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The most important reason for employees to leave their jobs

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If you go to work every day out of compulsion and lack of motivation, know that you are not alone! According to a Gallup poll, only 33% of employees are passionate about their job. But why are about 70% of the workforce not passionate about their job? Experts believe that “appreciation” is rippling in the world today. This situation can be called a “lack of global appreciation”! To prove this claim, various statistics are available, which in this article we will examine them and ways to solve this problem.

OC Tanner is active in designing strategies for employee appreciation. Based on the research of this institute:

  • 79% of people who quit consider ingratitude as one of the main reasons for their decision.
  • Also, 65% of Americans claim that their efforts were not seen even once last year.

OGoLead is active in training organizational leaders. The company’s research reveals more facts about poor appreciation in the workplace:

  • 82% of employees feel that their efforts are not worth enough for their supervisor.
  • 60% of employees think that gratitude motivates them more than receiving financial rewards.

If leaders value the achievements of their employees, sincerely appreciate them and see the unique work they offer; They get much better results. In this way, the souls of all employees, including the leaders themselves, will be thrilled. This creates a positive energy that flows through the wave like a wave throughout the organization.

So why not all managers use the power of appreciation of the workforce in the workplace?

The first reason is that gratitude is not used purposefully. To make it work, employees must be appreciated. People need to know how to achieve this. Therefore, managers must clearly state everything that is important to them and clarify the relationship between these matters and performance results. In this way, appreciation and appreciation of employees’ efforts becomes a facilitator to achieve the desired results. This situation is called “purposeful destiny”.

The second reason is that a variety of barriers stand in the way of individual recognition. Whenever there is a culture of appreciation in the workplace, you face all these obstacles!

Managers need to learn how to break down these barriers. By doing so, each manager becomes a leader whose motivated team brings him positive results. Let’s take a look at these barriers and how to break them down:

The first obstacle: gratitude is not natural; It’s weird

The more your manager values ​​the value of your work, the more comfortable you feel with it. In addition, the more visible the result of his appreciation, the more motivated he will be to recognize you.

Obstacle 2: Be aware that people expect you to appreciate everything they do

This situation arises when your boss does not use purposeful appreciation. Leaders need to set organizational goals and key mechanisms to achieve them. Then praise the behaviors that conform to these goals and mechanisms in a glorious way.

The last thing any of us want is for people to think they deserve to be appreciated just for being at work. That is why targeting appreciation is a turning point that leaders need to achieve.

Obstacle 3: Appreciation does not have a definite time

The most important reason why our employees leave their jobs

It is one of the best investments of managers when it comes to appreciating employees. As gratitude becomes a daily activity, it becomes more natural and easier to do. Appreciation can easily be transformed from a strange activity into a normal way of doing things.

In fact, by making this change, the productivity of managers also increases. Because employees are eager to help them. The results of purposeful appreciation can be seen all over the world and in people of different ages. This is the key to the success of many organizations and individuals; It can also be the key to your success.




The most important reason for employees to leave their jobs

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