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The role of spirituality in life; Tips for spiritual growth

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We want to ask you a difficult and challenging question. What do you think is spirituality? What can this word mean? At first glance, we may think of this word as believing in God and religious beliefs. For some, spirituality makes sense with things like personal meditation, yoga, meditation, and striving for peace. If we want to enter this category, we have to think in more detail. In this article, we will try to make sense of spirituality. Are yo ready?

What does spirituality mean?

Many people are spiritual but do not belong to the religious category. For example, statistics show that in many advanced societies, many people have turned away from religion, but the need for spirituality is still alive and well in their hearts and minds. In fact, even when they leave religion out of their lives, the need for spirituality is still there.

So the search for spirituality is not something that is limited to religious communities. Humans need to know more about themselves. This effort has existed in the human institution from the past until now, and it has brought and has many benefits.

Definition of spirituality

It seems that spirituality means trying to put aside wrong and unrealistic perceptions of the world and get to know your soul better, or to put aside selfishness and egoism and try to understand life and being. Those who are interested in the meaning of spirituality are trying to know their own reality better.

Perhaps spirituality is a sense of the need to connect to a force superior to human existence. Some find spirituality in religion and some bring it into their lives in other ways, for example through exercises such as meditation.

The benefits of spirituality

It may seem strange, but even medical scientists have realized that paying attention to spirituality in life can have beneficial effects on the human body. Examples of the benefits and positive results of spirituality include the following:

  • Better sleep;
  • Balanced blood pressure;
  • And even low death rates!

Those who open the doors of spirituality to life also have better moral qualities; For example, they get along better with others, are more empathetic and empathetic, and have a strong sense of empathy for others. The self-esteem of such people also increases more than other people.

Scientific research and spirituality

Some scientific research has shown that human beings have a serious need for spirituality, and those who are far from this category have difficulty finding patterns in the universe. The result of this distance will be problems such as depression or anhedonia. Anhedonia means the inability to experience pleasure.

Science says that spirituality can also have positive effects on the human brain. Belief in spiritual matters is associated with increased levels of serotonin in the brain. This substance can prevent the cortex or cortex from thinning.

Is religion and spirituality useful for human beings?

Numerous studies show that the benefit of religious beliefs has many benefits for human beings. Those who believe in this category choose a healthier lifestyle. For example, they smoke less, do not drink alcohol, are able to ward off anger, and appear better in society.

Of course, according to some research, extremism in being religious is also harmful. For example, in some societies where religion is extremely prevalent, people experience unpleasant feelings such as guilt and guilt.

Are pro-spiritual people more generous?

According to the results of various researches, those who have had bitter and serious experiences of mental problems, become more spiritual after the recovery and characteristics such as self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice increase in these people; For example, they become more generous and even willing to give their all to a needy stranger.

People who believe in spirituality seem to be more generous and empathetic than others and move away from consumerism and materialism. They do not turn away from thoughts like suicide, and their quest for purpose and meaning prevents despair and despair from taking over their lives.

What is the search for meaning?

Humans instinctively tend to find meaning in life. Even people who are not interested in spirituality sometimes realize that there is something beyond material life in this world. When the brain processes sensory experiences, it naturally looks for patterns in those sensory experiences and tries to find meaning in them. Such a process can lead to cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance says that when a person suddenly believes in something, he tries his best to put aside and eliminate the things that contradict it.

In fact, religion or spirituality may lead to cognitive dissonance. Of course, this is not limited to religion and spirituality and can occur about different thoughts and ideas.

How can meaning be found in life?

Victor Frankl is a Holocaust survivor psychiatrist. He seems to be a good person to define meaning. His idea of ​​finding meaning in life is also interesting. He says:

We should not strive for meaning in life. Instead, it is better to feel it as a result of trying to achieve different goals.

Research also shows that the more we seek meaning in life, the less we will be satisfied and happy in life.

How is spiritual growth possible?

There are ways to achieve spiritual growth in life. These methods have been discovered and used by humans based on experience or based on science:

1. study

By reading the religious and spiritual destinies and experiences of others, you can also find answers to your mental questions about spirituality.

۲. Meditation

Relaxing meditation exercises also build bridges within us. Striving for peace of mind helps us to understand spirituality. Meditation and yoga can calm the mind.

3. Take an inner look at yourself

In order to seek spirituality in life, one must sometimes see oneself beyond the mortal body and strive for what makes one feel alive and alert.

4. Thinking positive

Spirituality and positive thinking

A positive outlook and seeing a half-full glass in life is also a way to bring spirituality into the moments and seconds. By putting aside the black and negative gaze, you can gain the ability to control your mind.

5. Strengthen the habit of being happy

Learn that happiness boils within us. We should not seek happiness outside of ourselves. In fact, happiness should be in our control and not tied to external factors and the world around us.

6. Strengthen the will

Strengthen your will. Be strong in decision making. Decide even on small issues and let your mind be strong. In this case, control will be in your hands.

7. Appreciation

Be grateful for your opportunities and achievements. Thinking about this world draws you out and makes you look wider and deeper.

8. Strengthen patience and endurance

Patience and raising the threshold of your tolerance for others and the world beyond you will help you find your way in life more consciously and consciously.

9. Believing in love and respect

Include love and respect in your relationship, and by doing so you will both be more relaxed and strengthen the ability to understand other opinions and views.

10. Join the community

Spiritual human beings have a good relationship with other human beings. For example, they spend time with their families and are active in the community. This spirit responds to the need to satisfy their sense of belonging.

۱۱. helping poor

Help others or the poor It can be a way to get to know and feel spirituality. Go beyond taking care of your personal life and try to understand more meanings of this world by stepping out of selfishness and selfishness.

at the end

It seems that the need to pursue spirituality in life is essential. This also has scientifically proven benefits. Man is in search of meaning for life and the universe. Spirituality and religion are among the topics that are likely to quench the thirst for meaning. What is the place of spirituality in your life? How much do you think about it?






The role of spirituality in life; Tips for spiritual growth

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