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The best books of French literature from The Little Prince to the Three Musketeers

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French literature owes much to such letters as Victor Hugo, Camus, Kafka, Voltaire, and Exupery. The best Books of French literature such as Desiree and The Little Prince have been translated into various languages, including Persian. Book lovers must have heard the names of several works by French authors and have had the experience of reading books of French literature. In this article, we want to introduce you to 10 famous books of French literature. In these choices, we have tried to pay attention to the diversity of different authors and genres. We hope you enjoy this introduction.

1. The Little Prince

the writer: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Translator: محمد قاضی (suggested by users)
Publishers: Amirkabir (User Suggestion)
number of pages: 117
genre: Imaginary, surrealist, philosophical

The Little Prince is known to many book lovers. It can even be said that many people who are interested in books and reading the little prince have read, touched and enjoyed it. But why again in this article our first choice is to introduce this lovely and familiar book? Because we want to recommend the little prince to those who have not read it and tell those who have read it to experience the pleasure of reading it again and again!

The Little Prince is a book of French literature that, without exaggeration, is one of the best books of French literature in terms of different tastes and different people. Short but very rich; Simple but very effective; A childish world, but compatible with all the emotions of an adult. You should read Little Prince to find out why he is so popular and influential.

2. The poor

The Poor is one of the best books in French literature

the writer: Victor Hugo

Translator: حسینقلی مستعان (suggested by users)
Publishers: Amirkabir (User Suggestion)
Number of volumes: ۲
genre: History, architecture, sociology

The Poor is one of the most famous and best books of French literature, published in 2 volumes. It was one of the greatest books of the nineteenth century and is still one of the best classic short stories. Those who are interested in the unique world of books, and especially the lovers of French literature, if they have not read The Poor, will probably have seen the film and become familiar with its essence and story.

This issue goes back to the fame and influence of this literary work. An engaging and engaging story that takes the audience to the streets and houses within the story. A book that makes reading you no longer a previous person and live with the characters of the story in one dimension of your mind for a long time. So impressive and lovely!

Never be afraid of thieves or murderers. These are external risks, small risks. Fear ourselves. Real thieves are our prejudices; The real killers are our wrongs. Big deadly inside. What matters is what threatens our heads or our money bags! Let us think only of what threatens our souls.

3. Alien

Alien from the best books of French literature

the writer: Albert Camus

Translator: Jalal Al-Ahmad (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Look (suggested by users)
number of pages: ۱۴۱
genre: Philosophical

Why an alien? Because its main character is alien to both the essence of the story and the audience of the book. A character whose feelings are not easy to understand. This person looks at the world with a different perspective and is constantly judged by those around him and, at the same time, by the audience. Albercamo creates independent characters to express deep meanings of life, instead of using routine methods and examples.

This art of his writing has made his works very popular and famous. Alien is one of the best books of French literature and has won the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature. It can be said that reading it will affect the world of the audience forever.

After a few months, he would cry again if they wanted to take him out of the orphanage. Again, it was due to a change of habit. It was a little bit because I had not come to see him in the last year…

4. Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary
the writer: Gustave Flaubert

Translator: Mushfaq Hamedani (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Amirkabir (User Suggestion)
number of pages: 392
genre: Romantic

Madame Bovary, another popular French work, is a book suitable for today’s people. Love, truth-loving, and the different manifestations of these concepts are challenged in Madame Bovary’s book. The main character of the story seeks to find true love. Will this search end? Is true love tangible and experiential?

If you are also interested in this concept and story, by reading this book, you can get a different experience of love and its meaning. Although it may be unpredictable, it is so relevant to our world today that you will be amazed!

It was as if his hands were dirty if he had washed them with clean water. And they were half-closed because of their hard work. These hands were a sign of his suffering and toil. A kind of monastic dryness rippled through his face, and no sadness or joy weakened his cold face.

5. In search of lost time

In search of lost time

the writer: Marcel Proust

Translator: Mehdi Sahabi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Center (user suggestion)
Number of volumes: 7
genre: Philosophical, fictional

The tallest or at least one of the tallest novels in the world! In Search of Lost Time The work of the Frenchman Marcel Proust is a masterpiece in many ways. This French masterpiece is the narrative of the life of a character that many have said is reminiscent of Marcel himself. This character seeks to find the meaning of life in various stories.

It examines different aspects of life and wants to define the meaning and philosophy of life. This book, which is almost twice the volume of Leo Tolstoy’s book War and Peace, contains 7 different collections, the whole story of each of the 7 volumes also refers to the value of time:

  • Captive;
  • Escaped;
  • Retrieved time;
  • Warm side;
  • Sodom and Gomorrah;
  • Swan house side;
  • Blossom in the shadow of the maidens.

When the human mind is looking for imagination, it should not be taken away from imagination, imagination should not be rationed for it. As long as you keep your mind away from his fantasies, you prevent him from recognizing them; And you are fooled by countless appearances because you have not been able to comprehend their nature. If a little fantasy is dangerous, the cure is not to reduce fantasy, but to increase fantasy, fantasy, and fantasy again. The important thing is that we should know our dreams well so that we do not suffer from them anymore. (Blossoming in the shadow of the maidens)

6. candidate

Nominated for the best books of French literature

the writer: Voltaire

Translator: Reza Moradi Spili (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Look (suggested by users)
number of pages: 136
genre: Philosophical

Candidate is one of the best books of French literature, the philosophical work of the intellectual Voltaire. At a time when other medieval thought was obsolete, young philosophers and intellectuals sought to introduce new philosophical approaches. Voltaire was one of them. This French philosopher shapes the candidate with an idealistic and attractive personality and points to new European perspectives as the book grows.

Candidate is a word that means pure and honest, which also describes the main character of the story. If you want to get to know French literature, history and culture better, this book is a small and valuable book to start with.

All over this land appeared to them with beauty, enthusiasm and joy. Utility and satisfaction coexisted everywhere. Bright, well-built carriages of men and women of extraordinary beauty adorned the roads, and large red sheep killed them faster than the best Andalusian, Tutankhamun, and Mackenzie horses.

7. Lover

Love the best books of French literature

the writer: Margaret Duras

Translator: Qasem Rubin (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Akhtaran (suggested by users)
number of pages: 112
genre: Fictional, romantic

The novel Lover is a part of the life of Duras (author of the book). The book, which also includes the Goncourt Prize, is about a 15-year-old girl falling in love with a 5-year-old man. A girl who has 2 brothers and various issues are going on in their family. A boy from China whose father is not satisfied with their marriage. This novel is one of the most beautiful and best books of French literature in the romance genre.

Resentment always begins with silence, and beyond resentment is in fact silence. I’m still here, here, in front of these deceived children, keeping the same distance I have with the cryptographer. I never wrote, I thought I wrote, I never liked, I thought I had. I did nothing but wait, waiting in front of a closed door.

8. Red and black

Red and Black is one of the best books of French literature

the writer: Standard

Translator: Azmi Nafisi (suggested by users)
Publishers: Scientific and Cultural (User Suggestions)
number of pages: 798
genre: Story

Julien Sorrell is the main character of this novel; Someone who strives for fame and popularity and progresses little by little with deception and hypocrisy. As far as he feels, all the success of the world is achieved through hypocrisy and deception. From one place to another, he sees life, and Julien becomes involved with his beliefs. This interesting, readable and relatively long story can take you with it and when you finish the book, you will miss it deeply!

So the only creature that loved me cleanly forgot me. What good is this life anymore?

9. Journey to the end of the night

Journey to the End of the Night is one of the best books in French literature

the writer: Louis Ferdinand Celine

Translator: Farhad Ghobraei (User Suggestion)
Publishers: جامی (مصدق) (suggested by users)
number of pages: 534
genre: Historical, adventure

This book is one of the best books of French literature written by a young writer at the age of six. In fact, this novel is more of Celine’s own lived experience. Steve Toltz says that when he wrote the novel, he was partly influenced by various people, including Celine. Honesty and straightforwardness is the indicator that has formed the main content of this book. This book can share valuable and impactful experiences with the audience.

In order for others to think that they are wise, nothing is necessary except that you are full, that you are full, that almost everything is free for you, everything. You have a majority for yourself and the majority determines for you what is madness and what is not.

10. Three Musketeers

Three Musketeers

the writer: Alexander Dumas

Translator: Mohammad Taher Qajar (suggested by users)
Publishers: Amirkabir (User Suggestion)
number of pages: Amir Kabir
genre: Fictional, historical

The Three Riflemen is a story about the King of France at the time, Louis XIII, in letters to Athos, Portus, and Aramis, who, along with a brave and shrewd young man named Dartanian, become a member of the Royal Marines throughout the story. A sequel that actually covers part of French history. The popular slogan “All for one and one for all” actually fell on the tongues after the publication of this book.

The king was equally affected by the brave help of the Dartanians. He generously rewarded the young man and Dartanian shared his new wealth with his friends. He also rented comfortable rooms for himself and hired an employee. Life was good for friends for weeks; But eventually the money ran out. They fed each other; But they soon realized that they needed a new source of wealth.

Other famous French novels

France has a rich and popular literature. Many French works by different authors have been published and many of them have been translated into Persian. In the previous part, this article introduced you to 10 famous works by 10 famous French authors. In the following, we want to introduce you to a list of other famous French novels:

  • “The Fall” by Albert Camus;
  • “The Plague” by Albert Camus;
  • “Germinal” by Emile Zola;
  • “Nausea” by Jean-Paul ارSarter;
  • “Cannibals” by Jean Toli;
  • “Desiree” by Marie Selinco;
  • “Bell Amy” by Guido Mopasan;
  • “Central Park” by Guillaume Musso;
  • “Suicide Shop” by Jean Toli;
  • “I Loved Her” by Anna Gavalda;
  • “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne;
  • “Collection of Four Books” by Anna Gavalda;
  • “Life Ahead” by Roman Gary;
  • “Princess Cleves” by Madame de la Fayette;
  • “Brittany was here” by Frederick Beckman;
  • “Kent Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas;
  • “Goodbye Gary Cooper” by Roman Gary Roman Gary;
  • “Happy People Read Books and Drink Coffee” by Anis Martin Logan.

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In this article, we introduce you to some of the most famous novels in French literature. If you are also a fan of French books and have an opinion on French literary works, please share your opinion with us and your “how” audience in the “Post a Comment” section. It will be valuable to us.


The best books of French literature from The Little Prince to the Three Musketeers


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