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The hair color that will be the trend of 2021!

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The new year also requires new changes. These changes can be for arranging your wardrobe, planning a post-corona trip, or Hair color change Be. According to hair and hair experts as well as professional hairdressers, there are 7 tonnages of color, which is one of the trends of 2021. These hair colors are compatible with a variety of skin color tonics and face shapes. If you want to dye your hair in accordance with the trend colors of the year, do not miss this article.

Hair coloring is a great way to diversify your appearance and enhance your face. However, finding the right color for your skin tone is not easy. In addition to being aware of the trend colors of each season, it is very important to choose a color that fits the shape of the face, appearance features, and to examine the range of colors desired. Most women go to the hairdresser to dye their hair; But use Hair color kit It seems to be the best option when we can not go to the hairdresser. For example, Garnier and L’Oreal hair color kits are two great options for coloring hair at home that have all the necessary accessories to achieve a beautiful hair color without going to the hairdresser.

In the following, we want to talk about 7 color tonnages that are the trend of 2021. By knowing this hair color, you can choose the right color for your hair and color your hair in accordance with the current trends in the world. This is you and these 7 hair colors of the world!

1. Pastel ballage color, A fancy and attractive choice

This color is one of those hair colors that creates a noticeable difference and difference in the face and is considered a fancy color with high attractiveness. It is interesting to know that this hair color in recent years Selected by most celebrities and actors around the world It has become an attractive option for creating variety in appearance.

Pastel ballage color of High variety of color spectrum Enjoys. In all four seasons of the year, you can easily choose one of its types. On the other hand, ballage, which has become very popular in recent years, is a technique for hair highlight It also exists and creates a beautiful color combination in the hair.

۲. Smoky gray color, a good option to cover white hair

If you want to have a modern and attractive look in 2021, this color will be the best choice for you. Smoky gray color is a variety of special and different colors that in addition Make noticeable changes in the face, to the Full coverage of white hair It also helps.

Before choosing this color, make sure it matches your skin color tonnage and appearance; Because otherwise, it causes the face to look pale and old and shows the age of the person more than his real age.

3. Caramel color, a color with a lot of variety

Caramel color is one of the types of warm colors and is in the group of warm and sweet colors. The range of caramel colors is very suitable for a variety of hair coloring techniques, including Highlight, amber, ballage and sambre Is. In addition, the color range is from light brown to dark brown, and women with different hairstyles can use this color to create variety in their hair color.

4. Golden blonde color, the secret of youth

This color gives a unique glow and glow to the face and cause To look younger Appears. Golden blonde color is an ideal choice for use in the warm seasons of the year, ie spring and summer, and is a good choice for women with medium to dark skin color.

It is recommended to use this color only for those whose skin color is cold and neutral; Because women whose skin tone is warm, this hair color looks too yellow and unnatural.

5. Bitter chocolate color, An ideal choice for all seasons

This color One of the most popular colors of 2021 Is. People who like to have dark colors in their hair are also big fans of this hair color. Bitter chocolate color has both warm and cold spectrum and goes well with light, dark and green skin types and is a good choice for women of all ages. This color is among the colors that are always beautiful and It never goes out of style.

6. Copper color, beautiful and special

Copper color is one of the special and exceptional colors that will be the best choice for people with light skin and neutral tonnage. One of the strengths of this color is that it causes To look younger Women look older than they really are. Copper color enhances the beauty of the face by highlighting the strengths of the face and skin color. This color includes different types such as light red or burgundy copper color, strawberry blonde highlight, orange copper, dark copper, light and.. You can use this color Both without dechlorination and with dechlorination, Hit your hair.

7. Cinnamon color, elixir of youth and freshness

Cinnamon color is in the group of colors that make the face look younger and fresher, and Wide color spectrum has it. Cinnamon color is one of the warm colors that for Cold, light and green skin tonnage It is more ideal.

Can we dye our hair at home with the colors of the year?

Do not forget that coloring hair at home is not an easy task and requires skill, patience and observance of some techniques; So we need kits that include all the essentials for coloring hair at home and simplify hair coloring, without asking for help from anyone else!

Introducing two ideal products for coloring hair at home

In this article, we got acquainted with the popular and trendy colors of 2021. Now it is time to introduce 2 ideal and updated products for hair coloring. We give you 2 hair color kits Garnier And لورآل We suggest. In the following, we will become more familiar with the features of these two products:

  • Garnier Hair Color Kit

Garnier Hair Color Kit It has unique features:

  • It is without ammonia;
  • Contains plant-based ingredients and hair-nourishing oils such as olive oil, avocado and more radiant;
  • The best option for coloring hair without harming the health of the scalp and hair strands;
  • Capable of covering 100% white hair;
  • Its bright and beautiful color lasts on hair for up to 8 weeks;
  • The contents of this kit include oxidant, color cream and hair mask.

  • L’Oreal Hair Color Kit

Kit strengths L’Oreal Hair Color This product has become an attractive option:

  • The contents of the kit include a bristled cap, a pair of gloves, an oxidizer, a shampoo and a hair mask that allows you to dye your hair at home;
  • In its cream color formulation, pro creatine has been used to a considerable extent, which makes the initial color of the hair last for a long time and creates a beautiful shine in the hair;
  • The shampoo for this product has a pH compatible with the hair and cleans the hair without damaging the original hair color.
  • The hair mask of this product can be used after hair coloring;
  • It nourishes and softens the hair;
  • This kit covers all white hair and has a wide color range.

Concluding remarks

To order a variety of hair colors online, we offer you an online store زز Zagros Is. Zagros is the oldest importer of detergents, health and cosmetics and covers the products of well-known brands. All products of this store have a guarantee of the authenticity of the goods and are placed on the site with clear images and full specifications; Therefore, it will be very easy to choose the right product according to your hair type and skin color; In addition, L’Oreal hair dye and Garnier hair dye are also available at the best prices. You can easily order these products and receive them in the shortest possible time.

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The hair color that will be the trend of 2021!

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