

Describing the management style of the fiction course for business graduates at the Columbia School, Bruce Craven describes the narrative style of Game of Thrones as “essentially a combination of mythical elements.” (Dragons, sorcerers and the resurrected dead) and some of the ideas in the story are inspired by real historical events.

“Parts of the Game of Thrones story are based on historical events and about leaders who were at a crossroads or made a decision, and the end result was the opposite of what they expected,” he said. A decision may seem logical at first glance, but trusting the wrong person will only lead to execution in public. In today’s world, the decisions we make may not be so serious and may not have consequences such as death or execution; “But we often struggle with the same stress and anxiety and unpredictable results when making decisions.”

It is no secret to fans of the popular Game of Thrones series that Ned Stark, John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are just three of the characters in the big world of the series, who are involved throughout the story with the heavy responsibilities of managing and leading others.

“The characters in Game of Thrones are compelling and can be extended to the real world,” explains Bruce Creven. Because they are not as flawless as real humans and managers; “They are in a state of tension and anxiety, and they are working hard to make the results of their decisions improve the situation of those under their command and guidance.”

The difficult and complex situation that human resource managers deal with is very similar to the situation of the characters mentioned in Game of Thrones. No one is perfect, and making important decisions based on complex information at the right time is by no means an easy task. Especially knowing that the consequences of the decision, good or bad, will have a vital impact on the condition of the organization’s employees.

Tyrion Lannister - Tips for HR Managers to Learn From Game of Thrones

Risk-taking in compliance with obligations

Fans of Game of Thrones probably remember the scene in which Tyrion Lannister regretted and was saddened by the murders he had committed; The assassinations that deprived him of the right to become a compassionate leader. Of course, he calms down a bit when Lord Varis responds to his confession by saying, “I never said you were flawless.”

Like him, no human resource manager can expect his or her decisions to lead to the desired results and make the right decision in any situation.

“We can not expect everything to be perfect in any situation,” Bruce Creven concluded. What to expect is a risky experience; “In a way that is consistent and in line with our commitments.”

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Things human resource managers need to learn from Game of Thrones

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