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The most important driving tricks that will make you a better driver

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Many professional drivers and coaches hate the word “accident”. They believe that in most cases the cause of such events is human error or negligence. Even if you have not had an accident before and the police have not fined you, it is always a good idea to get acquainted with some driving tricks that reduce the chance of an accident and to pay more attention to safety issues. In the following, we will talk about these tricks in more detail. How to be a better driver, avoid driving mistakes, and always and in all cases reassure those who sit in your car. Stay with us.

1. Return to the basic principles and rules of driving

Remember the rules you learned while attending driving classes? Rules like stopping completely while viewing the sign? Or like turning on a turn signal? Many of us forget these principles and rules over the years. However, it should not be forgotten that these are not just driving tips or advice, but laws, and if they are not followed, our lives and the lives of our loved ones will be in danger.

Returning to the basic principles and rules of driving and observing them with punctuation is the first and most important of the driving tricks that must be remembered. Help every time you want to change lanes on the highway. Look carefully at the traffic signs and know what each one means. That way, you will be a better and more reliable driver.

۲. Do not stare at the headlights of oncoming cars

This trick is one of the most important driving tricks at night. Sometimes oncoming cars forget to turn off their headlights. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Instead, look for the left or right lane on the road and keep moving along it. This is one of the most important driving tricks at night that will keep you and your occupants safe.

Avoid turning on the headlights for no reason; Especially when you drive in the city. Do this only when absolutely necessary, such as driving in fog.

3. Do not stare at a particular point while driving

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to driving on long distances and on highways. This point is usually somewhere on the car in front of us. By doing this, a phenomenon called “goal fixation” occurs and over time, we do not notice a decrease in the distance to the vehicle in front.

To prevent this from happening, you should move your eyes occasionally and not stare at a point that is another driving trick. Every 5 seconds, look away for a moment and look behind the mirrors.

4. Attend driving classes again

A person who has reached the legal age can obtain a driver’s license. Most drivers only take certification courses once. After that, it is renewed once every 10 years, which does not require a special course. However, over the years, some traffic laws have changed.

In addition, many of us develop bad habits over the years that can become dangerous; Habits that the driving instructor will notice and warn of the problem. It is not a bad advice if you attend driving training courses again for a few sessions and refresh your mind with the basic principles and rules.

5. Complete and basic acquaintance with the facilities related to car safety, among other driving tricks

Many drivers do not realize the limitations of car systems and safety features and rely too much on them. You might think that IBS brakes reduce the distance required to stop completely; While this is not the case. You might think that the rear view camera shows you everywhere; While this is also not true and has blind spots. A thorough knowledge of safety systems and facilities and a better understanding of their limitations are other car driving tricks that you should consider.

6. Know how to control the car when slipping

When driving in snowy conditions and the road surface is slippery, the car may get out of control. If this happens, do not look at the guardrails around the road at all, because then you will definitely hit them. Instead, keep your eyes on the road and turn the steering wheel toward the point you are looking at. In this way, your hands and eyes will subconsciously align with each other and steer the car in the right direction.

While steering, avoid depressing the brake pedal and gently depress the accelerator pedal so that control of the vehicle falls on the rear wheels. After the car is smoothed, gently depress the brake pedal and slow down. This is one of the professional driving tricks that is effective for driving in winter and controlling the car in snowy and icy conditions.

7. Know how to control the car when the tire bursts

Let’s consider the worst case scenario. You are driving on the highway at 90 kilometers per hour and suddenly the car tire bursts! In this case, you need to do something and follow the tips:

  1. Do not rotate the command at all. Do not look away. Hold the steering wheel firmly in your hands;
  2. Press your foot on the accelerator pedal. When the tire bursts, the speed of the car will slow down sharply, and if you do not accelerate, the car (the circumference of the burst tire) will spin around;
  3. If the car does not slow down on its own, gently press your foot on the brake pedal and slow down. Do not do anything else until the car speed is as low as possible;
  4. When the car slows down, turn the steering wheel very slowly and carefully to the side of the car where the tire has burst and push aside. Replace the tire with full safety precautions (turning on traffic lights, using hazard lights if needed, etc.).

8. Better understanding of the mechanism of anti-lock brakes (ABS)

Our parents, who were dealing with older cars, had to take special precautions when braking. They could not brake suddenly! They should press their foot gently on the brake pedal. They also could not turn the steering wheel while braking.

But now with the new anti-lock braking systems, in case you need a sudden brake, you only have to do one thing: press your foot on the brake pedal with all your might. This is one of the most important driving tricks that helps to avoid accidents in emergencies and minimizes the possibility of a collision with an oncoming car.

9. Being defensive while driving

When driving, always pay close attention to the road and other drivers. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Especially when you are driving at high speeds on highways.

Always assess the situation carefully and anticipate the occurrence of an accident. If an accident occurs, can you go to the side lane or is a car driving in it? Can you shoulder the road or not? Can you go to the dirt road? And other such cases. In this way, the possibility of collisions and accidents will be less.

10. Mastering the double park is one of the important driving tricks

Double park of professional driving tricks

Not every car has an autopark system. So double park is one of the driving tricks that you must be familiar with. In the current situation, when driving on the city streets, it often happens that you need a double park. Doing so is not very complicated and with a little practice, you will master it. Follow the steps below to double park your car:

  1. Stop completely next to the parked car. So that the side mirrors of the two cars are next to each other. The goal is for the end of your car to be exactly along the rear of the parked car; So, if you are supposed to be riding a hatchback and the parked car has a trunk, your mirror should be a little further back (the opposite is also true, ie if your car is bigger, the mirror should be slightly forward);
  2. Turn the steering wheel to the right and move in reverse until the license plate of the parked car is in the middle of the assist window;
  3. Turn the steering wheel to the left and come back until the car is flat and parked smoothly.

۱۱. Periodic eye examination

The direction of the eye changes over time and becomes weaker over the years; But we usually do not notice these changes ourselves. According to some estimates, researchers have recommended that those who wear glasses should have eye exams every 3 years and after the age of 60, once a year.

Of course, those who do not wear glasses are also required to have occasional eye exams. Eye disorders such as cataracts affect the eye. If they are diagnosed at an early stage, they can be better treated.

in the end

We tried to acquaint you with the most important driving tricks that will work for you in different situations. Safe driving is possible only with practice and punctuation. You should always review and follow the rules you have already learned. Sometimes, without realizing it, we develop bad driving habits that may threaten our own safety and that of others.

If you feel the need to refresh your mind with traffic rules and put aside these bad habits, practice 1 or 2 sessions under the supervision of a driving instructor to warn you of possible problems.

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what is your opinion? Do you know any other tricks and solutions for better and safer driving? How effective do you think the driving tricks introduced in this article will be? Have you ever been in trouble for not following a tip or issue, especially while driving?

In the “Post a Comment” section, you can tell us and your audience “how” about your experiences and opinions, and complete the article with the valuable information you add. Also, if you want to know more about driving tricks, ask your suggestions and questions.






The most important driving tricks that will make you a better driver


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