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The best jobs for extroverts; 11 jobs that extroverts succeed in

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More than half of the world’s population is made up of extroverts. Extroverts have many positive traits such as strong communication, interest in teamwork and negotiation, and a participatory spirit; Because of this, they can easily choose the right job and get the highest level of job satisfaction by knowing their personality. In this article, we are going to introduce the most suitable jobs for extroverts. Stay with us until the end.

Are you extroverted or introverted?

You need to make sure you are extroverted or introverted before you can find suitable jobs for extroverts.

Many people think they are extroverted because of misconceptions in society; But in reality this is not the case; Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. His innate interest in communication is limited and he enjoys solitude more; But because of a misconception passed on to him from the community or family, he thinks he prefers to be in public. Because of this, he confronts his innate desires and eventually gets into trouble.

11 suitable jobs for extroverts

Due to the “extraversion” trait in individuals, there are many lucrative jobs for this personality trait. Here we introduce the most important jobs for extroverts.

1. Stewardess

The flight attendants are with the passengers from the very beginning. In general, their main task is to make sure that the passengers of an airplane experience safe and comfortable flight.

Hostess Duties:

  • Showing passenger seats on board;
  • Teaching safety tips and guiding passengers about the flight process;
  • Providing services to and receiving passengers;
  • Make sure you follow safety tips when getting up, landing and possible accidents.

2. Lawyer

Advocacy is a good job for extroverts

When we hear the name of this job, we think of a person who says during the trial: I object, Mr. Judge! But in reality, lawyers do a lot of work and their only concern is not going to court.

Duties of a lawyer:

  • Defending the accused in court and convincing the judge;
  • Research and interpretation and interpretation of laws;
  • Communicating effectively with clients (this section includes various tasks such as justifying, obtaining information, analyzing data, etc.);
  • Gathering documents and preparing legal documents;
  • Representing the client in different situations.
People who are good judges and have the ability to analyze and review situations can be good lawyers.

3. Sales Manager

Communication is one of the most important sales skills that extroverts are often interested in. The connection they make is not just for selling the product but for the customer. So they can easily add value to customers.

So we can say that extroverts are good options for sales and marketing related jobs. They know the techniques of negotiation and if they want, they can convince their audience that yogurt is black!

Sales Manager Duties:

  • Introducing the product to different people (you must be interested in the product you are selling in order to convince the buyer);
  • Determining the sales goals of the organization and formulating a marketing strategy according to the goals;
  • Provide suggestions for product improvement and added value;
  • Team building;
  • Guide sales team members and train them;
  • Analysis of information obtained from the sales process of the organization.
This job position is very suitable for willing people who do not give up.

4. Program Manager

Extroverted program manager

In addition to being an extrovert, this job requires a great deal of planning and discipline skills. If you are one of those people who can turn a work storm into a breeze in a short time, you will be a good program manager!

Tasks of the program manager:

  • Arranging and organizing various events of companies and organizations;
  • Arranging and holding business meetings;
  • Arranging private and business parties;
  • Work planning for individuals (celebrities or corporate executives);
  • Ensure the satisfaction of the event organizer.
This job is suitable for people who like managing events more than attending them.

5. Coach, consultant and mentor

Nomads, counselors and mentors are associated with people who each have a unique mindset and beliefs; That’s why they need to be able to communicate with them. In the following, we have outlined the common tasks between the two jobs to better understand why coaching and consulting are suitable jobs for extroverts.

For more information on the differences between coaching, consulting, mentoring and training jobs, you can read the article “What is coaching and what is the difference between consulting, mentoring and training?” Read.

Common duties of coach and consultant:

  • Meeting and connecting with different people (you need interpersonal skills to do this);
  • Helping people to solve the challenges they face in different aspects of life;
  • Provide solutions to problems.

6. teacher

Communicating extrovert teachers with students

Teacher means all people who teach in different fields and at different levels. Of course, some extroverts are not interested in working with children and adolescents; For this reason, it is better to go to other jobs or work as an adult educator (university professor or course instructor).

Instructor duties:

  • Curriculum development and data collection for transfer to students;
  • Tracking the educational status of students;
  • Use of individual and interpersonal skills and existing technologies for student development;
  • Encourage students to perform activities commensurate with their abilities;
  • Evaluate student performance.
If you want to be the center of attention of a particular group and are interested in teaching others, teaching is the right choice for you.

7. financial consultant

Financial advisers and managers can work with individuals or organizations. They must have good skills and sufficient knowledge of banking, economics and financial markets; But if you do not have the patience for office work and paperwork, it is better to ignore this job.

Financial Advisor Duties:

  • Consulting on expenses and controlling income and expenses;
  • Provide suitable proposals for investment;
  • Provide insurance and tax related information to customers;
  • Provide appropriate solutions to maintain the value of capital and assets.
This job is suitable for extroverts who have a good relationship with numbers.

8. the manager

Management is another suitable job for extroverts. Extroverts can lead teams well and get an organization to its destination; Because it is easier for them to learn the techniques of negotiation and communication with people. Extraverts can also easily establish extra-organizational communications and solve some of the organization’s problems.

Management duties:

The duties of managers depend on which department they work in. Among the duties of these people can be mentioned the following:

  • Supervise the processes that take place in the company;
  • Picking strategies and policies of the organization;
  • Supervise employees and guide them towards the goals of the organization;
  • Recruitment of employees;
  • Allocate funds to each part of the organization.
Top managers have other skills in addition to extroverted personality such as leadership, strong communication and team building ability.

9. Criminal Investigator

Criminal investigator suitable job for extroverts

Criminal investigators have a variety of risky jobs. There is no such thing as a routine in this job and therefore it can be suitable for an extrovert.

Duties of the criminal investigator:

  • Investigate the scene of various crimes, including theft, murder, and so on;
  • Gathering evidence;
  • Case resolution research;
  • Interview with different people to solve the case.
If you have problem-solving skills in addition to being an extrovert, you can be a successful criminal investigator.

10. Nurse

Patients with whom the nurse has a good relationship end the hospital stay in a good mood. The effect of the nurse on the mental health of patients is very important.

Nurse duties

  • Taking care of the patient and taking care of him / her;
  • Monitoring the patient and recording changes;
  • Review of the patient’s medical history;
  • Perform the treatment process prescribed by the doctor;
  • Supervise the work of subordinates in the hospital.
Having an altruistic spirit and helping others is very important in this profession.

۱۱. Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is a good job for extroverts

In general, some branches of medicine are made only by extroverts. There are several reasons for this; For example, a physiotherapist, in addition to the skills he has in his job, ‌ must also know how to attract the client so that patients choose to go to his physiotherapy clinic.

Tasks of a physiotherapist:

  • Assessing their physical condition and mobility limitations;
  • Provide treatments appropriate to each patient’s condition;
  • Prescribe aids such as canes and… if needed;
  • Practice training at home to improve physical condition.
Interest in the physique of the body is one of the important characteristics of a physiotherapist.

The bottom line: Extroversion is not the only criterion for choosing a job

In addition to the 11 things we talked about in this article, a variety of other jobs are suitable for extroverts, such as:

  • Sales Representative;
  • Marketing Director;
  • Dentist;
  • Construction Manager;
  • Speech pathologist.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a job; For example, selling is a good job for extroverts, but there are also people who are extroverted and have no interest in selling; So they can not be good sellers! Extroversion and introversion are just one of the characteristics that you should consider when choosing a job.

Are you introverted or extroverted? What job do you think is suitable for extroverts? کدام Which job do you think is vacant on this list?





The best jobs for extroverts; 11 jobs that extroverts succeed in

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