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Street self-defense for women; 7 professional techniques that every woman should know

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Many of us women experience stress when we are alone on the street, on the bus, or in other places. Some people are afraid of secluded or dark places because they have already experienced physical harassment or any other type of attack. Verbal harassment also upsets many women. You may never be in a situation where you feel insecure and scared, but knowing your street defense moves is necessary to defend yourself.

Knowing your self-defense moves will give you peace of mind and confidence to control the situation more easily. In the following, we will explain some of the street self-defense moves and their instructions. These movements are suitable for all women with any body size.

What is street self defense?

Self-defense is the act of defending oneself and confronting violence. In other words, in this sport, force is used against an attacker or an immediate threat. This threat can be verbal or physical. Street self-defense is the same as self-defense. However, it is widely used in the street and against street attacks, such as bags and handcuffs.

Remember street self-defense techniques

1. Remember vulnerable places

Do not pay any attention to the physique and size of the attacking body. If you know the sensitive points of the body in self-defense, you can defeat anyone. The main vulnerabilities are the eyes, nose, throat, chest, knees and groin. You can attack in any way you want, but you have to remember that hitting in these areas is most effective.

Never hit your chest and knees, as these blows are often ineffective.

Hitting the chest and knees is not the job of ordinary people. Professionals can handle this. Use all your strength and power. Think of yourself as a strong woman; So shout loudly to scare the attacker and get the attention of those around you.

۲. Learn the simplest and best moves

Effective attack moves in street self-defense

One of the best moves to cause a sudden pain and fall to the attacker is to grab the attacker’s wrist. Grasp his little finger and ring finger with one hand, and the middle finger and index finger with the other hand and bend the wrist forward. If you can not hold your opponent’s hand, press him or her with your fist or finger between the clavicle or snout bones. This move confuses the opponent and it takes some time for him to come to his senses.

Another good area for self-defense is the groin. Hitting this area paralyzes the attacker and you will have enough time to escape.

3. If you are attacked from the front, be sure to do these things

Self-defense in front attack

If you are attacked from the front and it is not possible for you to raise your arms, do the following:

  • Put your hands forward and punch in front of your pelvis (this will create enough space between you and the attacker);
  • After that, tap the attacker’s nose with your forehead (this blow keeps the attacker away from you);
  • Now tap his groin with your knee;
  • If there is a gap between you and the attacker, you can protect yourself with the palm of your hand. Straighten your left hand and attack his chin and nose with your right hand.
  • Then, tap her groin.
In this way, the attacker will be confused for a long time and will no longer be able to move.

4. How to free your hands?

The technique of releasing hands in self-defense

If you know the “thumb law”, you can easily get out of trouble. To do this, you must rotate your hand towards the attacker’s thumb. If he is holding your arm tightly, rotate your wrist toward your thumb. When your arm is under the attacker’s hand, pull your hand with all your might.

5. What if they caught you from behind?

Attackers often come from behind to grab the victim’s arms so that he can not move. There are three ways to free yourself:

  • The first method:

Street self-defense in attack from behind

Bend quickly and try to hit the attacker from behind. If you can not do this, no problem. The goal is to force the attacker to put one of his legs forward. Now bend quickly, grab his leg, get up and pull it with you. Now the attacker loses his balance and falls to the ground.

  • The second method:

The second method is to bend forward again. This will make you heavier and the attacker will not be able to lift you. This way, you can more easily hit the attacker with your elbows. With this move, you have enough distance to hit the attacker’s face or groin.

  • Third method:

The third method is to bend your hips to one side. By doing this, you can easily hit the attacking groin. Raise your opposite hand and elbow and hold it firmly on your chest. Hit the attacker with your knees and other methods to get a chance to escape.

6. If the attacker approaches from the side to catch you, do these things

Street self-defense in the attack from the side

An elbow blow is one of the most dangerous blows in street self-defense. If the attacker approaches you from the side, tap his temple, jaw or nose with an arched motion. With this blow, the attacker will take a few steps back. Now tap her belly or chest. The elbow blows are so strong that they knock out any opponent.

7. What to do if an attacker pushes you against a wall?

Self-defense in getting stuck between the attacker and the wall

It often happens that attackers try to take their victims to a corner or push them against a wall. In this situation, you need to remember the most vulnerable places and hit one of them, depending on your situation.

  • If the attacker’s arms are high, flatten your palms and tap his armpits.
  • If one of your arms is down, you can hit the attacker’s chest, neck or jaw.
  • One of the best and most powerful blows is a blow to the head. Bend slightly to be lower than the attacker. Then quickly tap his jaw with your forehead. This move immediately confuses the attacker and you can escape.

The most effective blows in street self-defense

1. Hit with the keypad

Using a car switch is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself. If you feel insecure at night, prepare your keys to hit. To do this, hold your switch ring with the keys out of your hand, then tap.

۲. Kick with the palm of your hand

With this move, you can hit the attacker’s nose or throat. Face the attacker first. Bend your wrists up. Tap and quickly pull your hand back so that the attacker’s head goes up and back so that you can easily escape.

3. Hit with the elbow

If the attacker is close to you and you can not punch or kick him, use your elbow. To do this, you must first keep your feet steady. Then bend your arm, move forward, and strike your elbow at the attacker’s neck, jawline, chin, or migraine. By doing this, the attacker relaxes his hand and you can escape.

You can also raise the elbow to shoulder height. Turn on one foot and tap hard with the front of your elbow. To do this from side to side, make sure you see the target. Raise your elbows and rotate your opposing legs. Then tap with the back of the elbow.

Benefits of Women’s Self-Defense Exercise

Benefits of street self-defense for women

  • Self Confidence: Nothing is more powerful than boosting self-confidence to analyze a dangerous situation to overcome them.
  • Empowerment: This skill encourages women to deal with stressful and dangerous situations and to have a healthy and active life.
  • Reducing gender discrimination: When women are able to deal with any gender discrimination, they can reduce crimes against women.
  • health and fitness: Self-defense programs are a great way to exercise, stay healthy, and improve your physical and mental health.
  • Safety: The main importance of street self-defense is for women to be able to protect themselves from anything that is socially unacceptable.
  • Discipline: Self-defense promotes discipline in life. This helps women to be calmer, smarter, and more flexible, gain more mental and physical strength, see more, and become more aware.
  • Dependency reduction: Just because you are a woman, you should not always travel with others out of fear and anxiety! By learning the sport of self-defense, you will get rid of the difficulties of this issue. This will give you independence and help you protect yourself in any situation.

Safety Tips to Avoid Danger

  • Make sure your mobile phone has enough charge for emergency calls.
  • Wear your jacket on your bag so that your valuables are not exposed.
  • You can hang a whistle on your switch or keypad to scare off potential attackers and get help in case of emergency.
  • Before opening the door, see who is behind the door. Look through the eye or keyhole to make sure the place is safe.
  • Stay in areas that have enough light. If you park your car on the street during the day, you must know what the light will be like in the night when you want to return to it.

The last word

Rape or sexual harassment has many physical and psychological effects. By applying the above tips, you can prevent potentially dangerous problems. It is logical that anyone who wants to go to dangerous places at night, should use the above methods to keep himself and his companions safe.

Street self-defense is very important and has many benefits in life. However, despite learning the methods and techniques mentioned, it is better to follow the safety tips to minimize possible harm to yourself or others.

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Street self-defense for women; 7 professional techniques that every woman should know

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