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The best science fiction books; From Jules Verne classics to Kick Dick futurists

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The world of science fiction books and movies has a fan base. Many books have been written in this field and choosing a science fiction book is challenging. So we decided to introduce you to the best science fiction books in the world in today’s article. If you want to get more acquainted with science fiction books, today’s book introduction for you. In the following, we will introduce 10 famous books in this genre to you.

1. Twenty thousand miles under the sea

the writer: Jules Verne
Translator (user suggestion): مجید عمیق
Publications (suggested by users): قدیانی
number of pages: 128

“Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea” is one of the best science fiction books in the world, a book that will fascinate you at any age. The story of this book is told in the underwater world. The ship of monsters in the sea is damaged by a strange creature and its inhabitants escape from the underwater world, in a submarine that has never seen anything like it.

In this book, Jules Verne creates interesting events based on his extraordinary imagination, and the audience is immersed in the world full of science and its imagination. “I wish this book was hundreds of pages long and we could enjoy it for a long time,” many readers of the book told Goodreads Magazine.

۲. The doctor is a gentleman and a gentleman

The book is written by Dr. Jakil and Mr.

the writer: Robert Louis Stevenson
Translator (user suggestion): Mohsen Soleimani
Publications (suggested by users): Horizon
number of pages: 204

Dr. Jekyll is the main character in the story of this fascinating book. He believes that man has two aspects, one is the good and the good that is active during the day and the other is the evil and evil that manifests itself at night. Dr. Jekyll becomes so engrossed in the argument that his thoughts are shaken and he decides to try it. So he sets up a lab at the end of his house. He works around the clock in this laboratory to make a concoction that separates the good and evil character of his existence.

Dr. Jekyll succeeds, and this is where Mr. Hyde’s character enters the story as Dr. Jekyll’s second character. This book is not only an exciting and fascinating science fiction book, but also contains important concepts of life. No doubt you will enjoy reading it too.

3. A time trial of the best science fiction books

Book of the time

the writer: HG Wells
Translator (user suggestion): Farid Jawaher Kalam
Publications (suggested by users): Scientific and cultural
number of pages: 203

Time travel has always been the dream of the human race. Wells, the successful author of The Time Machine, makes time travel accessible and tangible to the audience. The book is so beautiful and fascinating that you feel like you are part of the research team of this unique invention and then you will witness interesting events and different worlds by traveling through time.

If you are a fan of science fiction genre, read the book Time Machine. Undoubtedly, Time Machine is one of the top 10 science fiction books in the world.

4. It’s a beautiful world

The book is a beautiful world

the writer: Aldous Huxley
Translator (user suggestion): Saeed Hamidian
Publications (suggested by users): Lotus
number of pages: 295

The story of this book is about creating a world that is completely different from today’s world, a special utopia with the slogan “sharing, unity, stability”. In this utopia, there is a humanization factory and people are built in special ways. There is no more war and suffering in this world, but family, study and learning are gone. The city is led by someone named Ford and is scheduled to be built in 500 years.

The other side of the story is the characters who oppose this development. They believe that the value of thinking, studying and family is greater than achieving this level of progress. Aldous combines these two levels of thinking with his extraordinary art. If you are a fan of science fiction books, do not miss this special book!

5. Complete robots

A complete robot book from the best science fiction books

the writer: Isaac Asimov
Translator (user suggestion): Saeed Simorgh
Publications (suggested by users): Aviator
number of pages: 828

Isaac Asimov is one of the greatest science fiction writers. In The Perfect Robot, he creates a machine world in which robots are more human than humans! This book revolutionized the vision and imagination of those interested in the superhuman world. Asimov laid down three general rules for his machine world and formed his new world based on these three rules:

  • The robot should not harm humans or allow humans to be harmed by not acting.
  • The robot must obey human commands unless they violate the first law.
  • The robot must protect itself, provided that such protection does not conflict with the first or second law.

If you are interested in the world of robots and superhuman life, this book will definitely be very memorable for you.

6. 1984 One of the best science fiction books

Book 1984

the writer: George Orwell
Translator (user suggestion): Hamid Reza Baluch
Publications (suggested by users): Majid (in speech)
number of pages: 288

“If the course of history does not change, human beings will lose their humanity.” This is the opinion of George Orwell, author of the 1984 book. He wrote the 1984 novel based on the belief that man needs change. In the 1984 novel, we are confronted with a world in which everything is different and the rules and structure of life have undergone fundamental changes.

To get acquainted with this anti-city ideal, you can read the masterpiece of George Orwell in this one of the best science fiction books and read this masterpiece.

7. Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit Book 451

the writer: Ray Bradbury
Translator (user suggestion): Moin Moheb Alian
Publications (suggested by users): Milkan
number of pages: ۱۴۸

451 degrees Fahrenheit is the burning temperature of paper. If one wants to destroy books, one must burn them at this temperature. Fahrenheit 451 is based on this fact, the world in which reading is a crime. In this science fiction book, Bradbury intends to warn us and tell us what will happen by closing the path of thinking in society. It also shows the place of literature and says what a world without books and literature would be like.

If you want to know more about the dangers of technological advancement, this book will give you a good perspective.

8. Star Wars Fighters

Star Wars Fighters

the writer: رابرت‌ ای. هینلین
Translator (user suggestion): Khamenei Ismaili Pact
Publications (suggested by users): گل آرا
number of pages: 272

Using the story of an 18-year-old Filipino soldier, the author tells us about the world and the future of war in the world; What wars will be like in the future, what tools will be built, and how the powerful will win. In fact, in this book we will be introduced to a world that we are still a long way from, and the pure imagination of Hinlin shows us that.

If you are a fan of war books in science fiction, this book is for you!

9. Wrinkling in time

Folding in time is one of the best science fiction books

the writer: Madeleine Lingle
Translator (user suggestion): Golnaz Saleh Karimi
Publications (suggested by users): Hoopa
number of pages: 200

Meg and her younger brother Charles Wallace live a simple and happy life with their new friend Calvin. But the arrival of an uninvited party into their lives is the beginning of an exciting and imaginative journey; Travel to galaxies, get to know strange creatures and, of course, frequent time interactions.

This book, which is one of the best science fiction books for teenagers, has an eloquent language and the audience will experience an exciting journey with the characters of the book.

10. Do artificial types of sleep depict lightning bolts?

Does the Book of Dreams tell the story of a dream?

the writer: Philip K. Dick
Translator (user suggestion): سید محمدرضا باطنی
Publications (suggested by users): Enlightenment and Women’s Studies
number of pages: 304

Dick’s concern for modern man and superhuman society has led to the creation of this fascinating book. In this book, he doubts the future of human beings. He contrasts human feelings and emotions with the advanced human nature of the future, and with this trick creates a world in which we encounter the imaginary consequences of the modern world.

If you are interested in such stories, this book will be a good choice for you.

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In this article, we have introduced you to 10 of the best science fiction books. Which of the following books have you read? Any points you would like to share with us about that book? What other book do you think is missing from our list? Please share your opinion with us in the “Post a Comment” section. It will definitely be valuable for us.


The best science fiction books; From Jules Verne classics to Kick Dick futurists

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