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The biggest mistakes men make in an emotional relationship

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When an emotional relationship does not end well and the two parties in the relationship get into trouble, usually both parties are to blame. In married life, when one of the two parties makes a mistake, the other allows himself to do so and somehow finds a justification for his wrong behavior. The point that men need to pay more attention to is that instead of trying to change others, it is better to try to be aware of their own mistakes in the relationship and try to correct them. In this way, their partner will be motivated to become a better person and the relationship will be healthier day by day. In the following, we will list some of the common mistakes men make in emotional relationships so that we may be able to help you take this approach.

1. Not buying enough gifts for your spouse

This is a common mistake among men. After living with your spouse for a while, it is no longer a matter of early passion; As a result, it becomes difficult to find enough motivation to buy a particular gift that will really make your spouse happy. This is perfectly normal.

You may be financially distressed, and life with your spouse may be normal. But do not forget that no matter how old your relationship is, you will still make your spouse happy by buying a gift. If you give yourself a little hard work for this, you will see good results in your relationship.

2. Wrong choice when buying a gift

Another issue that can be as bad as the previous case for a bad relationship is making mistakes when buying a gift for your spouse. Many men, when they want to get a gift for their wife, buy something that they or both of them need and give it to their wife as a gift. Doing so will irritate him and damage the relationship. Pay a little more attention to your spouse and find out his / her real interests. In this way, you can get a gift for him that he loves and makes him happy.

3. Not knowing enough about your spouse and not understanding him or her

Lack of sufficient knowledge of the wife - common mistakes of men in emotional relationships

We can liken people to snowflakes: none of them are alike and have different characteristics. Therefore, understanding them and knowing them is not an easy task at all and requires a lot of effort. There are many men who do not know their wives well and many of them are not aware of this. Think more about this. If you feel you are one of these men, spend time with your spouse, talk to him or her, and try to get a better understanding of his or her personality by asking different questions. If you still do not get to know him better with such conversations, heading in the hope that eventually something will happen and you will get to know him better is not a good approach and you should think of another solution.

4. Fear of showing real feelings to your spouse

Fear of showing real feelings - common mistakes of men in emotional relationships

The relationship between husband and wife is not limited to being together. A relationship will be good and healthy when a couple can live and be friends with each other through cooperation and cooperation. If your spouse feels that you are with him or her just because you are “afraid” to do what you really want to do, he or she will move away from you. To the extent that he may eventually leave you and look for someone who is not afraid to express his true feelings to him.

5. Do not prioritize the relationship with the spouse

Some men care more about their work than their wives, and some care more about spending time with friends; Similarly, there are men who have other priorities than their wives. Every woman, if she is in such a situation, gets annoyed and upset. Every time you make an appointment with your spouse to get on with your other chores, he or she gets upset. These pile up and damage the relationship in the long run. Of course, this does not mean that you should give up your job or your interests at all, but it is better to treat your spouse in such a way that when life conditions become difficult and you reach the bitter end of the cucumber, he knows that nothing else in this world is as important to you. Share your hardships with your partner. Otherwise, it is unclear how he will react.

6. Insufficient attention to the feelings of the spouse

Ignoring Wives' Feelings - Common Mistakes Men Make in Emotional Relationships

If a woman is angry and upset with her husband, she does not express her feelings honestly. Now, if he feels jealous, suspicious of his wife, or does not feel satisfied in any way, the situation is still the same and he does not express his feelings. This feature is somewhat in the nature of women; Women are more restrained than men. As your partner and spouse, you have a responsibility to find out how he or she really feels. He really wants to test you by not expressing his feelings. If you can do this and get over his real feelings, he will share his problem with you and you will have the opportunity to solve the problem. If you ignore your spouse, he or she will do the same to you, and in the long run, the relationship will suffer.

7. Paying too much attention to your spouse’s feelings

Excessive inquiry into your spouse’s feelings and constant questioning about it can be just as bad for your relationship as it was before. In the beginning, he will be happy with your pursuit and admire your love, but it will not be long before this pursuit will upset him and make him annoyed. After a while, you will become his problem and the cause of his bad mood. Predicting the future of such a relationship is not difficult.

8. Failure to gain the trust of the spouse

Inability to gain the trust of a spouse - Common mistakes of men in emotional relationships

This is somehow more important than the other. If you fail to gain your spouse’s trust, everything will fall apart. For the other mistakes we have listed, a solution can be found by taking the right solution and enduring a little difficulty, but when it comes to trust, the situation is a little different: if one of the parties in the relationship loses trust in the other, there is another way back. It will not have.

Trust is generally a feeling of fragility and vulnerability. You must not betray your spouse or lie to him or her to distrust you. Simpler things like sending a message to another woman on social media, if exposed, can destroy trust and possibly lead to the end of a relationship. You are not going to do anything or play a role to gain your spouse’s trust; It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

9. Hanging and looseness in the relationship

Women love men who are always by their side, but if you pin yourself to your husband, he will get upset over time. If he needed a creature that wanted to pet him all day, he would either have a baby or buy a pet! Being with your spouse too much means allowing him or her to occasionally be alone and go out in private. As his wife and partner, you have a duty to give him permission from time to time and to respect boundaries.

Another point is to try not to show weakness and self-doubt and do not involve your spouse too much in deciding on various issues and other such situations. Stick to the decision you make and act authoritatively. You may do this out of love and kindness, but in the long run it will not be very pleasant for women. There are other things you can do to prove your love for her.

10. Not talking enough to your spouse

Not talking to your spouse - common mistakes men make in emotional relationships

One of the reasons we get into relationships with others is because we do not live alone and have someone as a companion. One of the hallmarks of companionship is talking and interacting. So even if we are not very talkative, we have to change our behavior after accepting responsibility for the relationship and starting a life together.

Sometimes sit down with your spouse and talk to him or her. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Tell him about your dreams and your interests and whatever else you like. Only then will he become your best friend and truly your partner. A relationship in which verbal communication is weak is problematic.

last word

Many of the above apply to women as well. For example, when it comes to buying gifts, no man likes to go out with a pink blouse with a childish photo on it. The same is true in the discussion of trust between husband and wife; When women take responsibility for living with another man, they should not carelessly distrust him. But regardless of gender, the important thing we all need to pay attention to is to be aware of our own mistakes and shortcomings in the first place and to try to fix them. In this way, we also encourage our partner to become a better person. On the other hand, if we constantly try to blame someone else for the mistake and take responsibility for ourselves, we will not succeed and we will only make things worse than they are.

what is your opinion? Can you think of another mistake to add to the above? Share your opinion with us and the readers of this article.




The biggest mistakes men make in an emotional relationship

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