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The most common problems of families and their solutions

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Tolstoy once said, “All happy families are alike, but unhappy families are each unhappy in their own unique way.” Of course, this statement of the famous Russian author is not very accurate. Our family problems may seem unique, but psychologists identify many of the signs and roots of family problems as similar. It is unlikely that we will not have any problems during our family life. Most of these problems are similar and some of them can be classified as common family problems. In this note we talk about these problems.

1. Fights and quarrels

Family quarrels can be divided into two categories. Disputes that specify what the dispute is and provide an opportunity to resolve it, and bad disputes that destroy all levels of family communication. The issue is not that there should be no quarrels in the family, because it is impossible, the issue is how the dispute should be so as not to harm the family unit and the relationship of family members. In fact, how to fight is more important than the subject of the fight.

It is better to be calm when arguing and to think a little before any action. Try not to express your feelings when fighting and with intentional and unintentional Something Let’s not regret it later. If both sides argue equally and intensely, it will be very difficult to control the situation. In this case, it is better to stay away from the fight environment and give time for the situation to calm down, then deal with the issue.

۲. Decision making in the position of parents

Most family disputes are related to children in some way, such as whether or not to have children or how to raise children. In such cases, it should be noted that the parents have two independent personalities and do not need to be identical.

Make a list of your priorities and talk about them with your spouse. These differences can be resolved through dialogue and agreement.

3. Balancing work and family life

Family life does not always have a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. Sometimes members have to make sacrifices and work hard to achieve family success or just to make a living. Of course, we should not forget to spend time with family. In the meantime, balancing work and personal life may become a family problem.

It is enough to manage our time a little and include a place in our work plan for our family. Remember that the time we spend with our families is the most important thing in the end. Finding ways to spend more time with your family is not always difficult.

4. Family planning

It is difficult enough to take care of your own affairs, and now it is your responsibility to take care of other family members, especially your children. There is always the possibility of chaos, and sometimes the result is unpleasant.

To solve this problem, you can use time management software that has recently become popular. Establish a regular but flexible schedule with the participation of all family members, and motivate others to play a role in its implementation and to take an active part in organizing the family. This helps a lot in solving family problems.

5. Financial issues

One of the most stressful family problems is financial problems. Fighting over money and spending it is one of the problems of families today. For family financial management, it is better for family members, especially the couple, to reach a common understanding of money. Money itself is not the cause of strife, but our way of thinking about money makes a difference. By reaching a common understanding, weekly and monthly budgets can be set. Saving on both sides can also be helpful.

6. Rebellious children

Children who do not listen to their parents are one of the common problems of families. In this situation, your patience will be tested. Remember that your stubbornness to make your chair worse makes things worse because children are often more stubborn. You can not control everything your children do, but how you react is entirely up to you.

Create an appropriate role model by responding appropriately to your children’s actions. If you are dealing with a teenager who is nervous, try to talk to him but only give him advice or give him a solution if he asks you to. Remember that sometimes making mistakes is a way to learn, so give your children a chance to learn from mistakes.

7. Improper communication

Weak conversation is arguably the most important and common family problem. Many explicit professions can not be said in the family environment. Many problems arise when family members do not know the right way to communicate or do not implement it properly. In general, if you are weak in this area, your relationship will not grow.

To solve this important problem, we must learn the skill of dialogue and the correct way of expressing our opinions and desires in the family. Fortunately, these skills can be learned and can be mastered by consulting a family counselor, participating in skills training workshops or even studying, and reducing family problems.

8. Some family members are on their nerves!

Your spouse, child, grandchild or anyone else can be a source of stress. Sometimes these people really get on your nerves and drive you crazy!

هستید If you have this problem, it is best to get ready before entering the house or meeting that person. Mental readiness is better than surprise. Give yourself time to calm down and come to terms with the fact that most of the time you can not change others.

9. Division of household chores

Division of household chores

Usually fewer people He enjoys doing housework, but there is no escaping it. Many of these everyday tasks may have trivial or tedious life lessons.

It is important to distribute household chores fairly among family members. In addition to sharing household chores with your spouse, be sure to include children in an active role in doing these tasks. They must learn to take care of the daily affairs of their lives so that they will not be a burden to others in the future. It is a big mistake that some parents do all the housework and leave their children alone.

10. Away from family

If you are away from family, you must have a lot of stress and feel homesick during the holidays. Nothing replaces a face-to-face meeting, but you can reduce some of your stress and nostalgia with the help of communication technologies and making video calls and playing online games with family members. Finding the right friends also makes you feel less alone.

۱۱. Too close to family members

The opposite of being away from family is your constant presence in front of family members, in a way that violates their privacy. Even if you are always together, give yourself and other members the opportunity and space to be alone with themselves or to carry out their plans alone.

۱۲. A family member has a mental illness

One of the most difficult family problems is having a family member suffer from mental illness. This important and serious problem may affect all members of the family.

The fact that the affected person is a member of your family should not be denied. In these cases, it is necessary to seek the help of specialists. With specialized treatment and support from family members, this problem can be overcome or managed.

13. Unfaithfulness and betrayal

Infidelity, which sometimes leads to infidelity, is one of the most challenging family problems and one of the reasons for divorce. When this happens, the important question arises as to whether the family unit can be revived.

The best solution to this problem is prevention, in the sense that both parties remain committed to the relationship and the family they have formed.

However, if this happens, the best way is to seek professional help and consult a consultant.

۱۴. Divorce

Divorce is the most devastating family problem because it destroys the foundation of the family. In this situation, you need to provide emotional support to the injured limbs. You should never blame them or drive them away. Divorce, whether for a family member or for yourself, is very unfortunate. It is possible to go through this period with the help of a family counselor as well as the emotional support of family members.

Which of these problems have you experienced? What other problems have you experienced in family life? What was your solution to solve them? Share your experiences with us and other readers in the comments section.






The most common problems of families and their solutions

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