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Stop spying on your smartphone with 10 simple tricks

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Technology has all its advantages over the dark: privacy and personal information are compromised. Fortunately, by doing things and following the tips, we can protect our personal data. By following these 10 simple tricks in this article, you can identify programs that are spying on you or sharing your information and preventing your privacy and personal information from being compromised.

10. Check battery consumption

Sometimes programs run in the background without user consent. These programs are difficult to track because they operate covertly. The phone’s battery level is a good indicator of spyware that acts anonymously. Running any program requires battery power; Therefore, the faster discharge of the phone battery may be due to spyware running in the background of the phone.

9. Only install the official version of the program

This is one of the most important security laws in the world of software. Anyone can write a program and upload it to the store. You should always install programs produced by reputable companies. Developer information is usually provided in the program description.

8. Do not use public WiFi

Today, public WiFi has become the main source of personal information. Public WiFi is a gaming network that anyone can access. If you really need to use public WiFi, there are ways to make sure your connection is secure. Before using public WiFi, be sure to ask about tips and how to use it.

7. Do not leave your accounts open

Automatic login is accepted by many mobile phone users. The automatic login feature makes logging in to accounts very easy. However, it has also made the work of hackers very simple. All the hacker has to do is access the browser! Because the accounts are already open and there is no need to try to log in.

6. Avoid disclosing personal information

This is especially true for those who use their date of birth and name and address as a password. However, you should avoid posting such information on social media or public forums.

5. Keep your plans up to date

Updating apps may be annoying for you, as many apps are updated regularly. However, this will help protect your smartphone in the long run, as apps will repair and secure their old versions with new updates.

4. Back up your data

Use cloud storage to back up data
Cloud storage space

It is always recommended that you keep a backup copy of your data in secure cloud storage. This is especially useful in emergencies. Backup protects your important data from being hacked or stolen.

3. Do not let strangers use your phone

This is quite obvious. The digital space has expanded over the years, and the smartphone is no longer just your phone, but it Electronic wallet It contains you and your personal information. Avoid lending your phone to strangers.

2. Check the access level of each application

New applications allow you to access certain parts of the phone during installation. These sections can include a contact list, email address, or other items. Always carefully check the permissions requested in each application. If the program asks you for permissions that you are not sure about, do not use the program and do not install it.

1. Lock important applications

Lock your personal information using a password in apps that have access to important information such as your banking information. Using a password helps protect your personal information.

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The above tricks increase the security of our smart device and prevent the theft of our sensitive and important information. If you have other ways to increase the security of your smartphone and the information in it, we are happy to share your tips and suggestions with us and other friends in the “Submit Comments” section.




Stop spying on your smartphone with 10 simple tricks

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